I started today the 07 January 2013

  • Rufus,

    The leg muscle issue is the same for me too. Lactic acid build up as a result of the hard work. It will ease off in a week or so. I crawled up to bed the first night after starting the cardio, and the next morning was it VERY hard to get up again... Pain, so they say, is a temporary thing!



  • Day 5 and 6

    Morning all,

    Completed day 5 UBWO and my Cardio session for day 6

    Did not cheat on my diet for the full 6 days.

    Day 7

    My fiancé and me went to our favorite restaurant for a steak and I had 2 sodas

    Will be doing my planning for the week this afternoon

    Muscles stopped burning


  • Hi Gus,


    Will be doing my LBWO tomorrow morning


  • Week 1 Summary

    I have made a point to set goals and achieve them as I make progress through the challange

    My goals are accordingly:

    1. Will be 100% committed to my goal - done
    2. Will follow my program 100% - done
    3. Will eat the correct portion sizes - done
    4. Will not cheat on my diet - not done
    5. Will not miss a workout - done
    6. Will hit all my 10's - done
    7. Drink enough water - done
    8. Get plenty of rest - not done
    9. Set goals and achieve the every week - done
    10. Will get plent of rest - not done
    11. Will not give up or allow myself to become demotivated - done
    12. I will plan each meal for each week - done

    I've met most of my goals for the week. I am very happy with my progress. I need to work harder and try to achieve each goal every week.

    Day 8

    Went to the gym this morning. Finished my LBWO in 38min. Could not hit my 10's with quads due to someone els being on the machine I wanted to use. the same thing happend when I want to do my last 2 sets of calves. a bit disappointed this means i  need to plan more. I still hate lunges. they real push up my heart rate. hope it become better soon

    So far so good. Looking forward to my next exercise

    Well done to all who met their first week goal.


  • Day 9

    Go out of bed easily this morning without the wife beating me. Was my cardio day. Rode the stationary bike at the gym.

    Complete my HIIT intervals completely. The last 3 minutes I really pushed myself hard. Wanted to give up at minute 17 but I told myself quitting is not an option push through dammit.

    I felt a sense of achievement. I will be posting another picture on Sunday and will do so every 2 weeks.

    Meal plan for the day

    Breakfast: 1 cup cooked oats with honey and almonds, 2x cups of water and one 100% whey protein shake serving one egg white

    Mid morning meal : 1 serving of ultra lean diet fuel water

    Lunch: 2 steamed skinless chicken breast + steamed broccoli water

    Afternoon meal: 1 serving of ultra lean diet fuel water

    Dinner:  steamed fish + steamed squash green beans water

    Per bed time snack: protein recovery shake  water

    Well done to all who are with me at day 9

  • Hi Rufus,

    Sounds like we're on the same track. If I look at your objectives for the first week I made the same progress; my weakness is biscuits and more coffee than I should really be drinking!  The cardio is the same for me too. It turns out I can push a lot harder if I need to, and with the 20 minute programme I am working much harder than I would have previously. Really enjoying the challenge of the gym, and my gym is a bit quieter than yours by the sound of it, so I can move about the machines and weights according to the plan. That said, it does no harm to mix it up in any case, as long as you are tracking progress; If the 'busiest' machine is free when you walk in I recommend you go straight to it!  I had wine with my lunch on Sunday and felt really guilty!  

    Onwards and upwards!


  • Hey man,

    I too started on 1-7.  This is my first BFL challenge and I've stuck to it thus far 100%.  I didn't even cheat on the "cheat" day.  I figured that I'm not going to let crappy foods ruin my hard work.  So far, my brain has complied.  To help with soreness, I use a recovery drink (Mike's Mix).  It's fairly cheap was works well, though you are still early in the program at that point.  Drink much water and power through workouts.  I hope you have good success.  My before pic looks much like yours.  Good luck.

  • Hi guys,

    Sorry for not being in touch these last couple of days. Work has been hectic and I was dealing with industrial labour relations our workforce are currently striking what made things a bit difficult.

    I'm currently at day 12.

    My week went accordingly

    Day 10

    Our employees engaged on an illegal strike. Things got out of hand and we had to evacuate. You wound not believe it but I am in charge f the evacuation. While I was busy organizing transport I actually drank a shake I managed to complete my whole diet and did my workout

    Day 11

    The crap really hit the fan and I was push to work long hours. Was not able to eat correctly or go to he gym.

