Starting 1/14/13 - Looking for support

  • This is our last week guys.... How's everyone doing? Seems its been quiet around. I'm hoping all of you are excited to complete our first challenge. I can't believe this is the last week. Is anyone going to begin another one?

  • So, anyone else completed the challenge in here? I will be posting my before and after picture later when I take it. I am really happy with my results. Although I don't see a huge difference like the pictures on the BFL book, I'm still so happy I was able to complete this first challenge. I drop my pants size from almost 34 to 30. In fact, 30 is getting a little big. So much I went to Nordstrom today to try a pair of 28s and they actually fit me. I'm not too crazy about them though, I want to continue my journey to my real body for life. Like I said, this is my first one and will surely continue.

  • Hi! I'm just checking in to see how everyone has done.  I decided not to continue after my slip/fall in February.  I've working on regaining mobility in my right shoulder.  An MRI alerted me to the fact that all my physical activities over the years has taken a toll on my shoulder cuffs and tendons. . .especially the right.  The ortho doc says to gain full lateral front and side movement, I'll have to have a reverse joint installed.  However, I've been exercising through PT and home workouts and have recovered some good results.  It's kind of depressing to go from curling with 40 lb dumbells to 1 pounders presently (I tore my large bicep head tendon).  

    Nevertheless, I've decided to participate in another BFL Challenge and will be concentrating on weight loss, endurance and regaining my shoulder movement and to strengthen my interior and exterior cuff muscles. Should be interesting. -paul

  • HI- I really didn't  give the Chalenge my best shot, especially the last three weeks. (I bought a house and it needed a lot of rehab before I could move in...moving day is in 4 days!) . However, I didn't start eating big macs for breakfast, either! I watch what I eat and get exercise 3-4 times a week still. But not with the intensity of being in the Challenge. Final result- my waist went down 2" and I like that!

    Hope you all carry on with a new spring in your step!

  • Hello Tminus60 and BobbyA... hope you're having a wondeful day.

    I think life always will get on our way -one way or another- but what is important is what we learn and how we use it. Never giving up and adjusting our lifestyle is important. I learned all of that through this challenge and I am extremely happy with my results. Like I said before, I don't have a super body building but I am happy with what I see. I will start again for a second round, giving just a week off to wait for my girlfriend to complete hers and then begin my 2nd challenge. I have faith in this program, and surely know that I or anyone can acomplish their goals with dedication.