Starting 01.21.13 - anyone want to join?

  • Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

    Sharon--Congratulations on being cancer free! That is an amazing phrase to hear from your doctor! Glad you are making this your year!

    I have the same issues with the gym filling up! The gym I go to only has 1 set of dumbbells so sometimes I have to make due with the dumbbells I can get my hands on, otherwise it will take me 2 hours to get my workout finished. I have the same issue with the cardio machines--my first choice is the treadmill and on Tuesday all those were full, second choice is the eliptical and all of those were full, so I went with my third choice, the bike! Luckily it was nice today, so I was able to go for a run outside after work.

    Keep up the good work with the workouts everyone! It is very inspiring to hear everyone's stories!


  • YES - HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!! <3 <3 <3

    Melissa - It's so cool that we are getting to the fun stuff so quickly (only 25 days in)!!! I know what you mean about even increasing weights by 5 pounds - you feel like a SuperHero!!! Hahah. And how cool is it that our bodies are returning to their natural states of health and actually craving more movement and activity. There's a popular saying that I absolutely agree with NOW, "A body in motion, stays in motion!" I had stopped doing things that I LOVED (Basketball, Horseback Riding, etc.) from the lack of energy and strength; however I know now that they are just around the corner from here and I will be able to enjoy my passions in Life freely again :)

    HrdHat77 - Yum!!! I'm goin to your place for dinner ;) Congrats on celebrating your 10 year Anniversary!!! Def hope that you gave yourself the day to completely enjoy yourself and your Family!

    Sharon - I love that you made today not just about loving another person (which is an incredible skill set btw Lol), however you made it about honoring the longest and most important relationship of our Life... the one with Ourselves! And Wow - I knew that inner strength had grown from somewhere intense. Physical Illness to that degree cannot ever be explained to the logical mind because it hits us so deep on the soul level. Now we all know where the "Fighter" in you comes from!!! xoxo (And I truly believe that our bodies are 100% capable of healing themselves if we give them what they need... so I am Affirming that Illness and/or Medications will no longer rule over my Life, or yours, ever again!

    Amy - Good for you girlfriend on finding solutions no matter what! That sounds like a nightmare to have to deal with all of that waiting. There are a lot of functional fitness exercises that teach you how to use your own body weight as resistance - might be worth looking up as a back-up to those crazy days. Or maybe check out one of the cardio classes at your gym to change things up and not have to wait on cardio machines. Sounds like ur kickin butt tho! Keep it up woman ;)

    Eric - How are you doing!?! We miss you tons... praying for you Everyday! <3

    Have a wonderful rest of your Holiday ALL and keep spreadin the LOVE!!! xoxo Kat

  • DAY 25 - BFL daily Lesson-for-LIFE:

    "Keeping your goals in sight will help you suceed!" When I talk about success, again and again you'll hear me talk about goals. Setting them and focusing on them daily is so important. A simple but very effective way to keep your goals in sight is to write them down on "sticky notes" and put them in places where you'll see them often, such as on a bathroom mirror, on the corner of your computer screen, on your refrigerator door, on the control panel of your home-exercise stationary bike or StairMaster. Please don't make the mistake of setting your goals and writing them down at the beginning of your Program and then not looking at them again until the end. When your written goals are out of sight, they're usually out of mind. Keeping your goals in sight, and reading them over and over again, will help you stay focused and will help you succeed! ~Bill Phillips~

  • Everyone is doing so well! Great job. I'm loving this challenge, it is so healing for me in many physical ways.  I still refuse to weigh myself, but I feel so healthy :) I think in week 6 I might weigh-in and do some measuring.  I have been faithful to the program, and love the increased strength and endurance I am achieving. Considering a Tough Mudder this summer and I use it as a motivator for my training.

    Re: The Arc Trainer -

    I stumbled on one about 6 months ago at a YMCA in Detroit and I LOVED it! Haven't found one since... So, those of you that have access, rock it out!

    Happy Week 4 all! :)

  • Hey Team -

    Started out a rough day today - been fighting a fever/cold and all I wanted to do was stay in bed all day! Made it this far w/out missing a workout, so I got myself to the gym and told myself that even if I completed just one muscle group with the most intensity I could muster, then I would call it a day and crawl back in bed - LOL. It actually worked. Once I gave myself permission to not push myself so hard today and just tackle one set and one muscle group at a time, I found myself feeling stronger and more motivated, not wanting to give up on myself. I felt so good and was so proud of myself by the end that I even added a few extra exercises that I've been wanting to try - and was able to spend the rest of my day OUT of bed! :)

    I am seeing so much more clearly how my "mental limitations" have been so much more destructive to me than the physical medical conditions (...perfect example Lance Armstrong - he won three tours while battling cancer!!!) So focus on doing whatever it takes to keep your mind and spirit strong; those are the driving forces behind these transformations. Read daily Affirmations, create a "Vision Board", read your goals out loud, keep a gratitude journal, pray... do anything that keeps you in the healing field of positive energy and ride that wave ;) Have a great weekend ALL

    Hi Val - great to hear from you! What's the "Tough Mudder"??? Sounds interesting

    xoxo Kat

  • DAY 26 - BFL Journal daily Lesson-for-LIFE:

    "Nourish your body each and every day." You don't have to use nutritional supplements to complete this Program. However, if you are determined to make a remarkable transformation in only 12 weeks, you must nourish your body daily, with quality protein, carbohydrates, essential fats, vitamins, minerals and water your body needs to recover from your intense workouts. Remember that exercise increases your body's need for nutrients, and without optimal levels, you will not be able to maximize the fat-burning or muscle-strengthening effects of exercise. When you exercise a nutrient deficient body, you're not making it healthier, you're actually creating a worse nutrient deficiency. That's one reason people often feel tired and run-down when they start exercising but don't eat right. So please, be sure to feed your body the nutrients it needs each and every day, whether you use supplements or not. ~Bill Phillips~

