Starting 01.21.13 - anyone want to join?

  • @sharon - I have a VERY bad knee as well and running is not an option. I found something at my gym called an Arc Trainer that is similar to an elliptical and puts zero stress on my knees. I set the incline to 2 and I ride that thing for 40 minutes burning over 600 calories and experience ZERO pain on my knee. You might try one of those if they have them in your gym.

  • Hi Team -

    Congrats to EVERYONE who made it through to TODAY - we just blew through the 21 day Mark!!! That means that our psyche has now converted our patterns of action into a HABIT... so this should be starting to feel like a way of Life by now (probably not everything, but atleast enough to where our "frontal cortex guidance system" lol has been re-programmed with enough BFL lingo that our thoughts about it are becoming more naturally rather than forced.

    I realized this morning that we truly have sooo many ways to measure our Success on this journey! I took my "week 3" progress photo and measurements this morning and they were worse than last week! ;( Which of course didn't make for a great morning. But then I got into to gym and had a killer LBWO because my strength is increasing so dramatically!!! So instead of being bummed about the former all day, I just focused on the latter, and was still able to build on that success for today :)

    This is a really great quote to Live by! "The ONLY person that you should ever be in competition with, is the person that you were yesterday." So if you did even one thing better today, then consider today a SUCCESS!

    Mr. Guy - Ur burning 600 calories in 40 minutes!?! That's amazing - I go nuts on the Elyptical all the way up to Level 6 and still only burn around 130 Calories per 20 minutes! (maybe the machine reader is broken! lol)

    Sharon - I've never done Zumba but heard its awesome, you will probably love it if ur the type to get bored with routine. Let me know how it is! I've been doing everything by the book, however am noticing that my body is wanting to do more physical activity now! So, I'm going to be adding the Kettlebell Bootcamp once or twice a week and then maybe some Pilates on my Cardio days. I'll pull back if I start to feel a burn-out, but I'm right there with you in the sense that it actually makes me feel better increasing my level of activity beyond what the Challenge requires. I think thats what healthy people feel like!!!

    So great to see more posts today!!! xoxo Kat

  • DAY 22 - BFL Journal daily Lesson-for-LIFE: (This one was PERFECT for me today!!!)

    "Measure success by what you gain, not by what you lose." I cannot emphasize enough that the Body-for-LIFE Program is not simply about weight loss. Unlike virtually all the popular diet programs that basically measure your success by how much less space you take up on the planet. Body-for-LIFE is different. It's about gaining energy, increasing strength, renewing health, and decreasing bodyfat. So please don't make the mistake of measuring your success each day, each week, or each month by the amount of weight a scale says you have lost. Measure your success by what you gain, not by what you lose. Gaining strength. Gaining muscle. Gaining energy. Gaining self-respect. Gaining self-awareness. Gaining self-trust. Gaining self-esteem. Gaining back control of your Life! This is what the Body-for-LIFE experience is all about! ~ Bill Phillips~

  • DivaDivine - LOL :) That's funny because I thought the same thing so I used a few different machines and they all said the same. :) The Arc Trainer is like an eliptical on steroids. I've only seen it at Lifetime Fitness though which is my gym. I've tried 24 hour and LA fitness before and have never seen them there.

    I can do the same amount of time on a regular eliptical and only burn 300.

    I do have the resistance pretty high. I start out low and then work up to my max which is about 32 right now on the level.

    I'm going to take my progress pics and the end of week 4. I'm excited to see my progress so far and will post.


  • Hello All!

    @Hrdhat77 - thanks for the recipe!  Gonna give that a try this week.  I also pulled a halibut and a shrimp recipe from the Eating for Life cookbook.  Excited to try new things cooked in a healthy way.  

    @mrguy - I loved my membership to Lifetime Fitness.  We moved and it is just too far to realistically use now.  I have a membership to LA Fitness and it is ok.   I will look for the Arc Trainer there and if there isn't one, I'll suggest that they make an investment.  Love the amount of calories burned!

    @kat - I'll work up to doing the kettlebell bootcamp with you!  I am not afraid of looking bad or being the "chubby chick" who can't quite keep up.  I just know that I am not quite ready to tackle that yet :-)  Thanks for posting the daily Lesson for Life.  I too read them at night and again in the morning in my Success Journal.  Don't love all of them but some really hit home right at the perfect time!

    Zumba class was awesome!  If this is an option for you, GIVE IT A TRY!  It was a great cardio workout and the time flew.  The instructor was very high energy and the music was upbeat and fun.  Don't get me wrong - I struggled and know that I did not give 100% for the entire hour.  However, I did wear a heart rate monitor and tracked my progress that way.  It was a new and exciting way to get an interval training done.  I burned 525 calories according to my Polar which I think is fabulous!  As my cardiovascular system gets stronger, I will be able to give more for longer during the class which will equal even more calories burned. Loved it!!!!

