Starting 01.21.13 - anyone want to join?

  • DAY 32 - BFL Journal daily Lesson for LIFE:

    "It's what you do most of the time, not some of the time, that shapes you." Today I want to share something that I would like to keep in mind: No one is perfect. We all make mistakes. Therefore, no one can follow the Body-for-LIFE Program "perfectly". Even I miss workouts and meals from time to time, and even my plans sometimes get interrupted by traffic jams, delayed airline flights, meetings that take longer than expected, and even over sleeping. But those things are the exception, not the rule. Most of the time, I eat six nutritious protein- and carbohydrate- balanced meals a day. Most of the time, I exercise intensely, first thing in the morning. Most of the time, I keep a positive mindset and am optimistic. And most of the time, I feel healthy and energetic. Remember, it's what we do most of the time that shapes us, not what we do some of the time. So, don't worry if you're not "perfect". ~ Bill Phillips~

    LOVED that youtube video Sharon - was hilarious and way awesome!!! xoxo

  • Happy Friday Gladiators!!!!

    Watching the sunrise and turn the clouds over the Canadian Rockies amazing shades of pink.  I am in Calgary for the weekend visiting my husband.  He has a corporate apartment right on the edge of downtown.  The apartment itself is nice but the views from the balcony rock.  Twinkling city lights at night and the snow covered Canadian Rockies in the distance.  I love being up here.  Next up - workout in the small but functional gym here in the apartment complex.

    So, since I am sick of sitting on the sidelines in my own life, I took the initiative to make some plans for this weekend.  Tonight we are doing a hands-on cooking class - Mediterranean theme.  I love, love, love to cook (want to go to culinary school at some point in my life) and this will be so fun to do together.  Med fare is usually delish and healthy.  I have no idea what we will learn to make but it'll be fun.  Tomorrow - I booked a dog sledding tour for us.  Not something I can do in Phoenix!  My husband's project has people from all over the world working and living here.  I sent the information to them and there are now 15 of us going.  Talk about a fun international team outting!  After the sledding, we will all grab lunch in Banff at one of the amazingly cute pubs before heading back to Calgary for a nap and a workout.  Tomorrow night - WineFest!  This is Calgary's Food and Wine Festival and obviously my free day :-)  I haven't really taken a free day since the Super Bowl so I don't feel at all guilty about enjoying pub grub for lunch and sampling delicious wine/food pairings tomorrow night.  Thankfully, the venue is at the Calgary stampede grounds which I can see from the balcony.  Very short walk home.

    What do you have planned for this weekend?  I challenge you to do something that you have wanted to do for a while but have been holding back.  This is your life - get out there and live it!



  • Yes - Good Morning Team GLADIATORS!!!

    WOW! That sound sooo awesome Sharon, you are def livin your LIFE right now girlfriend!!! I'm def up for that Challenge too, so I'll let you know what I decided to go experience this weekend if I get some extra time. My best friend (actually my ex-fiance that turned into my best friend! Lol) just got out of surgery this morning, then possibly getting cancer treatments all weekend, so may be in the Hospital with her. But that will still be an great way to spend my time... true friends are so rare and I would gladly sit in a Hospital room all weekend if need be :)

    That was actually me in and out of the Hospital beds not so long ago... Something really interesting and very insignificant happened that I will never forget! I had just come out of three back to back surgeries and I had simply just asked the nurse to get me some water. She must have been having a really bad day because she was sooo rude to me and treated me like that was the most annoying thing she'd been asked to do all day. I remember thinking that I would do ANYTHING to be able to trade places with her. She had a functional body and had abilities to do anything she wanted, yet her life view had become so dim (or at least it appeared that way). And there I was, barely able to move or even speak and all I wanted was to jump out of that room and go experience all of the possibilities of LIFE, if only I had a healthy body... and now I do!