  • LOL - Okay on my own or not, I made the committment, so here it is ;) xoxo

    DAY 27 - BFL daily Lesson-for-LIFE:

    "Success is earning it, not just owning it." I often hear talk about the idea that science might someday develope a "magic pill" that will help people transform their bodies from fat to fit without any work at all. On the surface that might sound like a good thing; however, beneath the surface, I think that would be one of the worst inventions of modern science. In a way, it would be like recieving a college diploma without ever having to go to class or do homework. You see, its the earning of a diploma that defines success, not just the owning of it. And the same is true with building a better body. If you didn't have to work for it, it wouldn't have anywhere near the value. And, make no mistake, to "own" a healthy body for Life, you will have to work hard and you will have to make sacrifices. You will have to challenge yourself, each and every day. You will have to earn it! ~Bill Phillips~

    Have an awesome FREE day tomorrow Everyone - we have definitely EARNED it!!!

    Kat Divine

  • Interesting day for me...

    Last week my little girl picked up pink eye from somewhere (preschool, gymnastics, one of her  cousins, chic-fil-a playground, who knows where).  I took her to the doctor and we got her all fixed up. well apparently this morning I woke up with it even though I cleaned and disinfected everything I thought might have been contaminated.  To make things better i cut my finger with a lobster tail on valentines day and it got infected last night.  I did what I could for it but it was swelling and not looking very good last night.  It didn't look any better this morning and it was hurting so I went to the doctor.  Long story short I spent the better part of today at the doctor and my infected finger has spread to my limphatic system.  (I guess that explains the red line running from my finger up my arm to my bicept). Anyway I'm  taking today off.  I'll make it up tomorrow if thing look better.

    Life might be a little crazy at times but ill press on and make the best of it.  Enjoy your free day I'm taking mine today :)

  • I'm back on track.  Made up my HIIT sunday and just knocked out a good UBWO!  Pink eye is cleared up and my finger is looking much better.  Going to be eating 100% clean this week and pushing hard.  Hope this fat is going to start falling off.

    Kay-  I know how you were feeling the other day.  I was having a hard time getting motivated for my cardio but once I got started I was able to push through and burn off 500 cal :)

    Sharon-  you are an inspiration to us all!

    Everyone keep pushing we have made it 1/3 of the way!

  • Hi Team - Wow we made it to Week 5!!!

    Not sure how everyone else is doing, however today I am hitting a mental/emotional/physical brick wall! Doing everything by the book LITERALLY and am experiencing some inner/physical turbulence that for lack of a better word - SUCKS!!! My body is gaining weight and am daily fighting such severe pain and fatigue from all of the medical conditions and detoxing (so instead of being able to wean off some of the meds, I have been needing to increase just to get through the day and keep up with the demands of this Challenge). So weird, the first couple weeks I was feeling so great, and now not so much.

    Reeeaaally sorry for the negativity guys, just needed to get it out of me so I can re-center and re-focus! The DLFL today is so perfect for my mental state today, so if anyone is in the same boat, def read it!!! Amazing that if we can just keep our state of mind positive and moving forward, then we can do ANYTHING. And when it's not there - totally different story! Hah

    Hrdhat77 - That's crazy, my household is dealing with Pink-eye right now too! Where does it even come from! Lol. Glad to hear that you were able to deal and then get back on track... ur awesome!!!

    Hope Everyone else is still doing great and def looking forward to seeing everyone at the TOP - only 8 more weeks to go! ;)

    xoxo Kat

  • DAY 29 - BFL Journal daily Lesson-for-LIFE:

    "When adversity strikes, it is vitally important to dig in your heels and not give up!" As you begin your fifth week of the Program, chances are you've already experienced some type of unexpected adversity. (Warning: If you have not experienced adversity yet, be prepared!) Overcoming adversity, even transforming it into positive energy; is one of the most important skills you'll have the opportunity to develop during this 12-week Body-for-LIFE journey. When adversity strikes, whether it's a minor setback or a major obstacle, it is vitally important to dig in your heels and NOT give up! When times get tough, remind yourself of your reasons for accepting this Challenge. Remember that you promised yourself you would succeed, no matter what! Ask yourself, "what lesson can I learn from this experience that will make me a better person?" And ask, "How can I turn this negative into something positive?" Answer those questions and you'll find renewed hope and determination to succeed! ~Bill Phillips~

  • Kat. Hey sister. It broke my heart to read your blog. You are the biggest inspiration to me!!! I have told my family that if we lived closer I would scoop you up. Your always upbeat and positive. U can see changes in your pics already, and hoinestely u have a rocking bod already that lots of women would die for.  Honey if I could change things for you I would. Don't give up on me. Im in the same boat as you. I've been 100% devoted and at my drs appt on thursday I didn't loose a pound. Checked my thyroid because I am not loosing and extremely tired but everything came back ok. Im sooo confused as my husband is because im doing what I should with no results. I want this for you as much as I want it for myself. You are such a string woman and conquer ed souch in your life way bigger than this challange so I know you can do this!!! Im here for you and by the grace of god in week 8 big things are gonna happen to both of us. Hand in there sweetie. Xoxo.      Lor

  • Sorry for all mispelled words. Type on my phone and can't see what I write until I send it

  • Hi Team.

    Haven't gone far just recovering from a tail spin.

    Hope everyone is doing well.

    Trying to read and catchup. Huge task.

    Stay positive everyone:)


  • You are a blessing Kat!!!!