Starting On Monday December 31st 2012...who wants to join me?

  • Gaaahhh!!! I have been trying to figure out for over an hour why my anxiety is THROUGH THE ROOF today. I finally realized that as our start date approaches (December 31st),  I am realizing that there is no looking back from where I am now. Body for Life is the only option to help me live the lifestyle I desire and to reach my physical and mental goals.

    I have started and stopped about a million challenges in the past but this time is different. I feel it, it's just below the surface. Big changes are coming down and I have to wrap my mind around letting go of the old habits and behaviors that I used to protect my feelings and emotions.

    We are stocked and ready to roll now, just need to take photos and measurements. I have never felt so determined to complete a challenge in my life as I am at this time. Why do we humans tend to hang on to what we find familiar and safe when we know in our hearts that what is coming up will be so much better?

    I sort of think of it like this....I know that when I pass from this world that I want to go to Heaven with all of my heart. However, the dying process is terrifying. As scary as it seems...the old me has to pass away before the new me can emerge and flourish. Ahhhh, I feel better now.

    Listen up, Old Me....there's a NEW sheriff in town, Baby! Packs your bags and don't forget won't be coming back.

    In Light and Love,


  • good luck!  

  • Hi!

    I am reading the book and next week om monday the 31 of december I start my program. I wondering one thing I was reading on page 65. "on this program, the majority of calories will be used up the hour after our workouts, provided we don't eat for one hour after our exercise session"

    Does it means that we have to wait one hour to eat after exercise?

  • I am starting on 12/31/12 too.

  • If I remember correctly, yes you do.  So by the time you finish and drink a bottle of water and shower you should be good to eat.

  • Me too to both!! Big trip coming up along with my 40th birthday!! Also graduating school to be a health and wellness councilor. I had surgery in August and have gained over 30 lbs! Hate it!  I'm hopping to be successful but I know I need support!!!!

  • I would like to join this group as well.  I've never completed the full three months and think the motivation of the group will help.  

  • I have signed up for this challenge so many times and have never made it past the first 3 weeks! I'm doing it this time! Our baby number 5 is almost 3 and we have decided that we are done! No more babies! SO now its time to work on me:-) Good luck to all of you and I am looking forward to the support!

  • I'm planning in starting the 31st. But if any issues come up, then Jan 7 is ok by me.

  • Tomorrow my first workout! I am looking forward!

  • I' am starting the official challenge for the first time.i have worked this program before but I have committed to the competition for the first time.

  • I'm in.  Hi everyone! :)

  • Hi everyone! Let's do this. Plan your day tomorrow. Get your meals ready. Upper body.

    Get up and drink that water! :)

  • I'm starting on the 31st as well. Went and checked out the gym tonight to familiarize myself with the upper body exercises. This is going to be hard but worth it!!

  • Count me in as well!  I did the program 2 years ago today, got great results, but have backslid a bit.  Need to get back in fighting form before taking the kids on spring break!