Starting 01.21.13 - anyone want to join?

  • DAY 37 - BFL Journal Daily Lesson-for-LIFE:

    "How you feed your body today will determine the productiveness of yesterday's intense exercise session." By this point in the Program, I don't need to convince you that your intense workouts are having an effect on your body. You've felt the muscles burn while you're exercising, and, no doubt you've experienced the muscle fatigue and soreness (both of which are natural and part of the transformation process.) With that in mind, I'd like to ask you to give special attention to how you're eating today. Remember, we must feed our bodies properly to replenish vitamins, minerals, protein, essential fatty acids, and other nutrients. At this very moment, your muscles are undergoing a "remodeling" process. They're repairing damage from yesterday's workout, and they are pulling the amino acids and other nutrients needed for repair and recovery from what is circulationg in your bloodstream right now. Please consider that how you feed your body today will, to a significant extent, determine the productiveness of yesterday's intense exercise session. ~ Bill Phillips~

  • DAY 38 - BFL Journal daily Lesson-for-LIFE:

    (Thinking this is where I reeeaaally need to step it up!!! I'll be posting my last two week progress photos either today or tmrrw... They're lookin pretty decent - Im def making progress, however to my shock and surprise I weighed in yesterday and I am two pounds heavier than my starting weight over 5 weeks ago! For us women this part def sucks - Lol. Thank God we atleast know to expect it...) Have back to back doc appts today but will check back in later! Happy Wednesday xoxo Kat

    "Intensity means giving it all you've got, and more!" "How do I know if I'm training with the proper amount of intensity?" Thats one of the questions I'm frequently asked. My answer: "Are you really, truly giving every last bit of energy and effort on your high point sets, and then some?! Are you concentrationg all your energy and breaking through your perceived level of "maximum effort?" I don't know the answers to those questions; only YOU do. If you're not giving your absolute best, and then some, don't expect maximum results. To achieve a breakthrough transformation, you have to have breakthroughs in your training intensity every week. So today, test yourself... Think about hitting your high points with more intensity than ever! Imagine me standing there during your high point sets, asking you, "Is that your absolute best effort? If so, give me even one more rep! ~Bill Phillips~

    P.S. I've actually tried imagining a "Personal Trainer" yelling at me and asking me if I'm at my 10 - and I'll find myself takin it way up so I can say YES!!! to my imaginary drill sargeant Hah. Love you guys ;)

  • Hi guys.  Still here, just not much to report.  Feeling kinda blah since last week, since I wasn't feeling well.  Still, we've all been doing our diet and our workouts as well.  I overdid it a bit on Sunday since we wanted to go see the new Die Hard movie at the IMAX.  So, I had half a large popcorn and ::gulp:: an entire bag of the movie theater sized peanut m&m's.  Since we knew we were doing that, for lunch we had a snack sized fish mcbites and a medium french fry and a skinny vanilla latte.  We rounded out the day with a Panda Express 2 entree Kung Pao chicken and steamed rice.   Needless to say, I was feeling guilty about that, but believe it or not I have finally dropped 2 pounds.  That makes me think maybe I'm not taking in enough calories during the week.  I rarely crack 1350 calories in a day, and never over 1500.  At any rate, it didn't set me back, but I did feel like a pig.

    Sharon, I did buy a hyperextension bench.  It wasn't the expensive one, but it has been AWESOME.  I like to do my rows lying on really does some seriously compound work.  I also got this little instability pad that just happens to work well for doing abs.  I still haven't gotten good at the ab work, and haven't been sore once.  I'm hoping that will change now that I'm getting really stronger.  I wanted to say thanks for the tip!  Also, I wanted to say regarding your husband that IT IS NOT YOU.  We always think it's about what we have or haven't done, or what we can or can't do for him.  The truth is, they are addicted to a certain rush they get from getting attention from other women.  I had a man like that myself once, and I ended up in Green Oaks mental hospital because of him.  It was the best thing that happened to me, truthfully, because it made me see how cruel and mean I had been to myself, and how much I didn't trust myself.  I let him make me believe that I was being paranoid and jealous and crazy until I realized that I was letting him control me like a puppet.  Once I got free of that, I became the best version of myself and I have been happy ever since.  I realized that I could not let him disrespect me like that and I will NOT compromise.  Just PLEASE know that it is not you.  Even if he were to say it was you, it's NOT.  He's in control of himself and makes his own choices.  I know you've heard it before, but I thought it might help to know that I have been there.  I know you love him.  I loved mine, too.  But I loved myself more, and knew I deserved something better.  Just like you do.   I'm sure every one of us here will agree.

