Starting 1/14/13 - Looking for support

  • Way to go Rhonda- perserverance is the key! Glad you are still at it!

    I haven't weighed in as of is more of a novelty right now. I want to see the inches decline the most! I want to fit into that pair of pants in my closet that hangs there and mocks me.

    From the Champion book - Think Like a Champion: Body for Life is a catchy title, but it's also a misnomer. It's time for us to come clean: It's not about your body; it's about your mind. The Challenge is really a test of your mental toughness and psychological fortitude. In the end, your body will change, but the agent of change is your mind.

    Your mind expresses itself through the body, which is capable of the awesome and miraculous when fueled by belief. Your new outer muscle is a token of inner muscle.Your splendid physique is a trophy signifying willpower, determination, persistence, tenacity -in short, strengrh of character.

    Go get 'em!

  • Hi all,

    just checking in.  I'm doing much better sticking to the food plan this week but I admit I'm looking forward to my FD - superbowl weekend too.  go 49rs!  has anyone else noticed the soreness from lifting kind of disapating?  I was so sore I could barely move week one, now I can feel it but its nothing like when I started.  I feel like I'm hitting 9s & 10s.  I mean, I just cant lift another rep when I quit, and on my top weight sometimes I can barely do the 6 reps so I dont think adding more weight is good.  any thoughts anyone?    

    well - hope you all are doing well.


  • Paul - congrats on your progress.  I'm still trying to figure out how to post my photos.

    Rhonda - your perseverence is encouraging!

    Bobby A - always appreciate your posts..very thoughtful and motivating.  I actually tried on some slacks this morning that have been mocking me for the past year.  Not ready to wear yet, but I will be there by the end of the challenge!

    It definitely is about your mind.  It is the agent of change!  Going to this morning's LWBWO, I didn't feel great starting at 4:30am (had to travel 2 hrs for all-day meeting afterwards)  I made up my mind that I would focus to make it count and not just go through the reps.  I had really good workout.  Increased each level on squats - up to 245lbs for 6 rep.   The body follows the mind!  

    Have a great Thursday everybody!

  • Susan, if you're lifting at your max weights for your 9/10s and not getting so sore anymore, maybe that's a good sign.  Maybe your muscles are figuring out how to recover faster.  I'm finding the same thing happening to me.  Many, many years ago when I used to lift daily, it eventually became quite difficult for me to achieve any muscle soreness.  The difference about back then was that I always did a 30-60 minute easy jog after lifting.  Maybe it could be that the jog worked more of the lactic acid out of the muscles, leaving less soreness later.  Are you following your lifting with an aerobic exercise?

    If you make any changes that feel like they're working better than your current plan, please let us know either way about how it works for you.

  • Morning all,

    Pretty good cardio this morning.  Definitely got the hr up.  I do have a question.  How much coffee is too much?  I drink probably 10+ cups a day (just black w/no sugar or cream).  I know caffene can be a good fat mobilizer, but can too much be a problem.  I'm primarily a desk jockey and just like coffee.  I have a large travel mug, I fill up when I leave the gym in the morning for my 1 hr commute.  By the time I get to the office, I'll make a pot and drink some more throughout the day.  Thoughts anyone?

  • Shawn and I are still with the program.  We splurged on our free day and I felt sick that night...won't be doing that again!  Burger and fries/gravy and wine..ugh...we should have shared the meal.  We have been really busy the past week so haven't been posting.  I have had a minor setup with a foot injury, so taking 2 days off from exercise, but still eating well.  Good luck everybody:)



  • Wow- 10 cups a day?! whatever floats your boat...I like my cup o' java in the morn (and since I live in the Seattle/Tacoma area and drive past Starbuck's headquarters daily, I am required to drink coffee:)

    Bill Phillips suggested 2 glasses of water for every cup of coffee you drink, but that would be a monumental amount of fluid to contend with on a daily basis! There are pros and cons for coffee consumption, but I might be so bold as to suggest substituting a glass of water for every other cup of coffee and see how it goes.

    @Hope- what's the foot problem? And thanks for posting the freeday combination you and Shawn had...I will remember not to indulge in that come Sunday!

  • David,

    Here is my opinion on the coffee.  I too am a coffee lover, however, too much caffeine is not healthy for you.  If you are trying to get healthy (which obviously you are) really should try to cut back on the coffee.  Maybe try subbing a few cups of decaf in there once in awhile:)

    Bobby, I am not sure what is going on with my foot.  I experienced some sharp pains in the top of my foot on Tuesday, but still ran on it..bad idea. Yesterday I was limping around like a 3 legged dog.  I noticed some bruising as well...I don't remember banging it on anything, but who knows.  It feels slightly better today.  Will try to do UBWO tomorrow.  Shawn is working double hard to make up for it.

