January 7, 2013 Start Date

  • LBWO done, with that being said, see ya tomorrow

  • Hi everyone! I haven't been on this forum in awhile. Since January 7th, I've been going to the gym religiously. Monday, I changed my LBWO routine and my legs are very sore. I missed yesterday and today at the gym, due to the soreness. I'm used to being sore and actually like to feel some soreness, but this is really bad. I have a hard time getting up and sitting down. Hopefully, tomorrow I'll be okay and will do my UPWO and cardio.

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    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you'll be right!

  • Lee Marie,

    Try doing one leg at a time with leg extensions. You can cradle the foot you're not using under the padded bar. Just don't use it. If you're used to lifting 40lbs with both legs, cut the weight in half and do one leg at a time. I have the same problem with my left shoulder, so I usually do dumbbells or a machine and use one shoulder at a time.

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    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you'll be right!

  • Had my best UBWO to date - overall 8.5 - 9. One final LBWO on Friday and then time to change exercises for the next 4 weeks. Tomorrow is cardio - looking to hit that elusive 10. Thursday already - hard to believe.

  • The treadmill ramping discussion in here has been helpful and motivational.  As soon as I can run without bruising my chin, I'll give your suggestions a try.  Thanks, guys.

  • Hi Everyone, I'm just checking in - well - between work trips, and birthday dinners out - I've slipped a bunch of times, but I try to get right back to the routine when I can - this is another day, another week, and I'm back on course!

    Thanks for the feedback you provided on preparing food and ab workouts. Another one I sometimes get stuck on is hamstring workouts when I'm at the gym, since the 24hr fitness in my area has a limited amount of machines, and I'm not very good at other exercises around hamstrings - I'll just have to find more exercises!

    Cardio-wise - what I end up using is the stair-master, starting at level 7 then going 8, 9, 10 changing every 2mins, then back to 7, kicks my butt by the end of the 20mins!

    When I am in the routine I'm doing well - I've been preparing my meals and putting them in containers, I hate frozen vegetables, so I've been cutting up carrots, mushrooms, asparagus, squash and zucchini, dowsing it with olive oil, salt and pepper and roasted it for about an hr, and then using those vegetables through out the week in my meals. i also roasted some corn on the cob. Protein wise I love those Turkey muffins you guys suggested, and I'll store some chicken stir fry that has bell-peppers and onions in a container to change it up.

    Carbs - well I love sweet potatoes - cube em' up, roast them in the oven with olive oil, salt and pepper and I'm good to go. I've prepared brown rice, but so far it's so bland, I heard steaming brown rice with vegetable broth helps.

    Snack wise - EAS Shakes and bars are really tasty - at first I thought I might be allergic to the shakes, but maybe that was just me feeling funky with the weather. They're a great and easy snack to have around.

    I conducted another stat count if anyone wants to see who is still aboard!!


    Progress for me -

    I haven't dropped much weight - maybe 2pounds, but everyone has been commenting that I look better...so that has to count for a lot! I def. feel better...I just have to get that metabolism cracking!

  • OH another thing I want to mention. Two things I sometimes realize I'm not doing - drinking enough water (still working on that) and getting those vegetables into my meals...roasted the veggies and having them on hand has helped a lot, but one thing I love doing that I was surprised at is sauteing Spinach and other leafy vegetables and mixing it in with my omelet or protein, it really does a lot for the taste and it's so easy to cook!

  • Took yesterday off , had a great UBW today.

  • Hi Everyone, Still on course and really enjoying doing this challenge. _stephan_ Its nice to look at the stats and see how people are doing? I have found the body for life success journal really inspiring and it has helped me keep on track. One of the things I Iike about it, is the success stories. Mind you sometimes it can be really hard to write something new on the power Mindset and the universal law of reciprocation pages. Remember everyone  as Bill says - Focus on Progress, Not Perfection.Mike from the UK..

  • Very good LBWO today. Strength is coming back and the knee is holding up, for the most part. Starting new exercises next week for UBWO (and LBWO) so maybe the upper body will start performing. Very disappointing weigh-in/body fat numbers for the week. Almost exactly the same as last week. Seems like I can't get my metabolism kick-started. Eating healthy and, for the most part, 6X daily. Let's see what next week brings.

  • Glad to see everyone's doing well.  Took my diet free day on Thursday so I could go out with friends, and had a great time.  It was an early freeday, but well earned.  Wish you guys well on your freedays this weekend.  You can celebrate one month down.  It's the mark where you start to feel results.  Congrats.  Keep up the good work.  

  • Week 4 weigh-in and measurement loss

    8 lb and 6 inches lost! I don't expect to have numbers this high over the next 4 weeks but this is great! My clothes definitely fit better, mostly want inches to go than scale weight.

    On to week 5! Good luck everyone!

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm still going strong and haven't missed a workout or cheated on my diet, sorry for not being in touch my schedule has been hectic.

    I'll be posting this weeks progress tomorrow with my weigh in and measurements.

    I currently at day 27 week 4

    I'm seeing major changes


  • Nice intense run today

  • Four Weeks Finished, as of today! I am so proud of my husband and I for persevering this far. Definitely feel like this is a lifestyle I could live and flourish in for a long time. Results had been a little slow coming at the beginning.  I experienced a 3.4 lb. weight loss within the first couple of weeks, but since then its been maintaining. What I have noticed in the last couple of weeks is how much better my clothes are feeling and how much better I feel! Taking some pictures and measurements today as it is end of week 4. Maybe a weigh in, too.

    Hope everything one is feeling great so far, too!