Starting 01.21.13 - anyone want to join?

  • DAY 39 - BFL Journal Daily Lesson-for-LIFE:

    "The only way to truly fail is to quit trying." I was at a book signing at a Barnes & Noble store in Wichita, Kansas. A healthy 34 year old woman named Kimberly introduced herself. Somewhat sullen, she asked if I could write some encouraging words in her book, explaining that she's tried several times to complete the 12-week Program but had "failed" each time. "Failed?!" I replied. "You look wonderful!" She explained that through her efforts, she'd lost 15 pounds of bodyfat and increased her muscle definition and energy. But she again explained that she "failed" because each time she tried to complete the 12-week Program, something would come up, and she would fall off track. What I explained to Kimberly, and what I want to share with you, is that as long as you keep trying, you will never fail. Also, give yourself credit where credit is due - celebrate any and all progress! ~ Bill Phillips~

    MrGuy - That's AWESOME!!! You already dropped 18 pounds!?! What a ROCKSTAR - so excited to see the pix!!!

    xoxo Kat ;) Night Team

  • Kat--Great job! Your pictures look awesome! Thanks for sharing! It is comforting to hear you haven't lost any weight, but you can definitely see a transformation. I haven't lost any weight yet either, which can always be discouraging (even though we all know women usually don't drop weight until week 8!). I took before photos but have not taken any more since then. Your pictures prove I need to take progress pictures to see what kind of changes I have made!

  • Hey girlfriend. Checked out your progress and you are kicking ass. Just think where you will be in another 5 weeks. U make me proud. Keep up the awesome work. Xoxo LOR

  • Sorry that was to Kat for posting her pics

  • Amy and Flobee - Thanks girls!! ;) YES definitely take weekly progress photos if you can because it is near impossible to notice the aesthetic differences when we see ourselves every single day (especially when the scale is not moving down - lol). At least in a side by side pic, you can see even the smallest improvements; and trust me I NEED that kind of motivation daily... annnd it works!!!

    DAY 40 - BFL Journal Daily Lesson-for-LIFE:

    "If you miss a workout, you miss it. Put it behind you and move on!" By this point in the Program, nine out of ten people will have missed a workout... or two. In fact, the vast majority of people whose before and after pictures and success stories are featured in this book missed a few workouts during the course of the 12-week Program. And still, as you can clearly see, they succeeded anyway. The key is sticking with it, day after day, and finishing all 12 weeks. My advice is that if you miss a workout, don't try to make up for it by doubling up the next day. For example, if you missed yesterday's aerobic workout, don't try to "make up for it" by doing your leg training and aerobics training today. That approach can put you in a "reactive" mode rather than a "proactive" position where you are in control. So if you miss a workout, you miss it. Put it behind you. Vow to try harder in the future, plan better, and move forward! ~Bill Phillips~

    Sharon - U still with US!?!? Miss YOU Woman...

    xoxo Kat

  • Hey All -

    Not sure if anyone else goes through and navigates the BFL website, however I found something really cool that I probably should have been posting for everyone each week. It is a "Weekly Challenge Guide" from previous Champions and Competitiors, that align completely with what we are most likely experiencing each partyicular week in our journies. You can find these under the "Challenge Tab" on the top purple bar, and then under "Weekly Challenge Guide" and then select whichever week you want to read. I def recommend going and reading them up until Week 6, and then continuing through to the end of the Challenge. I can also be sure to post the correspondinding weekly guide at the beginning of each week if that would make it easier for everyone also... So here is the Challenge Guide Tip for Week 6 from Mariah Yu ;)

    Hey there!

    My name is Mariah Yu. I was named Female Grand Master Champion in the 2004 Body-for-LIFE® Challenge. While most of you may not know me personally, I think I know what you might be going through!

    By this time, some of you may be seeing more results than others, while some of you might be a bit frustrated by a lack of progress. The last month is when you should see the most dramatic changes in your body. Why? I'm not exactly sure, but I think it's because by this time, you should have worked out all the kinks in your schedule, figured out how to hit your 10s and you are hopefully more motivated than ever to see the end of the challenge all the way through!

    It can be really hard to balance everyday life with a change in lifestyle—here are some useful things to think about that helped me through my 12 weeks.

    Stop each day and think. Think about what excites you. Use it to inspire what you do for the rest of this challenge and the rest of your life. It is the only way each of us can really reach our goals in life and find what makes us truly happy. If you are slowly drifting back to bad habits, put a stop to them before you feel like you can't turn back.