    We are leaving Thursday for Miami (Valentine's Day weekend) to attend the Miami Boat Show.  I can't wait to make the trip.  The beach is my favorite place on earth and we sail/scuba dive every chance we get.   I already looked into the hotel and they have a workout facility with cardio machines and free weights.  I also know that I can make healthy food choices while I am there.  Seafood is my fav and I know how to order that in restaurants to keep it "BFL" style.  We love to sail and are planning a family trip this summer and another over the holidays.  One of my motivators for this program is to feel comfortable wearing tank tops, shorts, and swim suits for these trips and in my everyday life!  

    Have a great BFL day!



  • DSC_0025.JPG

    Hi ALL - Busy day ahead, however wanted to get the BFL DLFL and progress pic up before I run! (Will be really cool to post them all side-by-side once the Challenge is complete!!! :)

    DAY 23 - BFL daily Lesson-for-LIFE:

    "Open up and give it all you've got!" You're now into your fourth week of the Program, and you're experienced enough that you can take it up a notch-there's no reason to be tentative. You know the workouts, the nutrition, the mindest exercises. You also know WHY you're doing this Program and what you want out of it. You know what you need to know to successfully transform. So don't be afraid to open up and give it all you've got! I know you have the power to change. Now is the time to unleash even more of that power! Hit higher points, follow your nutrition plan, complete your daily goals, transform your patterns of action. Don't be afraid to trust yourself. Don't hold back! From this day forward, you will notice your workouts are more intense, healthy food tastes even better, planning and recording your daily activities will be even easier, and your energy will rise! ~ Bill Phillips~

    Mr.Guy - Wow thats amazing - I'll have to track onev those machines down ASAP!

    Sharon - you're such a fearless Rockstar!!! LOVE it!!! ;)

    xoxo Kat

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    ... aaand booty shot :) Time to start lifting and shrinking!!! Squats and Lunges here I come LOL

  • The planet fitness here in myrtle beach has 3 of the arc trainers so you can check there if you have one in your area.  Plus memberships are only 10 or 20 a month plus a small annual fee.  

    I have a life fitness 9500hr eliptical that I bought several years ago (it was an off lease used gym machine).  It works with my heart rate monitor and gives a great workout.  With the hiit I am currently using manual with the following resistances

    Min. Resistance

    1.    9

    2.    11

    3.    13

    4.    15

    5.    17

    6.    11

    7.    13

    8.    15

    9.     17

    10.   11

    11.    13

    12.    15

    13.    17

    14.    11

    15.    13

    16.    15

    17.    17

    18.    18 or 19

    19-30. 7

    This burns around 500 cal  about 385 during the HIIT portion.  The last level 10 usually gets my heart rate up to around 184.  The level 17 resistance will get me up to 170 or so.  I keep the whole workout in the 60-65 rpm range.

    I would be interested to know what everyone else is doing for their HIIT.

    I'll have to try the arc for one of my next sessions.

    Keep pushing hard everyone.

  • Still here, and hanging in :).  We have been busy getting things done around the house, and yesterday we spent most of the day putting in new pipes under our kitchen sink with a new under-sink water filter and a new faucet.  My worst problem is getting busy and my mealtimes slipping past.  I don't believe I've hit a 6th meal more than twice since we started.  But, even after all that, I still did my LBWO, albeit at about 9:00 at night.  We have not missed a workout yet! This is the last hump week to get over before the earth starts moving, so I'm looking forward to getting through it unscathed.

    One of the go-to meals at my house is turkey chili.  I use 2 lbs. of ground turkey, one big can of rotel (I think it's 28 oz.) 2 cans of light red kidney beans and about a cup of corn for sweetness.  I put in enough water to cover it, and a sprinkle of garlic powder.  I simmer that until it reduces a little and starts to get thicker (about 45 minutes).  I divide that into 8 freezer containers of equal proportions.  It's a quick, hearty meal that is delicious when you need one.  I do that about once a week.

    I have used my George Foreman grill to make ahead turkey patties as well, which make a great delicious burger on a toasted whole wheat bun (we use low sugar ones).  A few teaspoons of light mayo, red onion, tomato, and romaine lettuce adds enough veggies to count as one of your servings for the day.  Each pound makes 4 burgers, and they are delicious sprinkled with Mrs. Dash Table Blend before you cook them.  In fact, we use that on all our meats we cook.

    We pre-cook chicken and fish in 4 oz portions in the Foreman grill and serve them on salad greens with the fixins, using fat free dressing (although, we have a couple GREAT low cal dressings we got from Dr. Andrew Weil's website that are divine that we also use) and a bit of butter flavored Pam spray whole grain toast on the side.  You can just pull that meat out and toss it on your salad and your meal is usually made.  You could even sometimes eat fruit for dessert instead of having toast on the side.