    God bless you guys for hanging in there through all this travail.  It really keeps up my perspective and refocuses me.  Kat, I hope you feel better soon!  I'm sure your pics will be amazing as they always are.

    Welcome back Amy!  Also, thanks to Bart and Eric for the good male perspective on all this.  We all appreciate it.

    Have an awesome day!


  • FYI...I enjoyed these articles, and thought I would link them for you guys.

  • Good Morning Team Gladiators -

    Starting to feel a little more like myself today finally!!! Probably the most difficult part of the past few days has been to get my workouts in. My energy levels were sooo low, however I have built so much momentum over the past five plus weeks that NOTHING was keeping me out of that gym! On the days that I really struggle with the Fibro pain and CFS exhaustion (Yes they are actually real - I didn't believe it myself til I got diagnosed and have had to live with the symptomology ever since... and not fun!) I walk in and tell myself, just do what you can and you can always come back and finish the workout later in the day. I finally did have to do that (and it's probably not recommended - but hey I got it done!). In a perfect world, we would ALL be following this Program perfectly every day - and everyone would be doing it! so wouldn't be much of a Challenge...

    I'm seeing that this BFL Challenge is about re-programming our bodies and our minds to be more flexible, more solution-oriented, more motivated, more self-accepting and most of all more loving and kind to ourselves. This Program is so fantastic and has taken sooo much of the guesswork out for us, however remember that each one of us is so unique in our Life circumstances, our physical and mental health, etc... that this is about figuring out how to Live your Life with BFL as a part of your Lifestyle, not making BFL your Life and then trying to fit the rest in. It would become way to over-taxing and will be impossible to keep up. Again, one of Bill Phillips greatest sayings, this is NOT about Perfection, it is about Progress - and Celebrating it!!! Every single day that YOU do even one good thing for YOU - is a GOOD DAY!!! xoxo

    Bart - I absolutely LOVE that quote!!! It's def gonna be one of my new FAV's!!! Makes so much sense hah!

    Melissa - Sounds like our circumstances were a def little different, but my week in the "mental hospital" last year was maybe one of the best week vacations of my LIFE!!! Lol - I had been so blind to asking for help and so naive in thinking that I could handle Life all on my own, that when I finally had my psychological collapse, it was so wonderful to see that I was NOT alone. And it has put me on a path to seeking truth for myself and making Life work for me, rather than always trying to be the "chameleon" and making every person and/or situation better somehow. That is my nature, I guess, however I do it now out of Love and Understanding, not in an attempt to "purchase some kind of Approval" from others. Big difference, because it no longer "takes" from me. Good for you for finding you way out of that Darkness; heart break is by the far the most cruel and painful experience that I've ever known! So big props on not just "seeing the Light" but actually following it!!!

    Eric - I just wanna call you our Papa Bear, or Papa Smurf heheh. You have such a loving and gentle way about you and everything that you have to say is very meaningful and Spirit-filled. I can see how God has annointed you to be a Pastor and I am so grateful to have YOU on our side!!! I KNOW the power of prayer and I can feel your "covering" over this Incredible Team. I pray for YOU too. God has given me the gift of Propecy and speaks to me in visual imagery (probably why I am such a "story-teller") Lol. Anyways, I am seeing that there has been as internal Spiritual struggle between you being either the Sheapard, or the Lost Sheep. Meaning you have identified with being the Sheapard for so long, that finding yourself in the position of a lost sheep may be almost impossible for you to navigate. Just know that this is just for a Season, and that you will be re-appointed as the Sheapard once again - however this time with many more sheep because you will truly understand how to serve and guide them better than ever before. Not sure if that makes any sense to you, however maybe someday it will ;) and BTW - both positions in Life are equally important and both serve massive Purpose!!! xo

    Sharon - I have so much to say to you, most likely in an attempt to comfort you and maybe shed some logical light on all of this, however the ONLY thing that is important right now is that we honor you and help you choose to move into the Healing Field. The three worst offenses that we can committ to one another at the soul level is Abandonment, Shame and Betrayal. Where your healing lies is in Committment, Honor and Loyalty. Your husband is comitting all three of the above offenses and they absolutely have the potential to destroy you if you allow it. What he is so desperately searching for is for someone, anyone, to make him feel like a man again, because he KNOWS what a *** he actually is. I believe with all my heart that he loves you, or at least thinks he does (we can't actually love another human being if we don't even love ourselves) And his insecurities must run so deep that he is probably so caught up in lying and justifying that he can't even see clearly any longer.