    Become aware of yourself. Sounds silly, I know! But I have found that many people I talk to don't pay attention to the things that will make them succeed. If you know you are not being as strict on your eating or your exercise—figure out why. I have found that if I skip a meal in the morning, it can create a snowball effect that makes me super hungry all day! Also, I know the people at my workplace that can tempt me with fast food, Girl Scout cookies and other things I love and I know I need to make them aware of how they need to support my lifestyle or I will have to stay away from them! Being aware of your weaknesses allows you to take steps to avoid them.

    Be a detective. If you are not seeing the results you expect to see, ask someone who is! Call the EAS® hotline at 1-800-297-9776 and make little changes each week to see what makes the most impact on your results. If you are bored with doing the 20-minute cardio on the bike, try the treadmill or use a heart rate monitor to see if you can be working out a little harder than you might think. Learning how your body works is a lifelong process; don't expect it to come without a little detective work! Body-for-LIFE® can work for everyone if you know how to apply it to your own body.

    Plan ahead. I know, we are all super busy! A simple thing as buying portable plastic food containers can be the obstacle that prevents you from bringing healthy food to work! Go buy them. Plan your meals in advance as much as possible, because it puts you in control. Without proper planning, you are leaving many things up to chance—why not take control of where you're going instead of letting life control you!

    Well, that's it for now. Stay focused and start to figure out what you're going to wear for your after photos! I can't wait to see what you all have accomplished!

    Your Body-for-LIFE® buddy,

    Mariah Yu

  • Hey Team -

    Amazing that we are at the last day of Week 6 Team Gladiators!!! So as of this Monday, the Challenge breakdown is: ONLY 9 more Upper Body Workouts, ONLY 9 more Lower Body Workouts, and ONLY 18 more Cardio Workouts!!! That's it, so time to kick some serious ass peeps! This is where and when ALL the MAGIC happens, so time to start riding this RIDE! ;) xoxo

    DAY 41 - BFL Journal Daily Lesson-for-LIFE:

    "Take this Program seriously, but have FUN!" Make no mistake, improving your health, transforming your body, and lifting yourself to a higher quality of Life is serious stuff! Yet it can and should become fun. Everything - from setting and achieving your daily goals to planning, preparing, and consuming healthy, nutritious meals - can and should become enjoyable. Yes, I know that throughout the Program you may have to face aspects of your Life and you Self that you don't really like, that don't reflect the real you, but still, you can feel good about the fact you are making a change for the better. Imagine the pride, the satisfaction, the positive energy you'll have when you take your after photo and tell your Success Story! Imagine now what you will feel like then. And realize you're doing this work to enjoy your Life more - to have more fun with this gift of Life we've all been given! ~ Bill Phillips~

    (And then of course Kat's two cents for the day - heh ;) Existing in a body that is in Pain, Exhausted, Overweight and Weak feels more like a Prison Sentence!!! There is NOT a lot of Fun and Joy to be had, other than maybe what can be briefly experienced vicariously through Movies or our favorite Television shows (I'm definitely NOT knocking them, I spent TWO years bed-ridden from Illness, so I am sooo thankful that I had some form of connection and entertainment to occupy my time!!!) However, there is a way OUT of Prison, and into the Beautiful Life Experiences that await US! This Challenge is like "good behavior" LOL. The better that we behave (eat properly, complete intense workouts and our daily goals and mindset exercises) the shorter the "prison sentence"!!! It really is your CHOICE. Serve your time, get OUT of Jail, and go enjoy your amazing and wonderful Life! There is so much more waiting for ALL of us out there...

    Lots of Light and Love to Everyone xoxo Kat Divine

  • Hi Team!

    Did a weigh in this morning and was 226 lbs. That's 19lbs since we all started this journey to change!!

    I going to try for 205lbs by the end of the challenge. That's an additional 21lbs so I'm going to have to kick it up a knotch.

    Those that are still here have made it half way and should be pretty excited. Just sticking to the challenge and finishing is a major accomplishment.

    Keep it up!! 

    Here are my halfway pics.


  • DSC_0126-004_Week6_Front_Cropped_Mini.JPG

    We made it Team Gladiators!!!

    Welcome to the Mid-way Point and Day One of Week 7 Whoooo Hooo!!! Heheh ;) I'll tell you all a little secret, I am actually completely surprised that I made it this far and am still going strong. My "ADD fizzle out point" is usually about 60 days into a new project, so please keep an eye on me after Day 60...

    WOW!!! Mr Guy YOU look AWESUM!!! "Cat call" ;) I can even see it in your eyes that you have changed beneath the surface as well (which to me is the most important part). I think you are the only one that I know of that has actually had significant weight loss thus far - what's ur secret!?! It's that damn Arc Trainor huh??? Lol JK I am sooo excited for YOU... Feels so good and so worth all the effort to finally see the results of all that hard work. YOUR a ROCKSTAR and an INSPIRATION!!!

