12/31 Group Check-in! SATURDAY Jan. 5th - First Saturday!

  • How's everyone doing today! I was at the gym on the treadmill (no breakfast) at 7:45 this morning. I hit my level 9s 3x but couldn't blast out the level 10..just held the 9 longer and went to cool down.

    I had breakfast a lil later than planned. Oatmeal Cottage cheese blueberries.

    What are your meal plans today? Going to the mall with daughter...plan on subway eggwhite w/ veggies and cheese 6inch on wheat and leave without the top bread.

    Dinner I have a grilled chicken salad and a side of clear broth with Zucchini slices and maybe green onions and mushrooms sliced in as well.

    in between snacks will be shakes. (i only do 1/2 - the whole shakes seem like too much for me.

    Very proud of myself this far.  Hope you all have a great positive day! :)

  • Happy weekend, everyone!  I'm sticking to my normal eating routine today (Sat).  I'm pretty content eating similar things each day.  I like the shakes as snacks too, but only do one scoop of powder vs. two to lighten it up a bit.  I also use unsweetened vanila almond milk to bulster the flavor a bit.  

    I need to do cardio today.  I will be riding my roadbike indoors (on a trainer).  Dinner will be roast chicken and veggies.  Can't wait!!

    Now, tomorrow is the big day!  Free day!  I'm thinking of only doing a free meal.  I don't know if I would feel good about eating poorly at all of my meals.  I guess I just really want to see good results by week four and then maybe (maybe) i'll splurge a little bit.  Hopefully I will be really rocking and rolling and will still be happy with just a free meal.

    WTLF - what is your plan for your free day?  

    Go, Becca, Go!  Tri Tri Again!  www.tinyurl.com/rebecca2013  

  • Great job Tri Tri. I do the one scoop too.

    I'm planning on having a shrimp fajita at my local mexican place.  I'm gonna try the one meal as you are. But if I nibble, I not gonna beat myself up over it. ;)

    Hope your workout went well.

  • Cardio was good.  Worked up a good sweat!  I feel good and am looking forward to a fun day tomorrow.  Also, looking forward to getting back to it on Monday - Week 2!!!  

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  • Hello Ladies-

    Wow we did it!! One week down. Today I was still sore so besides my cardio I did a yoga dvd I have at home hoping to stretch out some of these muscles.  It felt really good and I might treat myself to a massage next weekend as I have a gift card I can use.

    I only use one scoop in my shakes as well. I think two is for men. I am trying not to eat to many bars or shakes right now as next month I have a vacation for a week and thought those would be great to take along for quick snacks and don't want to get sick of them before hand.

    The Barilla pasta plus was really good. I like that I don't feel deprived of carbs. Tonight I had half a baked potato with just spray butter and my tilapia and then broccoli. I am going shopping tomorrow and will be adding zucchini and blue berries  to the list. Thanks for the ideas.

    Have  a great Free day-

  • Hello Girls!  I did a great cardio this morning.  Hit my 10's, sweated alot, felt so good!

    Ate well all day, even though I was at work and VERY busy.  Even drank water all day long too.  I made a point to do that.  I am finding that drinking a lot of water helps to fill me up to at my meals.

    Free day tomorrow!  Definately blueberry pancakes and coffee WITH creamer!  YEA!  As for the rest of the meals, I will probably just stick to what I am doing with the BFL plan.  I dont wanna blow it too much!  

    Night everyone!

  • Whoo hoo!  Week one in the books!  We are getting 'er done!  Today is free day and i decided to have a free meal (lunch) with my little boy.  I was in the mood for a really good, quality burger so i had one.  I couldn't finish it and I didn't force myself too.  Don't get me wrong - it was maybe two bites that i didn't eat.  =)     I had fries but only ate about a quarter of them.  I also had a salad with my favorite dressing - blue cheese.  Again, i dressed it lightly.  Enough to really enjoy the flavor, but there was no need to soak the lettuce.  I also split a single serving size brownie with my little guy.  It was a really great meal and my tastebuds felt very satisified afterward.  I also felt icky / sicky, too.  Truly, eating healthy, small portion meals is the way to go!   =)          I think i will have a little more dessert tonight after dinner - nothing overboard - but a little something-something.  

    How did your free day go??

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  • Hi everyone! Sorry I missed daily posts Sat/Sun. Have been swamped working and today I had off and we went furniture shopping :) WOO HOO is right! A week down!! We should be so proud of ourselves! I had free day yesterday (Sat.) and really only had a free "dinner". But still ate pretty healthy. Had mussels, and for dinner, scallops with spaghetti fra diavlo. It was HOT and spicy. I was too full for dessert so I got a small decaf caramel mocha. I too am looking forward to starting week two. I did not weigh myself or check body fat. I decided to do it every 2 weeks, however I did notice my rings came off my ring finger much easier last night before bed. So something is changing - and I have alot of energy and motivation to continue and NOT blow it with candy/sweets. YAY - on to week TWO!

  • Hello! I wasn't sure if I should join you all, because I technically started on Nov 27th but was completely off program for 13 straight days during the holidays. But Ive decided to just start over, because I want to complete this from start to finish. Anyway, I was on vacation last week and did all my work outs but my eating plan was not on point, because I was going to bed very late and getting up late, which meant that my workouts were in the middle of the day and my meals were clean, for the most part, but only had like 4-5...if that. But Im back to work in the morning, and back to my 4:30 am work outs. My free day was a little too free...I went to Ihop and had 3 pancakes with butter and syrup, eggs, 1/2 my hash browns and sausage! I also had- Starbucks -sugar free, soy vanilla latte (SO GOOD), 2 or 3 bowls of chips and 3 glasses of wine (my dinner)...and  one of the best parts was there was no SCHEDULE. I just ate when I wanted to.  It was all lovely. lol. I don't think I will even weigh myself in the morning. Because I think if I gained weight that I will be discouraged! But I look forward to working with all of you. ONWARD!

  • Feel free to join.  we check-in each day so you will see us on here a lot.  :)

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