Starting 1/14/13 - Looking for support

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  • Sounds like FD went fairly well for most of us. My day was this:

    Scrambled eggs with salsa, 1 pc chicken sausage, coffee.

    Later, dbl espresso and strawberry cereal bar.

    Lunch- turkey (real, from a whole turkey:) sandwich with lettuce and mustard on ww bread, chips and 6oz coke.

    dinner- chicken breast, baked pot with cottage cheese and salsa for toppings, broccoli.

    But later I had a big martini and then some chocolate. the alcohol sure opened the flood gates for "unauthorized" food!

    I do my cardio on M,W,F and weights on Tu, Th, Sat- it really fits my schedule off I go to beat up on a stairmaster machine. Have great w/o's today!

  • Hello,

    I also started on 1/14/13 and week 1 went pretty good. I'm in central MInnesota and it's currently EXTREMELY cold, so getting outside to do cardio is tough. I do have one concern I'm hoping somoeone can help me with...I did the workouts, I ate well and followed the plan.

    Good News: I lost a 1/2 inch from my waist and some in the thigh with a slight gain in size to my bicep.

    Bad News: In the first week I gained weight.

    I only take measurments once a week and before I start my workout. I workout first thing in the morning so before is the best time I figure to take them. Has anyone else seen a gain in weight? Is somoething like this common?

  • @BTabolich-- you probably won't want to hear this, but the scale is the worst way to measure progress because it doesn't tell the truth about body just tells you what your mass is. I would highly recommend not weighing for a couple of weeks. Let your clothes be your progress determiners. (is that a word?) As for the weekly measurements...that might be micromanaging your program in the beginning. Why not give your self a break and wait for the 4 week mark to do a might be greatly rewarded!

    That being said, whenI measure at 4 week intervals, I usually measure in the morning, too. And weight gain is common in the start...your body hasn't had nearly enough time to become a finely tuned calorie burning machine! It is common BFL lore that sometimes your changes really don't show up until week 8, and then they really get dramatic after that. I know, I know...8 weeks is too long. But go ahead and look up The 8 Week Miracle in the literature and read some of the stories- it might take some of the sting out of this realization.

    Above all- keep doing it until 12 weeks have gone by! We are all here to slog thru this together!

  • When I first did the program several years ago I also got frustrated because the scale wasn't really moving.  I kept hearing that the changes happen slower for women than they do for men.  As Bobby mentioned, by week 8 the changes seemed to just happen overnight.  The scale didn't show a significant drop but the inches that were lost and the sizes in clothing that I went down were amazing.  Don't get frustrated, keep doing what you are down and you will see a great transformation!!!

  • BT, muscle weighs more than fat.  It really is common to gain weight when first starting to work out.  You are gaining muscle mass:)  The fat burn will occur at a higher rate the more muscle you gain.  Keep at it, you are doing great!

    Last night I cooked a turkey dinner for our family of 6, thinking it would be great to have turkey meat all week.  It almost backfired, since it was a HUGE tempation to have gravy and stuffing!!  The kids loved it though.

    Day 9 and I just finished my cardio.  I managed to pump the incline up from 0 to 0.5 today and maintain the same speeds. FYI,  a friend of mine read in Runner's World that it is better to run on a minimal incline on treadmills to prevent injury.  It has something to do with the way your heel hits the belt and a slight incline mimics outdoor running.

    I am really feeling alot better this week.  More fit and healthy.  My jeans are not cutting me off at the waist!  I have lost 5 inches from all my total measurements and 4.4lbs in the past week(10.6lbs since in the past 2 weeks!)  Mainly though, I feel firmer and stronger and that is what is really important to me.

    Shawn is a forester.  He had a hell of a day yesterday!  He spent 5 hours on snowshoes in -15 C, and 3 feet of snow.  Hiking through the bush over logs etc (not trails).  He figures he snowshoed at least 10km.  Then when he came home cold, wet and exhausted, I made him get his butt down to the weight room for our LBWO!  Needless to say, his legs were WELL DONE last night! Coudos to you Shawn for your dedication last night!  I am proud of you!

    Good luck everybody, give it your all today!


  • Hi! Some programs use the scale as the sole indicator of weight loss. If you replaced one pound of fat with one pound of muscle(which is heavier) you would have gained weight in their eyes. While in those programs, it is recommended by the facilitators that an individual should not use weight bearing exercises. In the BFLC developing and maintaining a personal fitness lifestyle is the primary goal.  The before and after pictures are viewed as one indicator of improvement. . . along with body composition.  BTW. . . It's only week one for you so if you maintain your workouts and diet you'll continue to loose inches and the reduction your body fat percentage.  Just remember that you may also gain some weight as your muscle mass increases. . . . and don't become discouraged by this fact. - paul

  • Enjoy reading your posts.  Great hearing everone's progress.