    I'm a pretty smart girl, however have no clue how to make the images side-by-side or even upload them directly into the post, but here are my two most recent progress photos (one is my 6 Week Progress photo and the second one is my Celebration Mid-way photo!). Still hard to believe that there hasn't been any weight loss becuz my body looks so different! I did go back through my BFL Journal to see if I was consuming anything that may be hindering the weight loss, and I think I found the culprit!!! I am a complete COFFEE (of course with Sweet Italian Creamer) Addict and was going through about one bottle of creamer per week... which equalled almost an additional 1000 cal/per week Aahhh!!! Now I'm drinking my Coffee Black!!!

    If I remember correctly one pound of body fat is equivalent to 3500 Calories, so by increasing our daily caloric output by 500 Calories through physical activity and by also reducing our caloric food consumption input by 500 Calories (adding up to 3500 Calories), we can safely count on releasing two pounds per week (or more if those numbers are higher). Anyways keep up the great work Everyone and I really want to see some more Progress photos!!!

    Sharon - Miss you so much on here woman. It's incredible how much of an impact even just one person can ADD to a Team! Please call me if you want to even just meet up for some coffee and talk. Anytime girl ;) #480-430-9241

    xoxo Kat

  • DSC_0059-004_Week6_Front_Cropped_Mini.JPG

    ... and my Mid-way Point Celebration Photo!!! Time to go get some new Bikini's Lol

  • DAY 43 - Body for LIFE Journal daily Lesson-for-LIFE:

    "Congratulations! You've now passed the halfway mark! You are actually doing it - you're well on your way to acheiving your goals! Give yourself a pat on the back! Seriously, I am proud of you. And I'm sure the people around you are proud of you as well.I know you can feel the momentum and positive energy building. Aspects of this Program that were intimitading, confusing and awkward just six weeks ago are now becoming second nature. You're becoming an expert at taking care of your body, and I know you're already enjoying a higher quality of Life. And, as you can clearly see, your body is Transforming... you are losing fat, building strength, and gaining energy. So, once again, Congratulations! You are on your way, but don't stop now! I encourage you to build on the momentum you've already created and make the next six weeks your best ever! ~Bill Phillips~

  • Kat, congratulations on staying with it so far.  Your pics definitely show progress!  I also appreciate your motivational messages.  We all have our weaknesses and low points, but we also have that champion spirit inside of us that when unleashed, there's no limit to what we can accomplish.  I am actually a week ahead of you guys, but our thread has been really quiet for a few weeks so I like to lurk over here and see how you guys are doing and it looks like ya'll are doing an awsome job!  Keep it up!


  • Va Va Vooom!!! Wow Kat, you look great... Here's a "cat call" back at you ;) That's a pretty SEXY bikini you're rocking there!!!

  • Kat and mrguy great progress!

    Everyone keep hanging in there we have come too far to give up now!  1/2 way there!

  • Hello Gladiators!

    I don't want to dwell on this but want you to all know that I am ok.  Yup - I hit a rough patch of road and it showed me that I still have trust issues and other demons to face.  I will work through them and face them head on. 2013 is still my year and there is a lot that I want to do with it!!!!  

    Thank you all for your kind words and thoughts.  I didn't read any of them until last night.  Once I did, I took myself to the gym for an UBWO - at 9:30pm which is my normal bedtime!!!!  Thank you for the motivation and inspiration to get it together and do what I know I needed to do.  I started off today with a HIIT workout which was really hard after 10 days of NOTHING followed by a BFL breakfast.  I think that makes this Day 2ish of my journey :-)  I can't rightfully say that I am 1/2 way through since I had such a long (and destructive) break.  BUT, I didn't quit!  I am just taking a mulligan - a do over for you non-golfers - and I am perfectly ok with that.

    Congrats to all of you who have stuck with it for 6 weeks.  I will hit the 6 week mark as you hit the 12 week mark so your successes will be my inspiration to push through.  Kat and Erik - WOW!!!!  You both look incredible - awesome job.  Kat - I don't think that I have EVER even tried on a swim suit like your black one.  That is a head turner for sure!

    Kat - I cut out creamer AND caffeine January 1st.  I will use a flavored creamer on Sundays every so often but switched to flavored coffee with Splenda.  They also make flavored Splenda (I bought the Hazelnut) which is pretty good in coffee.  I realized I was more interested in the flavor and sweetness of the creamer than the coffee.  So - out it went - along with sodas.  Cut out lots of calories and sugar.  It was an adjustment but I don't miss it.  

    I will put the Thai Chicken Soup recipe up later today or tomorrow.  It really is yummy! ANyone else have some recipes to share???

    Missed you all - so very happy to be back in touch with my BFL family.