Start day for me is 12/31....Tomorrow!!!!

  • Hello fellow Body For Lifers!!!


    My start day is tomorrow 12/31..first challene ever!  How can we quickly get a group of people together for support??  i am finding it a little hard to navigate the pages her on this web page.  Perhaps we should all "friend" eachother so we can find eachother easier on this page and hold eachother accountable and just to release our frustrations to eachother.  I know this is going to be HARD.  I think that support will be a good provider for one another.

    Is anyone on facebook here?  We could all friend eachother there as well.  Just a thought. 

    Excited to start!!!


  • Hi SicuSarah.  I'm starting tomorrow as well.  Let's stay connected!  

    Go, Becca, Go!  Tri Tri Again!  

  • I'm in. Hi Sarah. Hi Tri Tri.

  • Hey Sarah & WTLF, i'm sitting here eating my very yummy egg white & whole wheat tortilla breakfast planning my day.  I love the excel spreadsheets they offer, but since i am a pen/paper gal, i am going to start tracking my progress/acitivities on paper.  How about y'all?  How are you going to track what you do?  Any tips or advice to share?  

    Go, Becca, Go!  Tri Tri Again!  

  • I've got my workout done. Feels great! I had breakfast, shake and lunch. About to drink more water and journal.

    Tri Tri, I got the BFL journal. It's awesome.

    If you want to pay 18 bucks. But it's ALL THERE. A PAGE FOR EVERYDAY.

    or you can photocopy pages from the book, or just buy a pretty notebook.

    I like the journal...because everyday there's stories and tips to share. It's like Mr. Phillips is right there daily as I do this. :)

    I'm glad we can share. Let's do this!

  • Great tip!  I did get me a little journal yesterday that will fill the bill.  I also just completed my first workout ... my arms are still like jello!  It took me a while to get through all sets as I kept getting the case of the "I think I am going to puke" feeling.  LOL  But, I stuck with it!  I worked out at home today, but I plan on doing all of my upper body workouts at the gym.  I think I can do the leg stuff at home.  I am SO proud of myself today!   =)

    Go, Becca, Go!  Tri Tri Again!  

  • Hi! I started today too! I did challenges in 2006-2007 and they WORK! I did upperbody this morning and forgot how much I do enjoy lifting weights. Felt great afterwards. Ate healthy all day, set up a water challenge for myself (for every glass I drink, I put a coin in a cup. When the cup is full, I take the money and buy myself a new workout piece of clothing!) I used to pile 8 pennies on my windowsill and flip them over with each glass I drink, but thought this would be more fun! I'd love to join the group but prefer not to do it on FB. Maybe we come up with a team name and someone starts the post each day with the team name as the title...maybe Dec. 31 challenge group? And we each post daily? Look forward to "meeting you all" and journeying together! Heading to a NY Eve party tonight with a healthy greek salad.

  • Today went well for me!  I did Cardio this morning, ate healthy all day.  Drank a lot of water!  That will be the key for me to not overeat, is all this water.  Does anyone want to share the kinds of foods they are eating?  I want a variey so I dont get bored with what I am eating.

    The excel spreadsheets work best for me.  i printed a bunch off and wrote down on them today.  I think that will be sooo important in this journey, to journal.  

    Whatever way we can easily stay connected works for me!  Nice to meet you tpup, Tri Tri and wantolookfitter.  Glad to be doing this with determined women!  :Lets stay connected through this!!!

  • Hi everyone - Happy New Year! Okay!! Here we go...I am going to take the lead if that's okay, and start the group's daily thread. It will be titled 12/31 Group Check In - and each day, I'll put the date - and ANYONE can start it in the morning!! Not just me, so if you don't see the day's thread started yet, just start it. Also, the Jan. 1 starters please join too. So it will be as an example (for today which I am about to start...) 12/31 Group Check In - Tue. Jan. 1. Let's rock and roll!! It is helpful to have support, so let's do it! Tpup aka Linda

  • Thanks Linda, but I will admit ... I'm not sure where the thread will be.  Will it be in this forum (Getting Started)?  Sorry to be a bone-head.  I rarely use forums and am not familiar with the nuances of group chat.   =)

    Go, Becca, Go!  Tri Tri Again!  

  • Disregard my last message - i found it.  =)

    Go, Becca, Go!  Tri Tri Again!  

  • awesome!