Started today! 1/6/2013

  • Okay, today is my official start date for BFL! I have lost all my baby weight from all 3 of my babies in the past following BFL. I love it and know from experience how well it works. I do have about 5 lbs left from my last baby that I need to get rid of.  I am changing this challenge up a little bit. I am combining the IDEA of Jamie Eason's Livefit program with BFL. I am doing NO cardio for the first 4 weeks, to build up my muscle. But I am following the BFL weight lifting. I am in all my pre pregnancy clothes, I just want to have extremely defined muscles! I always struggle with the first week, and getting over my cravings. But I NEED to do this for myself. To prove I can go further than I ever have been. My lowest adult weight is 125 lbs. My goal is 120 lbs for this challenge! I am a size 6 right now, and my goal is a size 2. My lowered body is my biggest problem area, so I would LOOOVEE some great home workout ideas from people that will rock my lower body! Wish me luck! 

  • Good Luck sarabeth0720!!!  My husband and I are starting tomorrow!  I love both BFL and Jamie Eason's livefit program.  I think together they are definitely going to get you where you want to be.  

    Walking lunges is one of THE best exercises for lower body....thighs/hamstring/buttocks and it's easy to do sets with different dumbbells in your hands.  

    I too would like to be a size 2..well a size 2/4 any way.  I too have 3 children and am down to my pre-pregnancy weight, but not my lowest adult weight and I would like to lose about 20 pounds to get back to that.  Would love to help motivate one another if you are interested in an online buddy for support!

    Good luck!

  • Absolutely! I need a support buddy, I am coming to the end of day one, and trying so hard not to go get something sweet! ha ha. I am so weak with sweets. But I am determined not to give up this time. Thanks for the lower body tips.

  • The end of the day is the hardest for me, that's when I crave something sweet as well...or anything for that matter!  I'm very much looking forward to starting out tomorrow.  My husband has never done anything like this with me so I'm really looking forward to him being by my side and the both of us transforming!  

    What time zone are you in??  

    I hope you evening went well and that you were able to pass on the sweets!  Don't give up, take one day at a steps :)

  • I am in Illinois. I did good...didn't give in last night! Been good today too...except I feel bad I had a glass of Orange juice this morning...but I love my cup of orange juice in the morning. Surely, one cup can't mess up any results I want!! My email is if you wanna email me there!