12/31 Group Check-in! FRIDAY Jan. 4th - dinner talk!

  • Hi everyone - happy Friday! :) Had a GREAT UBWO (upper body workout) - REALLY pushed it. My legs are still so sore...dreading the arm soreness that I think will start tomorrow - ouch. I can't believe it's almost been a week and I have stuck with it and have had NO candy - WOW. My daughter even offered me a Twix yesterday and I said "No - Mommy is trying to be healthy!"

    I thought today could be "dinner talk" - what are your favorites? Last night I made the Chicken Enchiladas from the BFL recipe book. Kids helped and everyone LOVED THEM. Kids said it was one of the best dinners they had, and this morning my 7 yr old asked me "Mom, do we have leftovers?" I also love the BFL turkey meatloaf. What are you having for dinner these days?

    I'll be out showing properties 11-3 today. Lunch will be a challenge on the road, but I am bringing it!! Most likely a healthy turkey sandwich I can eat in my car. Have a great BFL DAY everyone! I really want to hear everyone's fave dinners, so please post!

  • Well i just ate Bill's protein pancakes.  Not so much dinner, but so good!

    I want to tell everyone that I Bill wrote a new book called Transformation.  And it talks about doing workouts the 5-25 way.  I did a GREAT UBW today using that method instead of his "old" one in BFL.  You all should check it out!!

    It seems as though this is the preferred way by him now.  

    DAy 4 is good!  I am finding that I am hungry on my weight training days, anyone else?

    Hope everyone is having a good Day 4!

    One more thing, I am going to try Bill's Par Chicken next week~!

  • I am soooo sore today but it's a good sore. And I totally expected it. I completely fell off the workout wagon the last year. Dinners this week have included Steak Fajitas (I did miss the quac and soar cream but they were good) Asian stir fry I use the Waldens Sauce as it has 0 calories and then brown rice. Last night I had tilapia and brown rice and salad.  Tonight I am going to do Chicken with Organic Marinara sauce and trying this pasta a friend recommended. Barilla Plus. It has multigrain and has protein in it. I'll let you know if it's any good. I also bought some wheat bread with double the fiber on a recommendation from a friend.

    When I am hungry I try to eat veggies if it's not time for my next meal and I don't even worry about how much of them I eat because I am walking my dogs at least 3 x a week for 30 min on top of the work outs so I figure it should be a wash. Plus I tend to get really crabby when I am hungry.

    Anyone have plans for the free day? We are having friends over for the Seahawks game so I ordered the Azteca Mexican platter. I 'll be eating the quac and soar cream then :)

    Have a great Friday-

  • I keep dinner simple - usually a serving of baked salmon or chicken with a healthy carb like wild rice or sweet potatoes (i weigh or measure my carbs so i don't go overboard) and then i pile on the veggies.  I typically eat frozen broccoli (steamed or microwaved) with some olive oil and a little salt.  Luckily, I am pretty happy eating almost the same things each day.  My snacks (a.k.a. meals 2, 4, sometimes 6) is when i like variety.  

    My free day is Sunday and I am thinking about doing a free meal instead - dinner with dessert.  We'll see how it goes since it will be my first free day.  I'm too scared to do a full free day.  Anyone else doing just a free meal?

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  • I'm thinking Mexican on my free day too. Shrimp fajita. With just a few chips and salsa/quac.

  • I am with you on just the free meal. My free day is in the morning and I still plan to do my normal thing for breakfast and lunch and then having a group meet for Mexican food for my husbands birthday and I will absolutely be having a margarita and guac with chips! I think to treat ourselves with one really nice meal is easy enough to not fall off track. If I had an all out terrible food day, not only would my body feel sluggish, I just know me and it would be hard to jump back on it the next morning. Good luck to all of you on your free day this week. Well deserved. Enjoy every once of your day! :)