I started today the 07 January 2013

  • Day 1

    Morning all,

    This is not the first time i have attempted to complete the BFLC. This is my 3rd time, but this time I will complete the challenge. I have spent weeks planning my diet and program. I search hard and long for the right motivation. The challenge haven't even started and I have learnt so much these past weeks. I have been keeping a Journal/ Scrap book to record my research and progress. Took about 3 before pics and did a full BMI. I dusted off the old BFL book and read it from cover to cover. I have made bets with my friends and family.

    My biggest support is my loving girlfriend. she kicked me out of bed early this morning and in her sleep she said: " get up and go to the gym or I will beat you with the alarm clock!!!"

    As per my program. I went to the gym at 04:00am this mornig and manage to complete my workout in 58min. I hit all my 10's and push each reps as if my life depend on it.

    This time I will not fail. I will become a champion.












  • You can do it..I'm with you, I feel like this time is just different. I started again after trying a bunch of times on Nov 27th ....I missed 13 days of being on program and got back on it on Dec 31st. I'm basically just calling it a 'do over' because I want to do this from start to finish. Great job starting and staying so motivated! Keep posting!

    Failure is not an option..

  • Thank you.

    I will record my progress as much as I can.

    Restarting is no longer an option for me. I need/must complete the challenge. I have restarted way to much. It is time to complete.

    and I agree with you failure is not an option. Failure shall not overtake me, for my determination to success is strong enough.

    Good luck with your challenge and good hunting


  • Count me in, heading to the gym soon for a lower body workout

  • Workout in the bag and food is all scheduled for the week. With my supplements ready to go as well.

  • Congrats!!

    Today I started my second BFLC.  My last one ended in December and I lost 42lbs, but I would like to loose at least another 50+.  

  • Going to do my HIIT run soon

  • Day two in the books another day closer to my goal. Where is everyone? Lets keep this going!!

  • Day 3

    Morning all,

    Have not missed a workout and did not cheat on my diet.

    Hit the gym this morning before I battled to get myself out of bed. Completed my lower body workout this morning in 48min.

    Hate the lunges it was uncomfortable. The abs workout was also not very fun. But I pushed through the workout.

    I'm not focussing on perfection but rather on progress. I will up the workouts in week 2 or 3

    So far I'm doing good


  • HI All,

    Still at day 3 and at work. Did my LBWO this morning at 04:00 and pack a massive cooler bag with my meals in zip lock bags and containers. I had a feeling that I was going to work overtime. Planning and prep work paid off. i so i trusted my gut and packed and extra green apple and 2 extra shakes.

    I start work at 06:00 each morning and finish late most of the days in the week

    another great tip proofing its worth is those nutritional bars. I'm in and out of meeting through the whole day and it look funny shaking should nutritional shaker in front of you directors. To solve that problem I bought 5 of the bars and put them in the bag as a back up.

    I even challenged him to join the BFLC.

    Will be here for a while tonight but luckily have done my LBWO this morning.  I still hate lunges.


  • UBW in the books, feeling good, 90% of this is diet. Spot on

  • Day 4,

    Morning All,

    Was at the office untill 21:30pm last night. Followed my diet 100%. Did not go to the gym this morning to tired got about 3 hours sleep and had to be in the office by 06:00 this morning. Will be finishing early today, planning on going to the gym at 16:00.

    my legs are on fire from yesterdays LBWO. Could not get out of my truck this morning. dis some strecthing in the office. will be buy a bike to paddle home every evening form my cadrio sessions.

    had Oats and 100% whey protein for breakfast with a Kiwi fruit


  • I can hear crickets it is dead on this thread, I guess it's easier for me to post from my iPad. Hiit run done. I am going to step it up a bit now. Going to do a Tough Mudder in April, so excited!

  • Great job, Ive decided to just stay on my original course as well, starting over is just a pattern that Im sick of...yes, diet is what it is all about. I also know that I need to log in and journal, because it helps me to stay motivated.

  • Day 4


    Competed my cardio last night on a stationary bike. Hiit was terrable im so unfit. I managed to hit 2 high point then i was spent.

    By minute 20 I could barely walk. great workout. still 100% according to my diet. can wait for Sunday. I'm going to wolf down a beer and a steak

    other great news. I bought my first Mountain bike. Will start training with it tomorrow morning.

    Day 5

    Guys I need help. my leg musscles are killing me. I  could not get out of bed this morning due to being to sore.

    Any advice?

    I will to going to the gym this afternoon

    so far we are making good procress.

    keep it up