    Good start to 2nd week.  Feeling good so far outside of sore quads, but that's a welcome pain meaning I'm actually doing something.  I agree with Tminus and Hope, you cannot use the scale as a true indicator of how you are progressing.  I've read enough posts of those who were not seeing the "scale results" but were noticing how their clothes were a little looser and  what mirror mirror on the wall was showing them.

    Bob - good point on the 8 week miracle and that some had little to show and then dramatic changes afterwards.  Shows the importance of sticking with program the full 12 weeks.  I don't plan to take measurements until after 4th week.  

    Question for cardio.  How much variance are you guys having between intensity levels?  For instance, on the treadmill this morning my levels were:

    5 - 4.5 mph

    6 - 5.5 mph

    7 - 6.5 mph

    8 - 7.5 mph

    9 - 8.5 mph

    and my 10 on last round was 9.5 mph.  I was spent, but I feel like when I go back to level 6 I'm not recovering to an actual 6. Depending on the accuracy of the handles on machine, my hr was as high as 165 - 170.   Should I narror my levels to .5 mph?  Don't want to go easy, but don't want to overdo it as well.

  • Hi David,

    Here are my treadmill speeds so that you can compare.  I am using 0.5 mph levels.  Shawn was originally stepping up  1mph /level but found it to be too much.  I mean you don't want to have a jammer...right?

    Hope's levels:     Shawn's levels:

    5...........5.0 mph..........5.0 mph







    On another note, my HR is quite often in the 165 range when I am training on the treadmill.  I have been too afraid to check what my HR is on this regiment.  It would probably break the  I am quite sure it is above 165.

  • Thanks, Hope!

    I think the .5 increments will be better.  I was more or less doing 1 mph because of the easy math....ha!  Hopefully, I can run more on treadmill ( have a lousy ankle). Elipitical, cycling, and swimming are good, but nothing seems to chew up the calories better than a good run.  Yeah, I may need to invest in a hr monitor.  Not certain as to how accurate the one on the treadmlll is.  Definitely was sweating and huffing.

  • Hi! I'm not running on the treadmill to save my knees (60 yrs old). My treadmill workout is a little different than what you guys are doing.

    I set my particular treadmill at a 3.1 (fast walk pace) rate. After the first 60 seconds I increase the platform angle by 1 full increment. every additional minute (i.e. - minute 1: 1 deg, minute 2: 2 deg, minute3: 3 deg,etc). After the max height of 15 deg is reached, I begin to reduce the angle every minute until level 10 is reached. Presently, I stay at level 10 for an additional 15 min. To add to the intensity, I do the entire 30 mins  "hands-free". It's alot more difficult not supporting myself on the sides or front of the machine. - paul

  • I encourage all of you to read and see how it is that BFL works. My levels on any machine are for ME...your levels are for YOU. Learn how to reach YOUR own 10...and then GO FOR IT! Every machine is different and has different "degrees and ratings and levels and angles", etc.  Don't we see the point of this drill is to train ourselves to go beyond what we think we can do? If YOU think you haven't reached a " 10" ,...then you haven"t!

    I want us all to become biggerstrongerbetterfastermorehealthymorevibrantmorealive...but understand this--this is a personal journey for personal reasons...but supported by thousands.

    Keep it up, don't stop. Stopping is what we  have always done.

    Your friend, BobbyA

  • Hi everyone! I started last week and was hoping I could join the forum :)

    lost 3 pounds and 3 inches overall in a week, woo hoo! Working for the changes this week, but if anyone out there watches biggest loser, week 2 is a doozy usually. Fingers crossed! Good luck everyone! You're doing great!

    My main goal is to lose 16.8 pounds, 3 down, 13.8 to go!


  • Welcome in hublgirl! That's a dramatic start for the first week! Way to go!

  • I'm sure all of you have read the basic text of BFL, but the book I love and read almost daily for inspiration (I commute to work on a bus- 45min each way) is "Champions Body for Life". It was written in 2008 and was written by past Champions and Runers-up and it follows two challengers during their entire 12 week journey. It is useful to me to read about these two, especially about their struggles and victories along the way. It has tons of pictures, as well as pics of exercises, food tips, menus, daily schedules, etc. What I really use is the helpful quotes from folks that are/were just like us, but  made the decision to change. They offer a somewhat philosophic slant to BFL, turning it from merely a exercise program into a life-altering adventure (with a new body as a bonus) If you feel a need to get more substance from/about BFL, this is an excellent resource!