    We are sooo LUCKY Team! Yeah sometimes this feels like more of a pain in the butt, however you are in a time in your Life where you can actually physically get up and do something!!! Your body is your HOME, you will NEVER be able to move out, so time to get on with the remodeling!!! heheh

    Lots of LOVE to Everyone xoxo Kat

  • DAY 33 - BFL Hournal daily Lesson-for-LIFE:

    "Forgiveness is a priceless gift you can give for free." One of the things I've noticed about people in general is that they're too darned hard on themselves. I see so many good people who don't even know how good they are. They carry bags of guilt, filled to the brim, with them day and night, expending precious energy. That 'baggage', like pounds of unhealthy body fat, needs to be shed in order to move upward and onward. The process of breaking free involves forgiving. Forgiving others, and most important, forgiving yourself. Perhaps you haven't cared for your body the way you feel you could have or should have. Perhaps you've broken self-promises. Perhaps you've let yourself down. If so, you're not alone. Virtually everyone has felt like that at some point. But you don't have to let that stop you. The key is to forgive and vow to try harder and do better in the future. Drop that baggage and move on! ~Bill Phillips~

  • DAY 34 - BFL Journal daily Lesson-for-LIFE:

    "It's hard to do the right thing in the wrong situation." By far and away, the most challenging aspect of this Program, for me, is eating right. What about you? For me, the workouts are no problem. I actually enjoy them, especially the weightlifting. However, eating right is a challenge. And for over 15 years it's been that way. One of the things I've learned is that it's hard for me to do the right thing in the wrong situation. For example, if my kitchen is stocked with cookies, candies, ice cream, chips, etc... odds are I'll tear into it, usually in the late evening when "eating wrong" does the most damage. So what I do is make sure my kitchen is not a trap but rather a treasure chest of good nutrition, stocked with fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs, chicken, fish, yogurt, cottage cheese, brown rice, potatoes, Myoplex nutrition shakes, and lots of bottled water. That's the right situation for me. ~ Bill Phillips~

  • Wrapping up Week 5! Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far (I know you are Miss thang - Sharon ;)

    Had a really interesting mental shift yesterday. I was at the Hospital most of the day yesterday, due to my best friend having Surgery. I had spent so much time as a "patient" in several Hospitals over the years that I had only ever viewed being there through that perspective. However, yesterday, I really saw what the reality is regarding our societal responsibility when it comes to HEALTH. Everything around us, Advertising, Social pressures, daily overwhelming Life stress etc. almost forces us to "check-out" and go into self-destruct mode - I guess to just dull the pain and get through just one more day. (Not really a LIFE worth living, at least not for me)

    Almost EVERYONE (Doctors and Hospital Staff), not just the patients, looked so tired and hopeless and depressed. Because I was there for so long yesterday and am a bit of a social butterfly Lol, I walked around and got into random conversations with people. It was so cool because I had my BFL Journal with me (hardly go anywhere w/out it) and almost every single person I talked to asked me what it was and what I was doing. I briefly told them, and all of the sudden a light of curiousity came on inside of them! They must have seen some kind of light of hope inside of me that they were desperately craving in their own lives. So, I gave them the info to do some more research and encouraged them to at least check it out and compete if they were up for it! Maybe they will, and maybe they won't. Who knows... but a "seed" was planted. There's a chance that our encounter may change their Life for the better!

    Anyways, my point is that, this Competition is no longer just "about me" or just "about you" and our own personal goals. If that were enough to drive us, then we would all be breezing through this without any difficulty at all. The truth is that God created us to love and help one another. There really is no greater joy in Life than the feeling we get when we made something better, even if just for one person! This is about each of us making a contribution through our own experiences and sharing them with the people that cross our paths, either to re-inspire hope, or just let them know that they are NOT alone. I am coming to realize that there is nothing more dangerous in this Life than the loss of HOPE - it is quite possibly the most fatal thing known to man!!!

