12/31 Group Daily Check-in! Tue Jan. 1st! What's in your BFL toolbag?

  • Here it is! Our daily check in. I thought I'd start our group's daily thread for today - anyone can start it each day!! Just make sure to note 12/31 Group Check In - and then the date. And Jan. 1st starters please join us. Some started Sun, Mon or today - the 1st. Maybe today we can share a bit about ourselves if you are comfortable doing that? And some days we can have little topics - like "Tactics to control cravings" or "workout tips" or snack ideas. I wanted to share a phrase from a personal trainer I worked with a few yrs. ago. She liked BFL and had a simple strategy that I think goes well with it. Her message was to "just get in and out of the gym - it's less than an hour - just DO IT and get it done in your day". Sounds simple in our busy lives, but in many ways, it IS that simple. Even today she is on my facebook and after YEARS of knowing her, she'll simply post "At the gym getting it done early"...or "late" or whatever, but it reminds me, even with BFL, we are talking 45 minutes for weights and only 20 mins. for cardio. Just get in and out of your gym and get it DONE. Then you are done with your workout for the day! A simple thought but I think it's so meaningful.

    I am a 44 yr old female, 2 kids ages 10 and 7, and we live in VA, not far from DC. I am a Realtor which brings about snack challenges as I am often on the road, showing homes and during the day, I am not sitting in an office. I did my first challenge in 2006 and had great success. My issue is body fat. My parents are not healthy at ALL. High BF%, never exercised, dessert/candy was a mainstay in my home growing up. I have a horrible sweet tooth and BFL worked for me due to free day. I didn't go crazy, but it allowed me to step back and feel some relief with a pack of Twizzlers or a dessert. I will say that after a few weeks on BFL, the dessert cravings subsided, and eating poorly made me feel awful. I tried Weight Watchers and would save my points for desserts and sweets almost daily - not good. BFL "trained" me to eat healthy and to feel the rewards of that 6 days in a row (eventually!). I am a pretty dedicated exerciser - I run, ride horses and I am very active. But my issue is the body fat and getting my muscle BACK. I am 5'3.5" and weigh close to 140 with a BF of 29-30%. Hoping to get to a BF in the low 20's with BFL.

    For today, would love to know what tools everyone is using? I have the BFL book and recipe book, and I have a home gym with elliptical, treadmill, bike and lots of weights. I also belong to a local gym but find it easier for now to work out at home. When I start lifting heavier, I will head to the gym to use machines like the Smith machine, more barbells, etc. I also set up a "coin jar" for drinking water (I often forget to drink enough). Every time I drink a HUGE full glass, I put a coin in the jar. When the jar is filled, I will buy myself a new piece of workout clothing :) And I mix up the coins - it's not all quarters, LOL!

    I look forward to 'meeting' everyone!! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE - have a HEALTHY DAY!!

  • I found it!!!  LOL!    Thanks again Linda.  I hope this turns into a wonderful and useful tool for all of us.  Anyone reading this can click my name to learn more about me on my profile.  I think I failed to add my age ... I'm 38.  =)       Today is day two and I am feeling great about the program.  The eating part will be fairly easy for me as this is how I have been eating for a better part of the year - the weights will be new to me, but I am not afraid.  I have been on a wicked plateau for a year.  I've worked with a nutritionist, trained for marathons and triathlons  (and completed them), but my body still won't budge!  I feel great about this program because it will be something very different for my body.   I am 5'6" and would love to lose 50 lb to reach my "medically deemed goal weight."  LOL   I don't expect to lose all of the weight / gain muscle in 12 weeks, but if I get half-way there, I will be so excited!  I've read that it takes some folks two or three "rounds" on the program to get where they want to be.  As long as my body responds, I'm good with that!  

    So my question for anyone reading this - have you been stuck on a plateau that won't break and did you find success wiht BFL (or are you starting to experience success)?  


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  • Thanks for starting the thread. I started yesterday as well. I have done BFL before but about 10 years ago. It worked well for me (I lost 30 lbs and was in the top 100 finishers) because I also have a sweet tooth and I love the free day. It's easier for me to stay on track if I know I have something to look forward to. I am 43 and have 2 kids. 13 and 9. I work full time and have let the family-career take over for the last 2 years so I really need to get back on track. I haven't been working out or eating well so the first few weeks will be tough. I also signed up for my first Mud Run-Dirty Girl so I figured this would be a great way to get in shape for it.  

  • Good morning all!  Team Member  "12/31" checking in for the day!  Yesterday was another great day.  I'm planning my meals and work out plan right now and I am ready to get the day started!  Also, getting back to work after being off on vacation.  It feels GOOD to get back into my routine.  

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  • I LOVE the idea of putting coins in a jar for every glass of water!  Great idea!  

    Go, Becca, Go!  Tri Tri Again!  www.tinyurl.com/rebecca2013  

  • Hi all, a newbee here.  I started today and I've never been on BFL before.  I've had my failures at dieting because I never changed by lifestyle, that's changing now.  At 53 I can tell I'm losing strength, agility, and gain weight easily.  My goal is to feel good, healthy and have more energy.  I'm looking forward to the discipline!  I'm starting off using the weekly meal plan on the website, this is so I can get a good introduction to the program without the hassle of figuring out what I should and should not eat.  I'm hesitant to eat the protein bars/shakes for snacks because they are 200 calories, which sounds a lot to me.  Your experiences with snacks?

  • Oooh thanks for starting this.

    Hi everyone. I'm a 48 year old female. (I like to think I look much younger due to my height..I'm only 5'2.5...lol).

    2 kids. 13 and 17. My issue is bodyfat too.  I have decent muscle tone but you can't see it under the coating.

    I have the BFL book and the journal (which I love). I have weights at home but no cardio. I'm at the gym ALL THE TIME. Working out is not my problem. My problem is eating too much and eating the wrong things.

    Love the coin idea.

    I started Monday...but today is really my first day. I did horrible the last 2 days. (ON THE FIRST TWO DAYS). Ugh. Instead of waiting a week...I consider this to be my REAL first day.

    Everyone was home...I was stressed over not having any journal time and gym was closed...everyone wanted to eat...yadda, yadda.

    I think I learned that I NEED TO HAVE TO DO LISTS. I feel so overwhelmed sometimes. Eating calms me.

    Going to journal now. Did terrific today.

    Did you all take before pictures. I did. It wasn't pretty. ;)

  • Hey Gang-

    Well back to school for the kids today and work for me and things are going well. I like to workout in the mornings but on Wed. my son has Sylvan from 4-6 so I am going to go to the gym and workout during that time.

    I saw the BFL app but it's only for Droid and I have a Windows phone or that would have been nice to have.  I do eat the protein bars and shakes as they are usually 220 or so but I don't necessarily eat the EAS ones.

    Have a great day-


  • Hi everyone - thanks for checking in on yesterday's thread! I didn't have time to start a new one today...but I am starting it now just to include snack ideas for Nancy :)