12/31 Group Check in for the WEEKEND Sat/Sun - end of week TWO!

  • Hi Everyone! Well I did a 2 week weigh in (doing it every 2 wks). I am down 2.5 lbs, to 135.5, and body fat is a solid 28.0%...I was in the high 28's to 29 when I started. I'll take it!! I did lower body this morning instead of yesterday, as yest. I had a riding lesson, and had I down lower body I wouldn't have had any stamina to ride/jump. Riding was workout for lower body, abs AND some cardio. Whew! Really pushed the weights today for lower body. Since I didn't have a BFL workout yesterday I will do cardio Sun. morning instead of rest day. Eating is going well - I did have a little bread at dinner last night, but stuck to a grilled tuna salad with mango and avocado for dinner. Yummy. Busy today with dog training and showing houses in the p.m. so will pack a snack! This thread is for the WHOLE weekend so please check in!! We made it to the END of week TWO! :) Hope everyone is doing well.

  • We made it 2 Weeks~ Yahooo!!!  I ordered the Eating for Life book used off of Amazon this morning.  I've decided that I could really use a change up in what I am eating. Last night was a real challenge for me going to the hockey game with my boys. It smelled so amazing with all that junk food but I made it!!  

  • Hey y'all, happy weekend and happy end of week 2!  I'm still no where with weight loss, but I am not freaking out.  I have been on countless diet/exercise regimes over the last year that didn't get me anywhere, so I am used to the let down of stepping on the scale and seeing nothing change.  Don't get me wrong, I am not a "oh poor me" kinda person - it's just my reality.  This program, with the specific weight training and cardio plan, i hope to have success - even if it is only 5 or 10lb and some inches.  I don't feel hungry at all, I don't feel deprived of my favorite foods, the exercise part is very do-able (challenging, but do-able).  This is something that i can see doing "for life."   Ok, i'll step off my little soap box.  These past two weeks have been great!  I'm looking forward to my free day tomorrow and starting week 3 on Monday!  

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  • Loriea - great job on staying away from the junk food at hockey!! I love the Eating For Life cookbook. My kids LOVE the chicken enchiladas and turkey meatloaf...the the meatloaf is easy to make extra of for leftovers and lunches. Tri-Tri, the weight loss will come - you have a great attitude. And the exercise is do-able I think too.

    I had free day yesterday and didn't go too crazy - I had a Chik-fil-A sandwich for lunch but only HALF. I did have a hershey bar with almonds and gotta' tell you - it didn't taste as good as usual to me...kind of processed in a weird way. I thought that was interesting. I had a true Free Day dinner though! We had cheese and chocolate fondue. Skipped the main course and just had the cheese and then dessert. I did my Sat. cardio today since I ended up riding Friday (no true BFL lower body workout that day), I did HEAVY legs yesterday/Sat. and today made up the cardio. I am ready to ramp up the upper body weights tomorrow. I also think I need to go heavier with those! Have a great Sunday!!

  • Thanks for the tips on what to try first in the cook book. Today is my free day and I had one piece of French toast and one piece of bacon for breakfast. It was perfect. I find that I really can't eat a big meal any more so I really try to eat something that I normally wouldn't have during the week and it works for me. I stopped in at Starbucks and got a Mocha a few hours later as a treat and tonight we are going to my favorite pizza place for dinner but I am sure I won't be able to have more than one piece.  I don't drink alcohol so my weakness is usually the sweet stuff. I still have some congestion from this sinus infection/bronchitis. I sure hope this goes away soon. I am going to also try to ramp up my body weights.

    Week 3-Let's Bring it!!

  • Hey guys-

    I hope it's okay if I jump in here too.  I started on 1/1 so my week 3 starts tomorrow.  So far so good for me.

    @tpup- thanks for the advice on EFL recipes.  I will try the turkey meatloaf this week!