    Somehow, we were ALL lucky enough to have found something priceless to give us some "Light" to hold onto. What we choose to do with it is up to us. So here we are, Day 34 - only 50 more days together! What do YOU want out of the remaining time??? There are some phenomenal Leaders on this Team that are available to all of us every day! People pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars to gain that type of daily coaching and encouragement, yet here it is at our fingertips. I am 100% COMMITTED to finishing this race and am making myself available to every single person on here for the next 50 days... and then I'm off to the next Adventure! Hah

    So whatever YOU need, let's figure it out together! Something as simple as identifying a core need, or a subconscious destructive mental program can make all of the difference in how you show up over the next 7 weeks. None of us are here by accident, so time to plug-in and see what is possible!!!

    Lots of LOVE, Joy and Healing energy to Everyone ;) xoxo Kat

  • Hi Team!  Happy free day....

    One word... cupcake. (singular)

    Anyway.... A new Planet Fitness is opening tomorrow at 7am 1/4 mile from my house. I can jog there. I'm so excited. I didn't like the location I was going before. Makes life that much better.

    Hope all are doing well!


  • So apparently a Zebra really can't change it's stripes :-(  

    Something didn't feel right with a couple things my husband told me about evenings in Calgary (he's there for work).  Timelines didn't add up and stories didn't make sense.  Some digging confirmed that once again, my husband is lying to me and has been "hanging out" with one of his femaile co-workers.  Someone I considered a friend.  He swears nothing is going on.  He even said to ask her - as if I am going to ask her "hey - my husband is lying to me about spending time with you.  Is there something going on there?"  I don't want to ask her, I want him to not lie to me.  I want him to be upfront and honest and not do things that he feels he needs to cover up with a lie.  I don't - can't believe him. This is exactly what happened a little over a year ago.  Tons of text messages on the phone bill but deleted off of his phone.   Spending time together outside of the office and then lying and saying they were in a late meeting at work.  If nothing is going on, why delete text messages?  If nothing is going on, why lie about where you are and who you are with?  If nothing is going - why???

    I can't put myself through this again.  This damn near destroyed me last year. I have been busting my butt to be everything that he needs me to be.  I thought we were in a happier, joyful place.  He has been loving and supportive and thoughtful and sweet since he got back from Afghanistan.  He goes to counseling with me and does the "homework."  Is it all just a facade?  How stupid and naive am I?  Why is my best not good enough?  It never is.  Why am I not enough???

  • Sharon -

    I'm no counselor and I have a hard time understanding why people do the things they do but I will say this.  In all likelihood the way your husband is acting is not because you aren't good enough or that you are doing something wrong.  Some people do crazy destructive things and it is usually because they are selfish.  Your post made me think of this quote:

    "Consider how hard it is to change yourself and you'll understand what little chance you have in trying to change others"

    - Jacob M. Braude

    Hang in there you are a good person who deserves respect and honesty.


  • Eric

    I have been going to the new planet fitness here in Myrtle beach and I really like it.  Can't beat the price either.  Wish mine was closer to my house and preschool but it is worth the drive :)


  • Hi Team:

    Went to the new Planet Fitness today and did UBWO.  Had the new gym smell.  Great workout.  Hope everyone else had a great workout too.

    Kat... You around?  Hope things are ok. Praying for you girl!

    Hi Sharon:

    I'm so sorry.  I cannot imagine how you feel or what know the thoughts and emotions that you are going through.  Reading and rereading your post, you do go through them all.  Anger, frustration, determination, questioning and sadness.  As a pastor, and as someone who went through a divorce I know you run the spectrum, sometimes the whole thing in 30 seconds.

    I wanted to lift up a couple of things, cause LORD KNOWS I don't have the answers.  First and foremost - you are enough.  I hear you questioning yourself and what you have done to try and make things work, but the simple fact is, you are worthy of love just by being you, not by being something someone else wants.  It is easy to lose yourself in this whole mess.  Don't do that.  Instead, grow and mature.  

    Second - trust yourself and what you are thinking (aka - go with your gut)  I find when I don't is when I get into the most trouble and stray far from what I believe, what I need to do, and who I am.  I hear you don't trust him (in your gut) even though he "does the homework" and is loving and supportive.  Your gut is telling (yelling at you) something.  I pray you listen and follow the path it is telling you to go, whether to stay or go.

