12/31 Group Check-in - Thursday Jan. 3rd - who else is SORE?!

  • So sore today from LBWO yesterday. My legs are killing me. I dragged myself out of bed at 5:30 am to do my cardio - I haven't done "empty stomach" cardio in a LONG time. It was very hard - partly because I am so sore. Running on the treadmill wasn't fun today and I felt like I was tuckering out alot earlier. I may just have to have a small snack before cardio. Before weights, I do eat my BFL breakfast. Anyway, I know I worked legs HARD yesterday for me to be this sore today.

    Hope everyone has a great day!! Please check in to all 12/31 or 1/1 starters!! Or anyone who wants to say hi!

  • I'm pretty sore in upper body today after that very hard workout on Monday.  I'll be hitting lower body pretty hard today, so I doubt I'll be able to walk Saturday or Sunday.  It's been a long while since I lifted and I my body is letting me know as much.  Looking forward to getting back into great shape and feeling tons better, though!  

  • Me, me, me, me!  LOL   My arms are just feeling better from Monday and my legs are really sore from yesterday's workout.  I'm glad, too becuase I didn't think i worked them out hard enough.  I'm looking forward to being able to use heavier weights as the weeks progress.  

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  • don't forget to spend time stretching. Especially those big muscles in the legs.


  • Agreed, WTLF.  Also, consider getting one of those foam rollers that you roll your body on.  Those are GREAT for sore muscles just about anywhere.  I have one and use it after long runs and hard workouts.  sportsmedicine.about.com/.../FoamRoller.htm

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  • woo hoo...glad everyone had a productive day. LET DO THIS AGAIN TOMORROW. ((hugs and protein))

  • Ok, why is my body more sore the second day after the workout?  LOL   I did lower body on Wednesday.  Thurs was the normal "soreness" feeling.  Today is much worse!  LOL   Is it the BFL plan that does that?  Hopefully it is a good sign.  Anyone else getting that?

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  • I'm really sore a couple days after my lower body workout too.  This happens the first couple weeks of the program for me, but lessens as my body adapts.  For some reason, it's only the LBW that make me really sore.

  • Thanks SS.  Glad to hear that it happens to others, too.  It must be additional proof that the workouts really are good!  This is week one for me so I'll just keep this on my radar.  =)

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