January 7, 2013 Start Date

  • Leg day!!

    My left thigh loves to stay a half inch bigger than my right. When doing leg extensions I noticed my right leg is doing more work than my left, so, I made the effort to use my left leg more, boy was that an awakening! Maybe I can finally even them out lol

    Happy Monday everyone : )

  • Hi everyone, I hope you are still on track and enjoying the challenge. On my rest day yesterday I decided to weigh myself and was pleasantly surprised to see that I have lost 15 lbs already. Just finished my lower body and abs workout and I am really enjoying it.

  • I have been to your blog Rick but cannot leave a comment ??? something about a profile????

  • Had a great upper body workout

    Db 65x12





    Db fly 35x12

    And I wasn't hitting my 10's

  • Really pushed hard on the run today, my goal is for or around week 7 my start out time be around 6.8-7.0 on the treadmill.

  • Cleat68,  what are your current levels on the treadmill?  You seem to be a pretty serious runner.  I've actually on another thread that started a week later, but pretty dead over there for the moment.  I like to run. Nothing chews up calories better. I've been starting around 6mph and finishing at 10mph on the very last round.  Problem I'm having is trying to get the steps right.  Seems right now that 1mph may be too much.  Looks like we're similar in the weights as well. Any advice you have is welcome.


  • Great cardio workout tonight! Almost talked myself out of it but put myself on auto pilot, which just means I don't allow myself to think about what I'm going to do lol it works every time!

    My legs are sore from yesterday! It was a welcomed pain. Lets me know I'm working out the way I should be : )

  • I haven't posted for a few days. Had a great LBWO on Monday night. First time I really felt like I was pushing it hard. Hit close to a 10 on my high point for hamstrings (lunges) and boy could i feel it today in cardio. Next month mainly lunges for hamstrings (that will be a killer but those babies are the best for leg development). Cardio still needs some improving. Just can't seem to push past that 8 or 9 on the last round. Congrats to @DavidF41 and @cleet68 on their treadmill work. I'm sticking to the elliptical machine for awhile until my knee fully recovers. I do look forward to running again on the treadmill. Getting back up to 6, 7, 8, 9 and eventually 10mph. I miss those days.

  • Another awesome idea in here is the blogging.  I opted to track my menus, mood, and fitness in a wiki (link to it in my signature).  After seeing some of your excellent looking blogs, I may transfer my info to a blog.  The only thing I am not tracking online is my lifting.  I'm keeping that in a paper journal instead.  Here are some of my exciting growths.

    chest - bench 30 - 50 lb dumbbells / fly 25 lb dumbbells

    triceps - seated 7.5 - 15 lb dumbbells / lying 10 lb dumbbells

    biceps - seated 10 - 17.5 lb dumbbells / concentration 10 lb dumbbells

    lats - pull down 30 - 50 lb bowflex / one-arm row 20 lb dumbbell

    shoulders - front 7.5 - 15 lb dumbbells / side 7.5 lb dumbbell

    squat - 80 - 110 lb bowflex

    calf - 60 - 100 lb bowflex

    hams - 27.5 - 45 lb dumbbells

    abs - various exercises

    bike trainer - 2 hours of suggested 20-minute ramping plan

       Now I will just add my own personal seat time after the workout.

       I will be able ride outside by April and plan to reach 1000 miles on the trainer before that first outdoor ride.  I am truly excited for spring.

  • LeeMarie,  I have the same leg problem as you, except it's my right leg that is bigger (and weaker lol)!  

    I haven't made it to the gym yet this week. :(  The weather here has been terrible so I've had to wake up early just to make sure I get to work on time (it's taken, on average, double my normal commute time - and some people haven't even been able to make it in at all the last two days due to the snow/road conditions near their homes). So basically, I'm not driving anywhere but work unless I have to right now.

    I am still keeping up with cardio, although I did miss today.  I'll be running a half marathon this Sunday though, which I'm really looking forward to!

    Glad to see the rest of you are doing so well! :)

  • DavidF41 I start out at 6.0 then after a minute go to 6.2,6.4,6.6 and so on for the next 11 minutes  then bring it back down to 6.0 for a minute. That is the key because how quick I recover indicates how well my conditioning is. Then after that I go up to 7.2 and keep going up. Each week I raise the start number so next week I will start at 6.2

  • Seems like we all have come across our obstacles in the first 3.5 weeks of the program.  The important thing is to keep trudging forward.  Despite the flu, which continues to linger, I have not missed a workout (although I've had to modify them).  So far I'm down 11 pounds.  Wow, it feels good to say that.  

    For those interested, I fixed my blog so anyone can comment.  rickforlife.blogspot.com

  • Does anyone know why the champions from 2012 is not on the BFL homepage. Seems like it has not been updated in a while, or am I looking in wrong places?

  • Cleet68, I think I understand.  So you reach 8.0 mph at 11 minutes and then back to 6.0 mph and then repeat cycle?

    I may have too much variance in steps.... start at 6.0 for minute then 6.7, 7.5, 8.0, then back to 6.0 and repeat cycle 3 more times like the plan in the book. Don't feel like I'm fully recovering.  After 20 minutes, I've kept going b/w 6-7mph for next 15 - 20 minutes just to get a littel extra cardio in.  Need to burn that extra fat!

  • Good LBWO this morning.  In week 3 (one behind you guys)  Didn't feel great starting at 4:30am (had to travel 2 hrs for meeting afterwards)  but had really good workout.  Increasing on the squats - up to 245lbs for 6 rep.  Really focusing on making each workout count!   Need to get more Z's!!