    Lastly - Take care of yourself mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.  You've started the BFL program, stick with it.  Stay connected with friends and talk to them, don't isolate yourself.  Don't be in your head too much, it can be a scary place and we can blow thing up so out of proportion that we begin to blame everyone and everything.  Don't go there, and if you do, remember to leave the door open to get out.  Know that you are loved, by God, by the Universe, by your family, by us.

    I'll get off my soapbox now.... hope this helps.

    Night all.


  • Hi Everyone -

    Hahah thx for checkin on me Eric - I'm good. Spent mostv the weekend in the Hospital with my best friend (she had Surgery)and then comin down with Strep (Lol) but I'm def still in the GAME!!!

    Sharon - Girlfriend you are def enough and I have a lot of thoughts about all this... which I will write more about tmrrw when I have more time. This is reeaally important because this is actually exposing some deep self-worth and self-respect issues that are screaming to be dealt with!!! I agree with everything that Eric said, and will be praying for you til we have some more time to focus on this... and we DEF will!!! xoxo

    Gonna post the BFL DLFL then off to bed to get sum much needed rest! Welcome to Week 6 BTW!!!

    Night xoxo Kat

  • DAY 36 - BFL Journal daily Lesson for LIFE:

    "You have to want to change more than you want to stay the same." One of the interesting contradictions of Life is that we want to change, and yet at some level, we want to stay the same. But you can't do both. Clearly, you can't be a before photo and an after photo at the same time. Every single one of the success stories you'll read about in this book (BFL Journal) was created, to a significant degree, by the person wanting to change more than they wanted to stay the same. Sometimes people were absolutely at the end of their ropes - their health failing, their relationships suffering, their lives falling apart. Other times, people wanted to change because they knew that their lives could be even better. Whatever your reasons are for wanting to change, please don't lose sight of them! Remind yourself of your reasons daily and allow them to help keep you going strong. ~Bill Phillips~

    Perfect for today huh!?! xo

  • Hi Everyone!

    Sorry I have been MIA on here. I have been reading everyone's posts, but just not commenting...

    I have started going to a boxing class a couple of times a week and it kicks my butt! I definitely hit 10's in that class! I thought I was in decent shape as I run and have done a couple half marathons (have a goal to do a full marathon), but after taking this class I can see how important the cross training is to work different muscle groups. The class is an hour long, but from what I have read, it doesn't hurt to do a little extra cardio than the prescribed 20 minutes.

    Sharon--So sorry for what you are going through. Hopefully this whole journey will help you to really value yourself and put yourself and your needs first. Just from reading your posts, you sound like a great person and I am lucky to be on this journey with you!

    Kat--Hope you're feeling better after getting Strep!

    Keep up the good work everyone! Can't believe we are on week 6 already!

  • Hi Team -

    Yeah this Strep is kinda kickin my ass - more on the exhaustion end (probably wasn't the best idea to spend my weekend in a Hospital having an Auto-immune disease lol... ugh it is what it is. Was still able to get through the days workout and meal plan, however todays post will have to be short and sweet so I can crawl back into bed with my Chiwawee ;) heh

    Amy - Thank you and so great to hear from you!

    Sharon - Been praying for you every time u've crossed my mind and will write much more to you really soon, I promise! One thing really cool that I have been discovering is that through sticking with this BFL Program, I am finally seeing that I am actually "on my own side"!!! That's huge coming from a lifetime of self-destruct patterns. My point is, stick with this, as if your Life depended on it! Once Sharon becomes Sharon's own best friend, you will find yourself expecting and even needing so much less from others in regards to validation, self-worth or happyness. It's just an illusion anyways... the people around us are only "mirrors" to what is inside, they are def NOT the source (positive or negative). However, I also want you to know that you have full permission to feel whatever it is that you are feeling! Whatever is coming up - has a message for you! Listen!!!

    Lots of LOVE to ALL xoxo Kat