Starting 1/14/13 - Looking for support

  • Hi all,

    Day ten and I just finished a really good UBWO.  I was able to add weight to a couple of the exercises since last week, yeeehaah!  after reading some of your posts, I've decided to put my scale in the closet and leave it there until I finish week four.  I've always enjoyed lifting so I know I'll build muscle and I'm afraid standing on that scale and not seeing changes might derail me. so thank you all for the advice.  

    Also - just ordered the Champions book you recommended Bobby - it sound like good investment!

    best wishes to all!


  • If you want some motivation and some workout ideas..

  • Bobby, agree "Champions Body for Life" is a really useful and inspirational book. Certainly adds a more personal perspective to it than the first BFL book.  As I recall, in the original BFL, the stories of the champions were in 3rd person.  It really helps to see "regular folk like us" change their lives through the courgage to change, the self-discipline to plan, the focus to stay on track and determination to complete the challenge,and come out on the other side much happier and healthier with a visibly healthier body.

  • courgage = courage

  • I am off to pound out the cardio.  Yesterday was tough for me.  I felt hungry all day.  I think it had something to do with being home all day with my daughter who had the flu (my routine was off) and I had a bit of idle time.   So I munched on carrot sticks to get through my cravings.  How is everyone else doing?

  • Way to go Hope! You could have easily slid into a big bag of Oreos of Doritos instead! I always like to look for the little signs of a changing mind-set...

    My hams and glutes still are sore from the lunges I did a few days ago...but this is normal for me. When I start/change my exercise routine, I get to experience a week or two of muscle soreness and discomfort. Oh boy.

    Despite the dramatic drop-off of people contributing on this thread, I shall continue to blather about each helps me in my quest to become a different person from where I was on 1-14-2013.

  • Hello all, hopefully some of the others we havent heard from are just plugging along in their challenge.  I hit a rough spot night before last, stressed out, had a glass of wine, led to another, then cheese (the full fat stuff) & crackers.  but yesterday I got myself back on track and stayed right to plan.  today had a really good LBWO.  barely could make it up the stairs from the basement when I was finished.  I just have to keep at it, and finish this challenge.  no matter what.   I have to believe I'll be the better for it, even with a stumble here or there.

    thank you all for your posts.  they really help.


  • finished up my LB w/o this morn...not exactly a fabulous workout, but I finished! My legs were still a bit sore from previous LB, but I sense some improvement. The joys of starting a lifting program!

    Kinda curious how many are left on this thread. Could we have a role call, please?

    Enjoy your day!

  • Hi!  I don't think that a little fall out will hurt!  A one time engagement in wine cheese and crackers will not have a lasting effect or even lead to additional weight. It's when the indulgement is on a daily basis that we have to think twice. I had the habit of coming home from work, having low-fat cheese with diet tea before diner, having diner, and snacking until bedtime. Since I've stopped all snacking when I began the BFLC, I'm losing weight slowly ( while exercising) but steady. I do have an Advantedge before my afternoon workout for a little boost.

    I've decided to enforce my determination to succeed in the BFLC, I'd post my progress pics on my bio page. Whenever I feel like I'm going off track I remember that in 30 days I'm due to post an additional set. This definitely keeps me motivated!!!

    I know from past experience that it is possible to slack off since I have would rationalize that I still have, 10 weeks or 8 weeks, or six weeks. . . . .but before you know it's three weeks to the end and since it's not possible to be at your best. . . . I would fade away and disappear from the challenge.

    So here's a link to my bio page. My family enjoyed the pics (laughed quite a bit!) but everyone needs a before pic from which to begin. - paul

  • Hey guys!  Count me as still on this thread. Just been very busy the last few days.  Two weeks in the books!  Been very pleased that Ihave been diligent thus far.  I weighed this morning and am down b/w 6-7 lbs.  Not relying on that as the main barometer, but still naturally curious to see how much.  Though this is a free day, I did swim about 2000 yds this morning - relatively easy.  Really helps the sorness in the legs from the two LBWOs this past week.  My cheat meal was combo fajitas and of course, tortilla chips.  Haven't had them in about a month.  Now back to the plan.  About to go get shopping done for the week.  

    Workouts have been good. Really focusing on proper form...yes, I havea to leave the ego at the door of the gym. Trying to hit my 10s as much as possible.  I did treadmill this week but might go back to eliptical if my ankle doesn't improve.

    Congrats to everyone for making a strong start.  

    Have a great Week 3 everybody!

  • good for you Tminus 60,  you can stick with it - we all can.  We have the power to choose, therefore we have the power to change.

    had some internet difficulty this weekend so didnt get to post.  but hey its Monday.  got up and did my UBWO.  actually added more weight - yes!!!  Did pretty good with my food.  started using myfitnesspal application on my android to track my food.  it gives you not just kcal, but protein and carbs data which I find really helpful, just incase anyone is interested, its a free app.

    Day 15 Here We Come!  

  • Sure has been quiet round here.  Hope everyone is having a good start to week 3.  Good cardio this morning. Did the 20 minute HIIT on treadmill and then ran at a easy to moderate pace for another 25 minutes- got a little over 5 miles in.  Need to get that extra cardio in to burn the fat.  Hussman Fitness really has some good information to tweak workouts depending upon your goals.  

    Have a great Wednesday!

  • It looks like Susan, Rick, David, Hope, Shawn, Paul, hublgirl and me are still in. What say we get on this thread every day or so to keep it on the first page?

    I did my UB w/o and was good until bicep curls- I am experiencing some pain in I need to find an exercise that I can do that won't cause me pain! Hammer curls worked.

    I have also decided to post a passage from the "Champions Body for Life" book every day... here goes:

    "The beauty of BFL is that it's the opposite of a "Vicious Cycle". As your body obeys the order of the mind, it becomes stronger, healthier, more energetic and beautiful. As your mind senses this-that you are stronger, healthier, more energetic and beautiful-you feel happier, more confident and optimistic. Stoked by such atitudes, you're motivated and inspired to push your body harder, to achieve even more progress. You're caught in a "Virtuous Cycle", a loop of excellence, spiraling ever upward.

  • I'm still here plugging along hard every day!  I'm not really seeing any changes yet but I know when I did this years ago I didn't see anything happen until around week 8.  Hope everyone here has a great day!

  • Hi! I weighed in at 204 this morning. That's 6 lbs less than on the 15th when I started.  I also haven't seen any changes yet but in two weeks when I hit the Feb 15th mark I will be posting my second set of pics. Maybe then any changes may be evident. . . . I  will be going to a i hr. spinning class this evening. Very intense! - paul