Oldie from BFL few yrs ago - is book, etc the same & what about running?

  • Hi Everyone! I was a member in 2006-7 timeframe and had great success with BFL. I'm back as a 44 yr old female still in decent shape from running, but have lost LOTS of muscle. BF% is 29% :( Cardiovascularly, I am in excellent shape but I miss my muscle. I have the original BFL book, cookbook. Is the program the same? And I run 5k's so should I just replace a cardio day with a longer run? Any runners on this board and if so, how can I incorporate my running into the workouts? My fave meals are the turkey meatloaf, cottage chz pancakes (I had gotten the recipe on this board yrs ago!) I have a major candy/sweets problem, hence the 29% body fat. Cheat day was good for me on BFL because when I did eat the bad stuff, I felt awful after a week of healthy eating.

    I will probably join the 12/31 start group. Thanks!

  • hey Tpup,

    I have the "old" cook book, as well as what appears to be a first or second edition of BfL.  I can't imagine the content has changed much.  Possibly.

    Good luck with your strength/muscle workouts. I run on the cardio days.  Right now I am keeping my sessions within the 20 minute time frame, however, I can see as I get more physically fit extending that.  My daughter asked me to run 5k's with her next year so I am committed to starting that with her in May.  (Long winters here.)  I would like to do the running 3 days a week, but continue the strength workouts 3 days a week as well.

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  • I think the book is the same. I'm using the first edition book, and it has worked for me. :)

    I'm a runner and I do the 20 minute HIIT cardio sessions on the treadmill on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and then do a longer "regular" run on Saturdays. I might have to change it up a bit more in the spring as I train for a marathon, but we'll see. I think the short HIIT sessions have majorly improved my speed which I'm happy about.

    Good luck on starting your challenge! I'm starting my second challenge on January 7th, because I wanted to spend the holidays in "cheat" mode lol. I just finished my first official challenge yesterday!

  • I am a runner and trained for half-marathons while completing the BFL program several times using the original Bill Phillips book. I found that the strength training portion of this program was excellent for my body and improved my running as well. For my first challenge, I used running for my cardio HIIT workouts 2x per week, ranging from 20-30 minutes in duration, but always using the HIIT method (using either hills or speed to work up to my 9s and 10s). For my 3rd cardio weekly workout (typically on Saturday mornings), I used my long run as my cardio. This would change weekly, since it would depend on where I was in my half-marathon training. At the beginning of my challenge, my long runs might be only 6 miles, but they would build up to 13+ miles as I got closer to race day.

    I know a lot of people on this board frown on distance running as well as straying from the BFL program. However, I am a runner at heart and am a firm believer that in order to stick with a program, you must enjoy it. I love strength training as well, and I always get in 3-4 strength training workouts in addition to my running. I know that strength training and cardio go hand in hand for optimal health. I also think that as a female, strength training is especially important to maintain healthy bones. I have not found that my increased cardio has decreased my muscle mass as some might speculate. In fact, it is just the opposite. I have more lean muscle mass now that I have ever had in my life.

    Oh, and please don't forget, a clean nutrition plan is definitely key to success in this program. Clean eating plus strength training plus cardio equals success! Good luck!

  • Please remember that you cannot do BFL and train for a race, especially a long distance one.  There is NOTHING wrong with distance running, so please don't mis-read that as being a judgement.  It's just that the BFL program is a prescribed eating and workout plan.  If you're not following one then you're not following BFL.  Also, a distance runner has some different nutritional needs and actually shouldn't do book BFL eating as written.  You can do BFL style or like, but not actually BFL, if also distance running. 

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