Friday Night BFL Style

  • Hey y'all, it's Friday night!  My free day is Sunday and my family and I are going out for dinner tonight.  I'm not nervous because I am learning how to make good decisions with my meals.  I found an easy dressing recipe from one of the success story participants.  She takes fat-free, unsweetened yogurt and mixes it with balsamic vinegarette.  It really is great!  I am going to make it and take it for my salad. 

    So, the point of this thread is (smile) - does anyone have any tips or tricks to eating in restaurants or with friends?  I know that ultimately it comes down to self-control, but would love to read more tips.   Thanks!  Have a great weekend!

    Go, Becca, Go!  Tri Tri Again!  

  • Drink lots of water, focus on the people you are with by asking them lots of questions and being engaged in conversation instead of thinking about the food, and if you know where you are going...look online at the menu so you can order healthy without taking a ton of time researching the menu once you are already there.  Most places will accomodate whatever you need or want.  Good luck!

  • There is almost nowhere that you can't order a steak, grilled fish, or grilled chicken with salad and potato... Eating out is surprisingly easy for me!  And I actually like potatoes without butter/cheese/sour cream, so that isn't really a challenge for me.  Getting whole-grain carbs other than potatoes can be tough.  And everywhere has a simple grilled chicken salad... just watch the cheese and dressing.  I usually stick with balsamic vinegarett or oil and vinegar to get a good source of fat.

  • Also, my daughter taught me to pour vinegar on my baked potato! It makes it light and fluffy, with lots of flavor, without tasting really vinegary! It's all I have on my potato anymore, even on my free day!