HELP ME i am a first timer!?

  • I am new to this work out stuff. I dont need to loose the weight i need to gain it. I have a fast metabolism which means i am skinny for being 6'1 i am between 120 and 130lbs. I would love to go and work out but i dont know the first thing about working out so if anyone can help please help me

  • Hi standardguy, have you read the Body for Life book? If not, that is the first (and one of the most important) step to this program.  It explains everything you need to know about exercising the BFL way - when, what, and how.

    As far as gaining weight, I think that if you stick to the BFL approved foods but possibly just increase portion sizes a bit, you should accomplish your goal. As you workout and take in the right amount of protein your body will build muscle mass.

    I think there's advice in the book for your situation but I can't remember it off he top of my head (since I have the opposite problem lol).

    Good luck with your challenge!

  • Hi standardguy,

    Somewhere in the forum other guys have had the same concern with needing to put on weight.  I wish I could tell you exactly where in the forum to find the answers but if there is a way to search the forum for the thread, try it and see if find it.  It's an option if no one responds with a fix for you.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Hi!  You will do great!  I lost 36lbs the first challenge.  My advice is to stay with it.  You will have bad days!! Don't give up! Return to the excercise and the diet will follow...  Make surviving the 3 months the goal and not the weight loss.  

  • Or weight gain as the case may be!