  • @Hope- top of your foot? by toes, in middle, or by ankle? Just curious...

    Yummm...oatmeal  and eggs (whites) w/ salsa--breakfast of champions!

    We are approaching the 25% mark...time to evaluate and adjust...I may even step on the scale (cue scary organ music).

    Happy February!

  • Happy Friday and February!

    Bob, yeah I drink too much coffee. Don't know that it floats my boat, but I just like having something hot to sip on while working at desk.  I need to replace that habit. Maybe cure the scary organ music when I start pouring a cup of joe.  

    Good breakfast choice.  Had the same, thought, wish I had remembered the salsa.

    Hope - you're correct - too much caffeine. Plan on cutting back to around 4 cups/day.  Decaf is great idea, only I can't stand decaf coffee.  I've also going to stop the Monster (non-sugar) drinks before cardio. Not good for you, but does give a boost in early mornings.  I know I sound like some caffeine freak, but I am basically a normal guy.  Sure hope you foot gets better.  It makes it hard to run. You do eliptical or bike?  My anke (surgery years ago) hurts from time to time.  I'll run when it feels good and it has for the most part, but won't hesitate to change if it becomes painful.  Hopefully as the weight drops off, the less force on it will help.  

    Had a good UBWO this morning (increased weight on bench and rows.  Finished up with about 20 minutes on the bike (spin class), but I was not doing the tabatas, just kept a moderate spin. Tweaking cardio a little.  

    Have a great weakend everbody!

  • cure = cue

    too much caffeine

  • Shawn and I have been having the same breakfast for 2 weeks:)  Oatmeal, cinnamon, brown sugar(sugar twin), and egg whites...I had salsa, hot sauce and a small amount of low fat grated tex mex's fast and yummy!

    Bobby,  the top of my foot hurts from my toes to my ankle and bruising at the toe..feels better today.  I will try powerwalking on steep incline today instead of running and get an UBWO in tonight.  Should be back to running next week.  

    Dave, I am a runner.  Not much into the elliptical or biking.  I tried spin class once and nearly died!  But I am fine to run a 1/2 marathon...go figure, different muscles I suppose.  As far as decaf coffee goes...Star Bucks decaf isn't bad.  We brew it for our coffee/baileys during xmas season after dinner...otherwise lie awake wired all night.  Good luck with surviving Super Bowl sunday without too much damage this weekend.  We are going to put out plenty of veggie trays and non fat dip.  Kids can have the jalapeno poppers, wings etc...I refuse to sabbotage myself like last Sunday!  All I really care about on my free day is that beloved bottle of really good Cab Sav :)


  • Hope, I completely understand why you prefer running.  I used to run all the time.. 5 and 10k..even a marathon about 15 years ago.  Chronic ankle instability really slowed my running down which is what led me to eliptical trainers. Not my favorite, but still get can get a good workout from some of them. I also swim about 2 days/week.  You get a great cardio workout without the pounding.

    Spin class is definitely a different animal.  Instructor makes all the difference.  

    Do have Starbucks Christmas Blend at house.  I'll have to try the decaf.  I've always preferred industrial strength.

    Sounds like you and Shawn have your Super Bowl Sunday planned out well.  We will have some chips/dip of course, but some veggies as well.  

    Have a great weekend and enjoy your Cab Sav!!

  • Hi! I used to run three miles several days a week until my mid -forties. I starred spinning about that time. Hope, when I started spinning it was very difficult but with time it becomes enjoyable. In about an hour, I'll be going to my Sat. morning spin class. An hour of . . . . . Disco lights. . . .  DJ . . . . . closing my eyes and matching the beat of each song at my own pace. . . now it doesn't seem like a workout at all. You should give spin a chance. . . . .just start at your own pace.

    My granddaughter brought her fundraiser home from school Friday. The boxed assortment of candies including Kit-Kats of which I had two with a glass of milk. I will go back into the zone today so I have no regrets.

    BTW- My daughters friends were winners in the Beyonce Pepsi half time activity and will be performing with Beyonce on Sunday. I'll be watching for her.- paul

  • Hope, I agree with T-Minus. Try spin. If you have a well-trained instructor with fun personality, you can really get a lot out of spin.  The tabatas kill me.

    It's been a good weekend so for.  Glad Super Bowl or the "Hargh-Bowl" falls on a free day. Don't plan to go hog wild but will enjoy some chips and guac along the way.  Kind of doubled the cardio yesterday.  Swam 2k early, did about 8 hours of landscaping (little sideline weekend business with buddy) and decided I still needed my HIIT.  Don't think I hit a 10, but I realized by then I probably didn't have a 10 in me at 7p in the evening after the full day.

    Weighed this morning and believe I am down about 8 lbs.  Ready to see the other side of 200lbs.

    Everybody seems to be doing very good the first 3 weeks.  Very encouraging!