Starting On Monday December 31st 2012...who wants to join me?

  • Hi everyone. Jan. 1st is a I backing it up a day to start on Monday the 31st. Making Sunday the cheat day.

    Anyone want to join with me?


  • I'm in! Hubby and I are already making preparations. :D

  • hey it's jiimieb from the old days with Leggs, Aussie deb etc


  • just joined this site and i am starting on 31st dec too.

  • I'm starting on the 29th. I'm getting everything organized and ready to go!

  • Count me in!!!  Gettin ready to go!

  • So it looks like some people are starting the 31st, some are starting on the 1st (Tuesday), and some are just waiting until the next Monday, the 7th.  I'd like to join the biggest group of starters, whichever one that may be.  

  • JIMMIEB!! Hey, you! How the heck are ya? :D

  • When is everyone taking their before pics? I will just be thankful to have them over and done with. lol

  • hey, been a while since i have done this, but i am taking the plunge and starting Dec. 24.  I am off the whole week so i figured that would be the best.  i called to make sure i could and still be eligible for 2013.  got the ok, so all prepared and excited!

  • I would love to start on monday the 31st, I did this challenge probably 8 years ago.  I did very good on it and then blew it.  Gained all my weight back plus 30 lbs.  I need to stay motivated through and beyond the challenge.  I will be 50 in January and this girl is so ready for a change

  • I am re-startng on the 31st as well. I was doing so good, and then i went on vacation for Thanksgiving and i fell off the wagon. But here we go again. New year, new me!!!

  • Welcome, Nani and penchu! I am so excited to see our little group of New Year's Eve starters growing! :D:D

  • Hi all! I'm so in. I did the challenge a little less than 5 years ago and got amazing results. I really changed my body and looked so good. Two babies later...well enough said. I'm ready to regain my body plus I am going on a big summer trip and want to look great! -Lauren

  • I too want to give this a try, but I will be much slower thank everyone else I know, but will still try it.