Starting 1/14/13 - Looking for support

  • I have the same trouble.  In the past, when I've don the bfl, I will plan so my exercise is done during this time.  That way instead of eating I exercise.  Or, for snacks, pickles work great.  I know there's a lot of salt, but....  I still eat popcorn.  I eat popcorn every night I do the bfl.  I put some popcorn in a brown paper bag (as much as you want, but usually I cover the bottom) and put in in microwave for 2.5 minutes.  I turns out great. A little spray butter (just a little) and some salt and, voila, you have a healthy version of popcorn.  Or, you can make the low fat microwave popcorns from store.  I think those are pretty good. Be good all week, and you can treat yourself to a few beers on your free day.  You'll find you appreciate it all the more.  

  • Hi Susan, I started today and am excited, yet I know I'll need support too. I'll be 49 this year. Yikes! I'm also in the worst physical condition of my life. We can do this. I'm happy to support and be a cheerleader all the way through. We can do it!

  • Hello everyone, my first two days have progressed well. I'm sticking with the 6 meal a day eating plan. I did a hard chest and triceps workout yesterday and a 30 minute fast walk for cardio today. I just found the Daily Progress Reports under tools in the library tab. Is everybody else using those to log your progress? There is one for daily eating and one for daily exercise.

  • Slkowalczyk, are you following the Eating-for-Life 6 meals a day plan? That may help to reduce the food cravings in the evening. Popcorn is healthy if you don't add a lot of additives. Beer is my main source of excess calories. I plan to cut out all alcoholic beverages for the entire 12 weeks.

  • Day 4, cardio later, just hope my legs wil not be aching by then.

  • Slkowalczyk I agree with Kevin,  Make sure and follow the 6 meal plan.  It really works.  I know that you can make it through this and once your body adapts to the routine you will not feel near as hungry in the evenings.  Also, know that there is always your free day.  This is the one thing that has really helped me get through this in the past.  You can catch up on your cravings and eat what you want.  

  • Did cardo last night, and just did a killer upper body workout.  Yes, I had to mix my workouts a bit to fit my work schedule.  My first big challenge will come tomorrow when my wife is having friends over for dinner, drinks and euchre.  

  • Hi all,

    this is great our group is growing!  we'll need each other for support at some point no doubt and thanks to Josh V for starting this thead.  I woke up this morning sore from upper body but did my 30 min cardio to a Zumba cd, surprisingly good cardio. I can't run anymore due to having a left tibia held together by a metal plate and 12 screws, but I have a bike & eliptical.  what are others doing for your aerobic/cardio workout?     I am using the daily progress reports too, especially for the weight training to keep track of reps/weight and hopefully soon track my progress and increased strength.  also I agree popcorn is a great snack and didnt think to make it myself (versus store bought), thanks John, your way sounds much healthier.    and thanks BooneB, yes we can do this!   have a great BFL day everyone!


  • Hi everyone!  3 days into my second BFL. DId first back about 11 years ago without entering contest. It got me back into weightlifting and I've been fairly consistent over the years.  Definitely entering this time.  I will be 49 in a month and am looking forward to getting into my best shape ever!  3 good workouts so far.  Only problem is that the flu may be setting in.  I hope it does not set me back too much.  

    Looking forward to making new friends and mutual encouragement.

  • This is great to have so many people doing this together.  I use the journals and I am tracking everything!  I find it helps me stays accountable and I know when I did this years ago it made a big difference.  I'm going to be 45 in April which is just after this 12 week challenge ends so I'm ready to do this.  I'm looking forward to ideas and tips and tricks from everyone as well!

  • We are logging everything on those sheets as well...I think it is a great for keeping yourself accountable:)  I am finding myself a bit hungry at snack time between am happy for the protein bars and shakes...they are filling the void.  We are already starting to slim down, so it is very motivational to have results so quickly.  I feel great!  I am very surprised how good turkey burgers are!  We are following the sample meal plan on this site for the first week, just to get a feel of how to cook and what to eat.  Our reward at the end of this 12 weeks is a 2 week vacation to Mexico and my best friend's hoping to look fantastic.  Is anyone else having to pee 20 times a day?  hahaha


  • Ok so day two didn't go as planned due to my gym closing because of weather.  However, I made up for that yesterday.  I was able to get my Cardio and Lower  Body workout in yesterday.  Paying a little for that today but I am glad I did it.  Looking forward to doing my Cardio again tonight.  I hope that everyone else is having a good first week and staying on track.  Keep pushing through things for the next couple of weeks and it will become much eaiser to stick with it.  

  • Way to go Josh for not skipping out on a workout, that shows your commitment!  My LBWO kicked my butt this morning but I'm glad I pushed it.  did alot of stretching afterwards to hopefully not be so sore I cant walk tomorrow.  hey Hope - do you guys have the Eating for Life Cookbook by Bill Phillips?  its awesome and had B,L, D and mid-meal recipes. I use it and even my husband who definitely is not doing the challenge likes the meals.  I think the website has recipes too - guess I should check that out!  David - hope that flu bug skips you, its a bad one this year.   day four lets go!

  • How is everyone doing on the plan???  Check in and let us know.    Remember its progress not perfection.  My early morning workout got screwed up because my horse jumped the fence and got loose and took off - very early while it was still dark out UGH.  thankfully we found him and he's ok.  now I'll have to plug my cardio in sometime tonight.  Day 5 of the transformation.....

  • Up at 5 am and already have my upper body workout done and it feels great!  One more day to go and week 1 has been successful.  Is there anything in particular any of you are looking forward to on your free day?  For me it's chips and salsa!

    Glad your horse is ok Susan!