any advise for a first timer!?

  • hey,

    This is the first time i have ever done anything like this, and well its about time i got my butt into gear and did something about my lack of fitness and excess belly! Has anyone got any tips or advise, as everytime i have decided to do something about it, with in the first few days i usually give up!please help me stay strong this time! :)

  • Hi Vicky - welcome! My tips are: WRITE DOWN YOUR GOALS and stick them in a place you will see them 2x per day. For me it's my master bathroom by the shower. READ THEM 2x per day. Make them positive, action in "I WILL REDUCE MY BODY FAT xx%, I WILL FEEL STRONGER AND HAVE MORE ENERGY. I WILL GET FITTER AND HEALTHIER." Also, order the BFL journal - keep it in the middle of your kitchen or your main room....write EVERYTHING down - meals and workouts. Once you start seeing a few days or weeks of it, you will stay more motivated. I also weigh myself every two weeks, not every week or day. Figure out why you always quit, and put some solutions into place, or options...a.e., if you quite because you binge at night, provide alternatives in the beginning, like instead of ice cream, you can have yogurt and fruit. I also keep a glass with coins in front of it and a note "DRINK 8 GLASSES OF WATER A DAY." Every time I drink a glass, I drop a coin in the cup. When it's full, I get something for ME - new workout clothes? Hope this helps and good luck - pick a start date and stick with it, and picture where you will be in 12 weeks. Read the ENTIRE BFL book before you start.

  • Good tips from tpup, all of them.  Be sure to put a picture (start picture) up near your fridge door or in the kitchen somewhere to help you avoid straying for the no no food or excessive meals and Please don't over use the scale, it is only one of many tools for measuring progress and tends to discourage many folks when they are actually making positive gains in muscle and losses in body fat.  A caliper test or OMRON BOdy fat machine would be more helpful (if your gym has one on hand or you have a GNC with the machine nearbye, always take readings in the morning before workouts). A BFL Success Journal can help, if you can get one on line or at a local bookstore or library. Drink, Drink , Drink the required amounts of COLD water a day (cold speeds the metabolic rate more than room temp tap water).  An use but don't overuse your Free day, maybe one crazy meal that day of one or two of the food items you have been craving all week.  I am also a big non supporter of drinking any kind of alcohol during the challenge because it ruins you metabolic rate for at least 3 days which is way past your Free day. so for best results taper off or quit if you can. Get plenty of rest and keep a journal of some kind and don't expect immediate results , results come often weeks into the program. Hope this helps and oh,  KEEP MOVING FORWARD and if you fall off the wagon, just jump right back on as soon as possible.

  • Hey Vickie - good for you! You've done the hardest thing- getting started. Everything above is great to do. Especially the water- 2 glasses every meal is my key to feeling satisfied. If you haven't read the bfl book, it's time.  Planning meals in advance is another key as is the free day. It takes some practice but will become 2nd nature. I'm losing about a lb a week. Not as fast as my first time but that was 12 yrs ago and metabolism does change :). I'm doing much better with exercise than meals but I know it will come together. Keep in touch.

  • vicky1989 - My tip is to pay attention to your body as you go through the process.  There were several things I needed to have "fixed" so I kept going to see what would happen next.  Keep that focus so you can see what will happen next with your body.  Good luck!

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Hi!  You will do great!  I lost 36lbs the first challenge.  My advice is to stay with it.  You will have bad days!! Don't give up! Return to the excercise and the diet will follow...  Make surviving the 3 months the goal and not the weight loss.