Starting 1/14/13 - Looking for support

  • Running in a 5k tomorrow for the first time in about 5 years.  I have been able to do some running on my cardio days, but it has been on the forgiving deck of a treadmill and in the controlled environment of a fitness center.  It will be about 30 degrees..cold for us in Texas and the course is hilly. Will be fun but chilly!

    Hugglemama, congrats on your weight loss. Could be the gates opening up.  Keep plugging away.

  • Ok y'all here is the report I said was coming.  I was able to stay on track while I was traveling the past couple of days.  The only thing that I was not able to do this past week was my cardio on Thursday.  Other than that I feel really good about how the week went.  Thanks to everyone for the support and encourgement you showed me this week.  I did weigh in this morning and I was pleased with what the scale showed.  Hugglemama, in the mornings I stuck with burritos.  I try to find a chick-fli-a or sonic because I like theirs better but I will hit the McD if I have to.  For lunches I typically will hit just about anywhere that I know I can get a grilled chicken sandwich.  That will be the only thing I will order to avoid the temptations of eating too much.  I keep protien bars in my truck and drink way too much water and have to stop about every hour for a bathroom break.  For dinner I will research nutrital information on the restarunts around me to know what I can order.  If they bring out large portions I will ask for them to box half of the meal before they bring it to me.  Still the temptations are there as I am in sales and have to take clients out quite often while traveling.  Hope this helped.  

  • @ Josh- Great job with being aware of your intake! Much of this program is just getting to that point where we become aware of what we put into our bodies! At least I think it's a big point...I consciously think about my nutrition now, as opposed to just consuming anything willy-nilly.

    @David- how did the run go? Hilly and chilly...sounds like a good

    I went to a friends house for dinner last night and expected it to surely be my free meal for the week...instead we were served baked turkey, baked potatoes, steamed broccoli. Sound familiar? There was also homemade cole slaw, but I passed on that. I did, however, have a small scoop of ice cream at the end, and that felt so decadent.

    5 weeks into this... 50 days to go!

  • Hello all - here we go beginning week six!  hooray for each of us still here!  so David - please update us on your run??  I'm in the Chicago suburbs so no hills here but it can get pretty chilly.  and Josh, great job this past week.  traveling can REALLY present a challenge but you're making all the right choices for yourself.  glad to hear everyone is moving forward in this challenge.  I think the behavioral changes are starting to finally stick for me which really helps both with the meal plan/nutrition and with the workouts everyday first thing.  and Bobby - glad to hear you enjoyed that ice cream! :)

    question for all - I'm using the EAS Advantage shakes and the protein bars.  are any of you taking any other supplements like creatine or something else or even any special vitamin routines? just curious. really trying to educate myself.

    thanks and hope everyone has a great week six!


  • Hey guys! Already into week 6.

    Bobby - glad you got to indulge in icecream.  I enjoyed some girlscout cookies.  Tough not to eat a whole sleeve of em.

    Josh - way to keep on track while traveling!  Agree on the Sonic & Chik-fil-a breakfast burritos. Chik-fil-a also has a good bagel/egg sandwich - little more carbs, but bagel is multi-grain.

    Susan - creatine is good to aid in muscle recovery and can improve performance in high intensity - short duration exercises (weight lifting) - I think Betagen is a good product.  I have taken that and also Phosforce.

    Yes, I did complete the 5k. I got my early swim in of about 3k yards and then ran about an hour later.  It was 30 degrees at the start. BRRRR!!  Had a great time! It was a fun run (about 100 or so people).  I tried to keep a steady pace and was ok until the last 3/4 of a mile.  My right hamstring had been a little tender and I aggravated it coming up a hill so I basically shuffled the last half mile.  Nothing servere, just going to go easy on it for next week or so.  I was hoping to average about 9 min/mile clip, but ended up closer to 10.  Finishing time was 29:50.  Swam again yesterday on free day.  Also ran in place for about 10 minutes.  If you can ever jog in place while in the water - it's great! - you get a decent cardio wo and no impact on the joints.

    Have a great week guys!!


  • Hello guys, I also started on 1/14, been trying to keep up as much as I am able to. Have skipped some workouts, but for the most part I am eating healthy and working out. I saw great results on my first week, it was amazing. Right now I don't see too much of a change but pushing hard anyways. I can't believe we are getting into our 6th week and how fast time went. I liked checking in here and read your comments; they inspire me and motivate me to keep pushing. Thank you all, and keeps pushing, there's no victory until it's over. Jose.