    For my work mornings, I have a ready to drink myoplex lite shake or a muscle milk lite (when they are out of myoplex)  since walmart has the for 6.86 per four in my area.  We whizz up the packaged vanilla ones when I'm at home, to which I sometimes add a Starbucks Via packet (the colombian, french, or espresso roast) and a splash of almond extract to try to recreate the old "Cappucino Lite" Myoplex shake they used to make.

    Obviously, cottage cheese and yogurt or a piece of fruit works extremely well when crunched for time.  I carry the Myoplex Lite bar (or a Pure Protein 20g) in my purse with a big bottle of water in case I'm stuck out.

    For us, the food and meals on this is really easy.  The workouts can be rough; in particular, the cardio.  My daughter gets discouraged because she has some hip problems and has very short legs, so can't use our leg curl machine and has a hard time with squats and lunges due to balance issues with the hip causing the foot to turn out and hurt her ankle.  She thinks since she can't do it like it should be done, it won't work for her.  I have a tough time keeping her motivated because that makes her hate the exercise portion.  If anyone has any ideas or tips that might help with that, let me know.

    You guys are really inspirational, and I love to come read your posts.  Thanks for you stories and your strength.  I am really proud to know you guys.


  • Good morning BFL Family!

    @Melissa - thanks for the great time saving meal ideas.  I love the idea of throwing in some coffee with the vanilla Myoplex to make a Cappucino shake.  I use the Adkins Cafe Carmel shakes from time to time just for the coffee flavor.  Great option to make my own.  So, I can understand your daughter's frustration on both accounts. I have a really bad knee and it frustrates me to no end that I can't participate in many of the things that I'd like to do.  It's hard to make modifications or find acceptance with limitations and look instead for things that I can do.   I too am "vertically challenged" have a tough time with some of the machines at the gym.  I hate trying to use machines for bicep and tricep curls.  I also have a tough time with some of the leg machines.  I tend to use free weight machines instead and love them.  It's a great alternative when you need to make modifications.  Have you given them a try?  Just a thought...

    @Kat - looking amazing GF!  I think we might just have a BFL Champion in our mist.  I love your determination, drive, and outlook on life in general.  Keep it up!!!!

    @hrdhat77 - I have been using the stairclimber for my HIIT workouts.  I do a 10 minute warmup (takes me a little while to get up and going) follow the BFL HIIT workout.  I increase the level each minute to hit my 6, 7, 8, 9 and the last set I take it to a 10.  I have been able to increase the level on the stairclimber about every 2 to 3 workouts now so I am happy with that.  I struggle to make it the full minute at my 10 which means I am doing it right!  I am also going to count the Zumba class that I did as a HIIT workout.  It is all about raising your heart rate for a song, taking a quick recovery/water break and then doing it all again.  It's a lot more fun that the stairclimber :-)

    I am looking forward to my LBWO today.  Like you Kat, I love that I am getting stronger and can do much more than I could just 3 short weeks ago.  Can't wait to see the results after 24 weeks (I am mentally committed to back to back challenges)!

    Hope everyone has a terrific day!  Stay strong, stay focused, and stay positive.  Not only can we do this thing - we ARE doing this thing!!!!



  • Good Morning Team -

    Reality check time!?! We have officially completed just over 25% of the BFL Challenge - so time to turn up the HEAT peeps!!! As of today we each only have 13 more UBWO, 13 LBWO and 26 Cardio Workouts before Challenge Completion (at least for round one ;). That perspective breakdown definitely creates a serious sense of urgency for me, especially knowing what I want to accomplish in that very short time frame. You are right Sharon, my hearts desire is to WIN this year. There is still a 220 pound, scared, insecure sick girl inside of me that I am ready to release... Forever! This is MY roadmap and it is working!!! Every decision that I make to truly honor myself through this Challenge, is healing old wounds and limiting beliefs, bringing me closer and closer to the Woman that I want to see when I look in the mirror everyday!

    I really encourage everyone to take some time out TODAY for yourself and dig deep to re-establish your WHY for even doing this! (Melissa - I truly believe this will help your daughter overcome her internal/external challenges. If she is truly doing this to honor herself, she WILL find every solution possible to do this and everything else important to her in Life!) Re-connect with your 'tipping point' aka the reasons that you started this journey in the first place. I promise you that once your INTENTIONS are crystal clear, your efforts won't feel forced any longer; you will be met by a much more powerful force within you that will allow for daily miracles, everywhere!!!

