Wedding in 1 year, want nothing more than BFL - PLEASE help!!!

  • Ok. So I guess it's time for me to be honest. I'm getting married in a year, and this weight loss will be the single toughest thing I've ever tackled in my life. I've done Body for Life before - but on about the 4th week, I had to stop because I was not eating enough and felt hungry & lightheaded throughout the day - and yes, I even went to the doctor to make sure that I wasn't diabetic or something else - all tests came back perfect, it was because the portion sizes I ate simple weren't filling, I was hungry!. I know Body for LIfe works, I saw the muscle results, but I can't seem to understand what the Body for Life book and Eating for Life book means when it asks me, "Am I eating the right amounts?" (pg. 67 - Eating for Life) I know I can eat right, I even weight out exactly 6 ounces of fish, etc. but what do I do to overcome the fact that I need portion sizes that won't make me so hungry all day long? I really want to do Body for life - and I'm getting married soon. I surely don't want to be the largest groom in the world, and I'm scared to death that's what's going to happen. Help! 

  • Greetings UAbody4life,   I can understand your dismay on not wanting to be the largest guy in the room weight wise.  I would say give the BFL program a try.  Be sure to read the book.  Plan, Plan , Plan your meals and workouts according to the advice given in the book and BFL SUccess Book (both available on esites or in bookstores). Drink lots of water before and after meals and inbetween to help fill you up and curb that appetite (be sure it's cold water if possible to help with the metabolic rate). And try to limit your cheat days to one or two wild meals a week while on the program. Congrats for making the first step and decision to Keep Moving Forward as Bill always put it in his book.  Ask the forum off and on for advice and support when you need it. we are all here for ya and have been up that road your traveling right now.