  • Hi! I haven't done any UB work in two weeks. . .ever since I fell on ice and injured my right shoulder. Did an MRI yesterday and they want me to do some PT starting tomorrow.  I just have to get back in the game UP wise. I still cannot raise my right arm laterally without a great deal of pain..... but it is getting better. I know that I injured my shoulder but almost my entire right bicep has turned into a dark bruise color. I decided to post my second set of picture at a later date since the setback. -paul

  • Hmmmm, an arm that is turning a dark bruise color after a nasty fall...can't raise arm...I'm thinking a torn muscle, as they will bleed under the skin and create that bruise-like effect. But your mri will tell the tale of what's happening. Sorry you have to go thru this mess when you were so on track with the w/o's, Paul. However, injuries must be addressed- and this is not an exercise-induced-sore-muscle kinda thing you can just "suck it up and get over it"...this is an injury. Do your PT and help that arm heal as best as it can! Keep eating clean! Drink your water! Since we aren't 21 anymore, we've got to give our bodies as much help in the healing process as we can. Keep the Warrior alive!

  • Hey guys! Are you in the BFL groove? Is it easier now? Do you unconsciously grab an apple instead of the twinkies? Do you equat your day with the w/o for the day?, ie, this is Thursday, so it's UB day for me! Have you given up on the lyin' scale, or are you ( like me) secretly waiting for that needle to take a dramatic drop!? Are those mocking pants starting to get nervous when you pick them up, knowing their days are numbered?

    Let's go get em!

  • Gotta say that I'm not quite there, but close.  Not unconsciously grabbing fruit, but certainly thinking healthy option when hungry.  Definitely equate day with the w/o.  My pants are fitting better, but still have some "mocking" me from their hanger in the closet.....their days are numbered.  

    Right there with ya Bobby!

  • Hi Everybody!  It has been a crazy just checking in now for the first time since last week.  David, sorry to hear about your grandmother.  It is wonderful that she lived to be 96, but it is always sad when they pass. Good for you on your race!  I am thinking about doing another half marathon in May...we'll see, I seem to working every weekend these days so that might not pan out.  Susan, glad to see that you are still sticking with it!  Paul, that totally sucks about your injury!  Keep up on the diet plan in the meantime and you will still see results.  Stay the course!!  Bobby, I loved your post today.  Yes, I am in the BFL groove.  Even my kids are getting leaner and everybody in the household has become alot more aware of what they put into their mouths.  Couple of my tips.  I found that it is helpful to keep prunes or dried apricots, and rice crackers in the house for those moments of weakness...they are low in fat and the rice crackers have very little calories, but still give you that crunch and salt that we crave.  Since cutting all the salt out of the diet, I am finding my cravings extreme in the evenings.  I have also found a Becel that has 64% less fat, only 2.5 g in 2 tsp serving.  In a time crunch a piece of whole wheat toast with Becel for breakie.  I have also started buying Crystal Light, makes drinking water tastier.  We are snow shoeing up a mountain on Saturday, and I am feeling up for the challenge.  Shawn broke 200lbs this morning and was prancing around like a lunatic...was quite hilarious.  Cheers everyone!

    Hope and Shawn

  • Hello all, it is good to hear that you are all doing so well.  I wish I was as far along as you all are but as it is I am finishing my 3rd week since restarting.  I am really feeling good and seeing results all over the place, in my clothing, my hunger, and in the gym both with weights and my cardio.  I will have the results of my 4 week check in next weekend.  Until then everyone have a good day and weekend.

  • TGIF everybody!  Have a great one!

  • 1" down in the waist...doesn't sound like much, but sure is felt when I button the pants! One silly inch! Now for those next three...

    I want to do the happy-lunatic-pounds-losing-dance like Shawn, too!  The visual keeps me smiling and going at it!

  • " Hard-core exercise addicts sometimes regard rest as a four-letter word. Then they wonder why they feel tired and weak, why they're prone to injury, why they're not making progress. We know that rest is essential. Exercise stimulates muscle growth; rest allows it. it's between workouts that your body rebuilds itself. In addition to letting your muscles rest by working muscle groups every other day and scheduling your cardio in between, the amount of time you spend with your head on the pillow is key to muscle growth and fat loss. Bottom line-get enough sleep and take the recommended rest in between workouts." pg 138