    Have an incredible day today Team xoxo Kat

  • DAY 24 - BFL Journal daily Lesson-for-LIFE:

    "The heart of Body-for-LIFE is developing self-trust." As you're discovering, Body-for-LIFE is about much more than working out and eating right: It's about developing character as much as it is about developing muscle. At the heart of the Body-for-LIFE Program is developing self-trust, self-respect, and self-esteem. Each day you set your goals and honor your self-promises, you'll notice renewed Self-Confidence and pride! ~Bill Phillips~

  • Happy Valentines day everyone!

    Today might have to be my free day since I bought steak, lobster and crab legs to make for my wife and daughter...

    10 years ago today I asked my wife to marry me so we will celebrate in a big way!  (Ironically enough I was not planning to ask her on valentines day but I had the ring and I just couldn't wait)

    Anyway yesterday was awesome, I did my dumbell press set of 6 with the biggest dbells my gym has 75s.  Guess I will have to find a dif chest exercise soon.

    Still haven't lost any weight but am down another 1/2 inch on my belly.  I'll be honest and admit my diet has not been 100%.  It is getting better every week though.  Portions are good but sometimes I eat too much dinner.  A good friend has been getting ready to move across the country so I have been doing some social drinking but prob 1/3 of what I would have 4 weeks ago.  All in all I'm happy with my progress.  As long as this week is better than last and next week is better than this I think I will be in a great place by the end of this challenge.  

    Time for some HIIT!  Have an awesome day!

  • Happy Valentine's Day!

    I am very happy with everything this week.  I'm feeling even better, my weights are all creeping up, my endurance on HIIT is getting better!  I feel strong when I'm doing my lifts now instead of like I"m just trying to get less weak.  Next week I will probably have to take the waist up in my work pants since they are sliding down!  I barely jiggle at all anymore, anywhere, and my back flaps are 2/3 of the way gone just in this short time.  I'm glad, I hate them....

    Congrats on the increase in weights, Hrdhat77!  It's wonderful when that happens.  I was so pleased to hit 15 lbs on my tricep kickbacks last night I almost screamed.  It's a lot of weight for me!!

    Sharon, thanks for the words of encouragement.  They really do help every day.

    Kat, thanks for the daily motivation! I come here every day to read those and I get to read all the other messages from everyone else which also inspire me.  Your story really puts things in perspective for me, and probably for us all.   I actually gained weight from eating out and celebrating for several years!  I was 5'4" and 124 pounds, in a size 4 at the start of that.  I had recently been divorced my my husband of 14 years.  When I met my boyfriend and he moved here, we started to eat out.  I've been happy and enjoying myself to the tune of...size 14 and 165 lbs.  I have managed to get back to size 10 and 162 pounds, but I think that's really going to start speeding up this week.  Plus, I find myself doing little exercises throughout the day; jobs, leg lifts, squats, lunges...and even a few pushups against the wall (I can't do the floor ones yet).  I think every little bit is helping!

    Good luck to everyone, and I hope your day is wonderful!


  • Happy Heart Day!  Congrats on doing things that are good for your heart - emotionally and physically.

    My thought for the day - Valentine's Day is all about love right?  If we can't love ourself, how can we honestly expect anyone else to love us?  So, even though I am happily married now for 20 years, I devote today to loving myself.  

    It is a committment that needs daily renewal for me.  Daily validation that I am totally worth it and I AM good enough.  I got here (by here I mean overweight and unhappy) by not loving myself enough and losing faith in me.  I had a really bad 2012 - really bad - physically, mentally, and emotionally.  So I dedicated 2013 as My Year and that starts with loving and accepting me.  Days before beginning this journey with all of you, my doctor said the two words that I had been waiting a year to hear - "CANCER FREE."  That put everything in motion for me.  It was like a fog being lifted.  If I am not the best version of myself, it's my own fault.  This is my life to live and I deserve to live it to the fullest.  So that is what I am doing!!!  

    Melissa and hrdhat77 - nice job on upping the weights.  Feels good huh?  

    I am really sore today from my lower body workout.  I waited too long and didn't make it to the gym until it was ridiculously crowded.  The weight room was filled with muscle packed guys and gals (Kens and Barbies as I refer to them) and the machines had people waiting just to work in.  I elected to pick up some dumbbells and hit the basketball court since it was open.  Walking lunges, squats, deadlifts, glute bridges, and calf raises.  I used Bill Philipps new philosophy of a 5-25 workout.  Basically, it is 5, 25 minute workouts a week.  I just did it for yesterday.  I picked an exercise for each body group (those listed above).  You do a circuit through those exercises with 10 reps each time.  Repeat the circuit 5 times.  KILLER!!!!  I might give that a try with upper body tomorrow.  

    I leave for Miami tomorrow and I am super excited about my trip.  I hope you all have a fabulous Valentine's Day and a great weekend!  I will be back to check in and report on my weekend on Monday.