    This is your Life Sharon and what ever decisions you make are yours and yours alone. Forget about what you should or shouldn't do. If you want to make this marriage work then commit to that and accept all of the circumstances that come with it. However, my guess is that you are being suffocated and you're Light will eventually burn out if YOU don't start honoring yourself. I heard something once that was completely shocking to my system! The saying goes: That you will finally end a Relationship when the other person is abusing you, more than you abuse yourself! It was such an eye opener for me when I heard it because, my Life was so full of "abusers" that I didn't even belong to myself any longer. In accepting this BFL Challenge, you have decided to make your self-worth and self-respect a priority... and here's the kicker! Ready for this!?! Anything and Anyone that is NOT in alignment with that priority shift, will be removed from your Life. If you truly choose Self-worth and Self-respect over everything else, then anyone who does not value, honor and respect you will just eventually part ways - they no longer serve any purpose in your Life. People know this about change, and that is why it so rarely happens. You can stay where you are and find comfort in that "familiar misery", or you can choose something different and allow it to take you to places that you never even dreamed of!!! But as a rule of thumb, it's probably not a good idea to make big decisions about anything at the moment. You are in shock and your heart is broken and you NEED to be able to grieve. It may not feel like it right now, but this time in your Life is so precious and you are standing in sacred territory that has the pwer to not only heal YOU, but many many others that will have the priviledge of crossing your path one day! We are ALL here for you when you are ready to come back... You will be one of the BFL Grand Master Champions and this is just one small part of your story - there is sooo much more Girlfriend!!! Love you tons <3 <3 <3

    xoxo Kat

  • I want to be a Gladiator too, but first I am checking this out to see if I am really on the formum.


  • Hi everyone, I am here.

    I tried to get on hours ago and it wouldn't let me on, so I might have to do this 2 or 3 times to get all I want to say on here. So I haven't been here since the 9th. I was sick, and cut my hand, so I couldn't type or go to the pool. But I have lost 5 lbs so far and no inches.  I can't use weights except pool weights and the Rehap pool is all I can do for now, but I'm still hanging in there with you all and I want to be a Gladiator too.

    I have tried to read all of the comments, but might have missed some, but I think I might be up to date. Any way some of this might be old news and I do want to comment on some of the things I can remember. So I am not going to say alot, but just a few things...

    Eric: You have my deepest sympathy and condolences. I will be praying for you and your family. Hang in there, we all need you.

    Kat: Thank you for sharring all the things you have been through. Your insparational stories each time you come on and your photo look really great. I can tell a big difference. Thank you for the BFL lessons each day. And thank you for the Feb. 11th Quote. I go back and read that when I can. You as well as everyone else have given me determination and drive to get through each day.

    Steve: Your a long way from home and even though the food is not the same, your mind is on the right track and in the right place. I will continue to do another Challenge along with you. Keep up the good work.

    Val:  I know all to well about back pain, Keep up the good work and hang in there girl. Thank you for being here too.

    Shea: Losing 2lbs is really fantastic. Your an insperation to me, thanks for being here.

    Todd: late night snacks... well I try to have a special K bar. It's the 90cal. one. Or the Edge drink. You keep up the good work too.

    Sharon: Happy that your daughter is back. Mine lives in Texas and I can't see her, so I know what your missing when your daughter's gone for awhile. Thank you for  sharring the Video on Arthur. I go back and watch it now and then to keep me up. Also thank you for putting those pictures up with words of  overcoming adversities. I really appriciate it.

    Misissa: You are doing a great job too. Thanks for the GeorgeForman information. If you have more reciepies,please share them with me.  What ever is easier for me, I like.

    I am sure I missed some of you and if I did, sorry about that, but do want to say that all of you give me that extra push to get what I need to do, done. And get me through another day.

