January 7, 2013 Start Date

  • @stephan I just do crunches for ab work, nothing special. My ab fat likes to hang on tight, without doing a major crash diet and mass cardio, I'll probably never see all of them. Quite frankly I'm ok if I don't see them all. So in turn, a ton of ab work won't do me much good.

    The two things I cook in bulk are chicken and brown rice, Im cookong up a batch of chicken as I type before I head off to work. I keep a bag of frozen stir-fry veggies in the freezer. I buy enough fresh veggies and fruit to last about a week, depending on how much my girls eat it. I can pretty much make anything out of plain chicken breast by adding whatever I want to it. Oh I also buy eggs in bulk, 2 to 3 18 cout cartons at a time. Eggs are.another thing you can add tons of different veggies to. I prefer mushrooms and salsa.

  • Had a descent run, could have been better but I was just out of it!

  • I haven't been on here for almost a week, yikes!  I've not done so well this week either, unfortunately.

    I got some great news this week though - I have a new job!  I start on Monday and I think this will help tremendously with getting me back on track.  I find that I can follow BFL much easier when I have a regular routine that includes working.  You'd think it would've been easier while I was out of work the past few weeks, but surprisingly it was quite a bit harder.  Of course, I was very busy job hunting and completing other random tasks, and my mind was so focused on getting another job that it made it difficult to think of anything else.  The weather here hasn't helped much either - not fun to drive anywhere during a freezing rain storm (very unusual for Utah) and the air quality in the Salt Lake valley has been terrible so I've cut back a little on cardio. Let's hope this all clears up soon!  

    Anyway, the only issue I may have from now on will be breakfast and lunch.  My new job has a chef that prepares (free!) meals for us every day and I don't think they're exactly BFL friendly... but I will soon find out how it all works. :)  I did happen to see the chef chopping some delicious looking vegetables when I was at the office during my last interviews - so I think the meals will be at least somewhat healthy.

    I'm excited to get back into the gym routine!  I have a lot of catching up to do!

    I'm so happy to see most of the rest of you are doing so well.  Glad you're all keeping it up!  This thread has almost quadrupled the number of posts on the last thread I was on (back when I started my first challenge on Oct 1, 2012) - that is awesome! And we're only on week 3! :)

  • It's week 3 so I thought it was time for an update.  My wife and I have been dealing with the possibility of separation.  So as you can imagine I've been extremely stressed.  But to my surprise I've been able to dig deep and continue my challenge.  I have not missed a workout.  I did have a day when I missed a meal but I made up for with a late night protein shake.  I'm pushing forward and am still extremely motivated.  I've started to notice changes in the mirror so that is helping me stay on track.  

    I hope that I can continue to stay motivated even with this life change I may have to deal with.  I read these forum post daily and that helps to keep me going.  Thanks guys and I hope we can all stay on track.  The half way mark is right around the corner.

  • Bdw357 well I'm very sorry to hear about your possibly seperation, been there and done that, it's not easy! That is what set me back for 4 yrs, I'm glad to hear you are still sticking to it under the circumstances! Good for you : )

  • Bdw357 hang in there!

    I did have a great LBW today, and people are commenting that I am getting really lean

  • I haven't posted in a while but here we go.

    Week 2 was rough for some reason. Not much weight loss and I struggled with my eating for a day or so...but....

    So far so good!

    Being a vegetarian..almost vegan, has proven a bit of a challenge when it comes to the BFL menu for obvious reasons.

    My main supplement has been the EAS Soy Protein shake. I'll add Wheat grass to that every now and again.

    My workouts...have been SPOT ON though. Religiously lifting upper and lower body a few times a week with my friend.

    He helps to keep my honest and to push me.

    Day one of upper body I benched 90 lbs. On Day 17....I benched 145 lbs.

    Body mass is down 1.2%.

    Scale has moved down 16 lbs.

    Energy levels are steady and good.

    I set high goals for myself and so far...I'm on track.

  • Been a rough week for me.... The X is back in town from Afghanistan and when she arrives my kids go off the deep end getting in trouble.  We have been divorced for over 10 years.  She instills no rules for the kids, buys them whatever they want,  nearly a year of working with them to get them on track down the drain....  I once again let it throw me off track.  I will not let it derail me any longer.   I missed 3 workouts this week but ate well.  The temptation to stop going to the gym is great at this point.... so, I decided to get back on the forum and post.  I will be heading to the gym this afternoon and be back on track Monday.  I was feeling so good about myself,  I want that feeling back and need to complete this program!!!

  • Did both cardio and UPWO today, and feel good. This week has been pretty good, but had to join some parties, and I ate what was served, and decided to make my free day a bit less free:-)) The most important thing is to get back on track - and not punish myself because I ate something that i s not allowed. Not lost much weight, and not noticing much on my clothes, but it is only week 3 - and I feel good, that is what is my main focus now. I am NOT giving up. Found out that loud  music with lots of energy (especially E-Type) is important when I do my cardio- LOVE IT!

    Rock On everyone!

  • It was a great third week of BFL  So far I've lost 7 pounds, which is one pound ahead of schedule.  I have the flu (not the stomach flu, the real chest flu), so I will have to take off until Wednesday from interval training until I get over this crud.  I have hardluck asthma, so I don't want to push myself on this issue.  The good news is I've been expecting this considering about half of my home town has the flu, plus my kids, so I've been doubling down on the inhaled steroids.  Thank goodness for modern meds.  Tomorrow I will do a lower body workout, and Monday and Tuesday I will be taking off because I work (although i do a lot of walking).  Hopefully by Wednesday I'll be back at it.  I will just have to continue the diet without working out.  Well, hope everyone else is having a blast at this.  I hope you all truly enjoy your free day.  

  • Did my run today and really pushed hard, feeling great

  • JdizzleD exes can definitely drive you crazy! Hang in there and keep at it : )

    John so sorry to hear you caught the nasty flu bug! I hope it passes with no complications! Rest up and feel better soon!

    Gitte68 we will always run unto those eating moments, jumping back in right away is the way to go! Life happens but not letting small moments throw us off our game is what it's all about. I love loud music to : )

    Got my cardio in today, it felt great! Sounds like everyone is doing great, we all should be proud of ourselves! On to week 4!!

  • Morning all

    Summary of week 3

    I'm still hard on track. Did not miss a single workout or cheated on my diet. I did not lose a lot of weight but lost about 10cm around the waist.

    I started to workout twice a day mornings I keep to my BFL workout program and the afternoons I ride my mountain bike. Really enjoy it

    Current status

    Week 4 day 22

    Did my LBWO this morning @ 4:00am

    Workout was great felt the burn

    Well done to all that is currently in week 4.

  • Hi all

    I'm still here!  

    I haven't weighed or measured ,but cloths are looser and my arms & shoulders have never looked so good -which is motivation enough...woohoo!

    Laura congrats on you new job!

    Stick with it guys for inner and outter transformation :)

    Week four here we come ...!!

  • Even with the flu I managed to do upper body and a reformed 20 minutes on the treadmill.  Was a great workout, although sans the 9s and 10s.  I just felt it was important to at least do something.  Today I work and will do no physical activity (other than walking, going up and down steps, etc.).  

    I have found the following website very useful in the past.  You should check it out.  It has far more information about the BFL diet than you'll get on the BFL site and the BFL book.