1st official challenge (January 7th, 2013)

  • Hi all,

    I did BFL back in 2006 and had really good results, but I never submitted the pictures of my transformation. Since then I have  two more kids(For a total of 6) and got married. I did really good the first year after BFL..Eventually I lapsed into my old eating habits and weigh less than when I started last time, but seems I look fatter. HAHA.

    Today I did pretty good, except wasm't able to eat my whole breakfast even though I tried. I am not used to eating breakfast. I was trying to get my husband to do BFL, but he doesn't seem very interested in the exercise part.

    Anyway I am looking forward to getting to know you all.


    p/s Does anyone know what happened to the tracker? I can upload pics and stuff, but cannot post in the forum. I thought I read on this site that they'd be back open the end of 2012.

    Posting a pic to hold myself accountable, not because I think I am sexy. HAHAHA.. Excuse the laundry basket. My oldest daughter took my pics, but did not point out the laundry basket. :)

  • Welcome to BFL and May the Challenge Be With YOU!!!  Best wishes and be sure to hang in there it is well worth the effort.  I will be doing my 4th BFL Challenge in April this year starting on the 8th to Jul 1. They only get better as time goes on.   If you are cruched on time and can do it,  the EAS Rtd shakes make a great afternoon snack or meal and they have great  flavors like strawberry cream, cafe carmel , dark chocolate and french vanilla and very low cals and good protein levels.

  • Thank you! I do have the cafe caramel shakes. I also have vanilla and chocolate. It's hard eating 6 meals a day, so I find the shakes are a life saver. :)

  • Missy, Hope you are enjoying your first week so far. There is another forum that started on the 7th if you would like to join that. Or add me as a freind and I will help you all I can. Thanks and good luck.