    I appriciate all of you and am at that point where I count on you guys to help me get to my goal. Thanks for being here and keep up the good work.


  • Ok, my spelling sucks, can I say that... any way I know how to spell

    Hi again all:

    I wanted to tell my story and so here it is ...I live in Idaho. I started my first BFL when I was 48 years young. That was in 1998. It worked well for me and I lost weight and inches. I got married in 2000 and divorced later. I had a thriving Massage business up till 2004. I got into 2 car accidents and had neck surgery. I have herniated disk through out my spine, degenitive disk dease, arthritis, ostioarthritis, and Syringomylia. Syringomylia is a incureable illness. It is a tumor in side the spinal cord. It is at T7-8,8-9,9-10,10-11 long and 1/4in. wide. Doesn't give much room for spinal fluid. If it expands I will have surgery and there is a 50% chance that I will be in a wheelchair. With all that said I am in constant pain all over, so I am on pain medication every 4 hours for the rest of my life.

    I have to be in the Rehp. pool for exercise.  So I go 2 to 3 times a week.  I use some water weights when I can.

    I use to be using a wheelchair and a cane, but I don't anymore.  It took me 2years to find a doctor who specialized in my illness. I went all over the US to find one and he is in Seattle Wash. So I go there now and then to see him.  Anyway,

    What I have is very painful and sometimes I would feel sorry for myself, but I got into the Celebrate Recovery program and over came some of that stuff.  I even dropped down on my pain medication.  That program also helped me with losing my Aunt, Uncle, Grandmother, and Father from 2003-2005.

    I became a CR teacher and tought the program for 2 years. I got into shape and got married again in 2009. I have a wonderful husband but he sometimes doesn't understand what it's like to be in so much pain. We have our ups and downs.

    I put on weight again and some days I am down, so I know that the BFL program will help me out. I can't work out side of the home and that makes me feel bad, so I am going to work at home. All the things that I read from you all have inspired me to keep going on. I have some dreams and I want to see them come true no matter how much pain I'm in.

    I will do another Challenge when this one is over.  And I will put my photos on as soon as I figure that out...

    So to all of you, thanks for being here for me. I appriciate all of you.

    Laurie :0)

  • DSC_0012_Before_Front_Cropped_Mini.jpg

    Hi Laurie!!! So great to hear from you ;) I'm sooo glad that YOU are still in the game and YES you are def a GLADIATOR if you are still going up to Week 6! ...Almost half way point Girlfriend!

    I went through ALL of my progress photos to date, and it is sooo cool to actually see the little bits of progress here and there. If you haven't already started doing so, I highly recommend it!!! I'll be feeling yuck about something and then will check out my progress pix and I'm right back on track. Plus it helps to take this all just one week at a time. I take them every Sunday morning, just before I go NUTS for my free day LOL.

    I wish I could figure out how to post them all side by side, however until I figure that out, I'll just go ahead and make separate posts right now, so that you all can see what is possible in just 5 weeks (and keep in mind - I haven't lost ANY weight, my body conformation is just changing incredibly. Reeeaally hoping that the weight will come off soon though... Week 8 right!?!

    ***So this is my BEFORE Photo***

  • DSC_0052_Week1_Front_Cropped_Mini.JPG

    ***After 1 Week of BFL***

  • Hi Everybody!

    I'm still in the challenge! Been busy with lots of crazy stuff but I've managed to lose 18lbs as of Monday and it shows.

    I'll take my half point pictures this weekend and post.

    I've found some great motiviation in this video when I would only lose 1 pound after 3 or 4 days.

    I've lost almost 4 infant sized bundles of fat :)

    Keep up the good work!!

  • DSC_0029-002_Week2_Front_Cropped_Mini.JPG

    ***After 2 Weeks of BFL***

  • DSC_0025-002_Week3_Front_Cropped_Mini.JPG

    ***After 3 Weeks of BFL***

  • DSC_0030-004_Week4_Front_Cropped_Mini.JPG

    ***After 4 Weeks of BFL***

  • DSC_0077-004_Week5_Front_Cropped_Mini.JPG

    ***And After 5 Weeks of BFL*** (last weeks looks better than this week, but no worries - cuz this Sunday's pic will be rockin! ;)