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  • I've recently finished the BFL book and am a little confused on one point maybe someone could help me with.  I have a BMI of about 24.8, so just barely in the normal range with an average build at 5 ft 8 in and 163 lbs.  I'm primarily interested in building muscle and also improving overall endurance.   I understand Bill Phillips prefers morning workouts and i would like to try the same but says to do what you can stick to.  However many people have told me if I work out on an empty stomach my body will eat away muscle fiber not just fat.  Since you can't eat right before a workout when are you supposed to eat if you do a morning workout and have to be at work early?  Should I have a snack in the middle of the night?  I'm confused about when to eat to build muscle.  

  • Personally, I eat within 15 minutes to an hour after my morning workouts. It is best to eat within 30-45 minutes after a weightlifting workout to help your body build/repair muscle (you need to be sure to eat quality protein!).  I think that after a cardio workout, you can eat up to an hour later for proper recovery, but I usually eat within 30 minutes no matter what my workout was, just due to time constraints I have.

    I'm sure others will be along to give you more advice, but that is what I do and it has always worked for me. Good luck on your upcoming challenge! :)

  • I have found that if I eat before a workout I will have more energy and therefore push more in the workout and burn more calories overall. I would suggest eating, but it doesn't have to be much. Half a banana a little before or try drinking the EAS protein shakes! Find what works best for you! :)

  • I usually have an EAS shake 45 mins after workouts with weights. I wait a little over an hour on cardio days.

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  • Thanks everyone!