Rotating Shift Workers

  • Just curious if any one out there starting the BFL challenge within the next couple of weeks is a shift worker?   I work weekly rotating shifts, including holidays and weekends, so my off days will greatly vary.  If anyone is a shift worker please let me know so maybe we can team up and help to motivate on another.

    Thank you and Merry Christmas.

  • i work 8 nights on and 6 off plus 2 small children, i started dec. 24.  when do you plan on starting?

  • I work a 12 hour rotating (weekly) swing shift. I plan to start after New Years!

  • I am starting tomorrow right before the new year.

  • Hey guys. I am with you as a shift worker. I started my BFL challenge today (on a day off) and feel great. However I work the next 2 days so I am starting the process of planning my workouts and food around work. For me, I will workout before work because after 12 hours of non-stop on my feet, the last thing I want to do is go workout. We can all do this, its just a matter of planning! Good luck on Day 1! I'm looking forward to our community! :)

  • I started this evening after getting off work 7PM. (7AM-7PM this week).  Worked upper body. Forgot to log my start time, but made a note to next time.

  • Check out it lets you monitor your progress.

  • Thanks for the website Binnacle.  How is everyone else doing?  Its been tough this week with my 330AM wake up and workout by 5, then actual work.  Next week for me is midnights so the eating is the most difficult I feel.  After the past week or two I have been starting to notice a difference and my wife has noticed a change....all the more reason to keep going!

    Good luck next week all!

  • I'm going on days shift tomorrow. I usually work out at night which is a negative for me. When I'm on nights, workout aren't a problem for me but meals are. We have to be real flexible due to scheduling.  I had to do back to back upper and lower workouts. I can already feel the change as far as energy levels so its been well worth it. Need work on my meals but been getting all the exercises in.

    How about you other guy are Heav and me the only ones?

  • What a tough week last week was.   Working those mids really got to my energy levels.  I slept like complete crap the entire week so I was happy when Friday came around and I could do my last workout and then just pass out.  I took the entire weekend off as my body was completely wiped out!  At least I got to see my Ravens win a HUGE game.

    So far, I have been able to lose about 7 lbs and nearly 4% body fat.  To be fair I started my new nutrition plan before I joined this transformation group.  Since early December I am down nearly 12 lbs and 6% bf.  Six pac abs here I come!


  • Way to go Greg....

    How are you other guys doing.  

    I'm hitting my workout fine and diet is mostly clean now too.

  • 8 Week point now... hope all is well with you guys....

  • You guys keeping up?