OMG! I've gained 8 freakin' pounds the first week!

  • Okay, okay.  I know that some weight gain is expected the first week, but 8 POUNDS?  There is no way it is all muscle!!  Granted, I'm starting again from previously eating a low carb diet and/or paleo, but this is freaking me out!  I'm a 49 years old female, who has been weight training since I was 21 years old, so I have a good amount of muscle already, just trying to eliminate that layer of fat.  Geez.

    I have been eating only BFL meals all week. Typical breakfast is either chocolate oatmeat, fortified french toast, or scrambled eggs and toast.  Lunches this week have been the turkey bacon roll up sandwich.  Dinners this week have been asian stir fry, buffalo chicken sandwich, balsamic chicken breast, etc. You get the picture, recipes from the book.  Snacks are typically a yoplait lite yogurt mixed with 1/4 cup lowfact cottage cheese, or a boiled egg and an orange, or an apple with string cheese or an EAS lean 15 bar.  I drink 8-10 8oz glasses of water a day.

    And boy, am I sore!!  Yes, I know this can cause some water retention, but I sure hate seeing that number on the scale go up 1-2 pounds EVERDAY!!  HELP!!

    Somebody please just calm my fears.......Thanks!

  • Not sure what to tell you, I'd be freaking out too. I'm on Day 26 today& am actually slimming down some.  My one suggestion, if you haven't already ,is call the EAS support, 1-800-296-9776, I've called them a few times & they have been very friendly & helpful. Good luck & hope you get some help!!

  • @zoebarry while that is a bit, there are reasons and things to look at.

    Muscles being worked hard fill up with blood, there can be some water retention going on to.

    As for food, making sure your serving sizes are spot on. I see a bit of bread in your meals. Maybe replace some of that with fruit? I only eat sweet potatoes or sometimes rice for a crab but I limit it to usually one meal a day. This is of course only.a suggestion.

    I'm sure others here will have more insight and suggestions for you also. Hang in there, I know BFL works great!

  • Maybe too much salt and its water retention?  I can't eat six meals a day because I gain.  I just do three and I can lose like that.  Don't give up.

  • thnaks for all your responses!!  I think I will try cutting it down to 5 meals next week and see what happens.

  • It's probably the switch from low carb to balanced meals.  The same thing happened to me!!!  You'll drop it soon.

    Go, Becca, Go!  Tri Tri Again!  

  • I to only eat 5 meals a day. I've never been able to eat six, its just too much food for me.

  • zoebarry, It could be anything but nothing negative if you are doing everything you should.  It's probably water retention or even TOM.  If you aren't feeling the extra weight, I wouldn't fret too much.  Give it another week and see what happens.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • UPDATE::  I woke up yesterday to a 3lb loss!! Hooray!  I think my body's initial panic mode is over.  Yesterday was my free day and today I've only gained .2 lbs!  Yes, that's only two tenths of a pound.

    Thanks again for all you encouragement!!  I'll keep you all posted on my progress!!