Day 1

  • The training was really good and I felt that my muscles had a lot of work. One thing, the one minute rest was not enought. There are time that you need to wait for your turn to do the exercise like when you are doing wide grip pull downs. Do you have any tip on that? How to win minutes? 

    The other thing was the intesity level, oh my! I was dead after the 4 set and to do in the 5th 12 times, I couldn't do the 12. I did 10 :( Do I have to feel bad?

    On the bench press:

    1. 50kg -12 times
    2. 60kg-10 
    3. 62,5kg-8
    4. 65kg-6
    5. 62,5kg 10

    15kg flyes barbell I did 12

    Now next time I do upperbody. Do I have to repet the same exercise or I have to change?


  • Just keep track of the weights and do a little less weight on your 5th set.  I might up your weights on your last set unless you really hit your 10 on the final rep.  You can do the same workout for a few weeks and than you need to do something different so your muscles don't get too used to the same workouts.  

    You should NEVER feel bad for getting your workout done and doing your best.  

    If you have to wait to use the machine between reps, use free weights instead.  You don't want to wait longer than a minute between sets because your muscles still need to be engaged.  Good luck!