    I really felt bad.

    Day 12

    Strike continue. But managed to eat right and completed my workout


  • @rufus27 well all things considered, you are doing awesome! Forward is the only way to go, and you are doing it!

  • Day 13 done great workout push like I was in a race

    Just the diet to finish today


  • Will be posting my my 2 week progress tomorrow night

  • Glad to hear the will is still strong. I've been good this week, but came down to the coast with my wife for a break and some sunshine. Did my cardio along a coastal path this morning, which was great, but succumbed to a small glass of wine this afternoon with lunch...! Will forgive myself, it's going great otherwise and my enthusiasm hasn't dropped. So to week 3. I'm sure we'll keep the focus and seriously well done on surviving such a tough working week; if you can do that you can do anything!

  • Day 15

    Mornig all,

    I really had a bad start this morning. I got up at 04:00 and went to the gym. I was so excited to do today workout. Got the the gym, but when i started I could really feel the energy draining away. I really did not perform so well as I planned this morning. for some reason I decided to increase the weights not that I am at week 3, bad idea my workout went accourdingly

    Uppe Body Workout:

    Chest: Did dumbell bench press started with 17kg to 27kg from set 1 to set 4. It was hard believe me. set 3 was already a 8 or 9 intensity level. The super set or high point was even worst. I used 8 kg push as if my life depended on it at rep 9 or 10 I wanted to puke. I immediatly moved over to dumbel flys with the same weight and thought I was going to die. I managed to push for each rep and completed the workout session in 13:27min that is a 7 minute difference from my previous workout.

    Shoulders: wow know that was just pure pain. the first set was definatly a level 7 or 8 intensity. why did i even think of upping the weight. after that set i decided to move to the shoulder press machine. I found that the machine gave me more stability and I will be using the machine until my shoulder muscles gets stronger.

    Back: I changed the excerise from dumbell rows to lat pulldown and reverse pulldowns for the high point. This workout was the best for the day. I really felt the burn on this one and the high point was definatly a 10

    Triceps: good workout also changed the workout to triceps push down and reverse tricep push downs hit the high point.

    Biceps: what a disaster. I did not finish the last 3 sets. I changed from seated dumbell curls to machine curls. I got the math wrong and loaded to much weight, being stupid I did 12 reps. added more weight and did 6 reps. my biceps were burning and i was very angry at myself. i could not complete the workout correctly.

    I finished the workout in 55:32 minutes and burn about 570 Calories

    Now lets get to the Free Day.

    So yesterday was my freeday. After 2 weeks of not eating any crap, i decided to treat myself with some cookies and icecream. I also did not drink all the required water or ate 6 meals. i felt fine. i even had a late snack.

    I'm not sure if I'm right but the lack of proper nutrition through the course of the day I believe that might be the reason why i did not perform that well at the gym. I felt like i was going to puke 30minutes into my workout. was very tired and just did felt incharge as if my body was telling "hey what the hell are you doing"

    when I got home i was late. i burnt my oat meal and had to go to plan B. boiled eggs and Low GI brown toast with some hot souce and water.

    Guys i need help.


    I will post my week 2 photo's tonight

  • Day 16

    Did my cardio this morning. Still battling to get going. The workout was hard had to ret at minute 14 for about 15 seconds.

    By minute 19 I thought I was going to die.

    But I managed to push through the workout.

    I'm still focussing on progress rather than perfection.

    Will it be a good idea to start training twice a day. I would like to do more cycling.


  • Day 17

    Traded my LBWO for my first mountain bike trip. It was excruciating. I realized that I do not know enough about mountain biking. My tyres were not completely hard which slowed me down about 50%

    My heart rate reading: average heart  174 max heart rate 193 total calories burnt 889

    Today's meal plan

    Breakfast: oatmeal and 100% whey protein shake 2 glasses of water

    Mid meal: ultra lean diet fuel meal replacement shake

    Lunch: lean meatballs steamed green beans and steamed asparagus

    Mid afternoon meal: ultra lean diet fuel meal replacement shake

    Dinner: pork, cabbage 1/2 avocado and ultra light mayo

    Evening snack: strawberry 100% whey protein shake

    Day completed