January 7, 2013 Start Date

  • Hey, thanks LeeMarie.  That's one thing BFLers have to remember is not to let minor set backs become excuses to quit.  You are going to have bad days, even bad weeks (Lord knows my week #1 was not so great).  Keep trudgeing forward and good results will come.  Consider the following: 1 month and you notice, 2 months and your family will notice, 3 months and other people will notice.  

  • I hit my 10's on my run, my conditioning is improving considerably. My advice to everyone getting frustrated with the number on the scale. Stop! Forget the weigh in. If you stick to the diet 90% of he battle is there alone and you put in a solid hard effort in the gym you will achieve your goals. It's either 40-45 min lifting or the brutal 20 min HIIt run. That's it! then its gravy for the rest of he day.  Summer is coming we want to look and feel healthy! Excuses won't take the weight off, dedication and hard work will! "Fail to plan,plan to fail"

  • Hi LeeMarie,

    Thanks for the motivation. To answer you question. I really over did my free day on Sunday which was a mistake. I did not drink enough water and ate all the crap I was craving. The net morning first thing  I hit he gym.  I did not had enough energy as normal.

    My body just reminded me that it can not run without fuel.

    I really did my research on nutrition and plan my meals and workout strictly.

    I really started to enjoy the cycling and was wondering if I should start working out twice a day from week 4


  • Rufus27,

    I feel your pain. While I didn't over do free day, I did do more than usual and as a result it affected me in a negative way also. I'll not make the same mistake twice! It's just not worth it in the long run.

    As for extra cycling, as long as you feel ok with it and it's something you enjoy, then why not? If you start to feel burn out you can always cut back. Just listen to your body and do make sure to fuel it accordingly.

  • Just got out of work and sooooooo tempting to have the glass of wine I've poured.  After a long 15 hour day that wine sounds so good.  But.... the plan.... the plan....

  • So day 17. Feeling pretty good. Work very busy this week so has tested me a bit but i have stuck to meal plan, except for 1 choc biscuit yest - oh well. Weights good, cardio good. I have found that it taken a bit more focus this week. This is the time that i usually start to get complacent, i feel good and think "this 1 little treat wont hurt me", and before i know it im back to where i started - well not this time!!!!

    I have some tough days coming up. Sat i have a family birthday get together, this falls on my "cheat day" so works out well. But then on Monday (a public holiday), i have a BBQ at a friends house, its not food that is the problem, its alcohol. When we get together we knock off quite a few drinks. Mmmm need to work out a plan. Its unrealistic to say i wont have anything to drink.................

  • Did my UBW I think the suppliments and hard work are helping a lot I have to keep going up in weights to hit my 10's

  • I quickly hacked together some stats in case anyone wants to see who has been checking in and who are the top posters.


    thought it could be motivating...

  • Neat! Thanks Stephan!

    Pretty good LBWO tonight, I do need to up my weights in a couple places though. Already halfway through the week, time is flying by!

  • hey in your LBWO what do you do for abs? How do you incorporate the intensity system into an ab workout?

    Also it would be great to hear meal plans that aren't too much on the crash diet side of things if anyone could share, what meals are you making either in bulk at the start of each week or daily that are really working out and easy to share...yes I know the BFL site has a few good ones, but I'd love to hear what's working for everyone here.

  • Stephan, you inspire me.  I think I'm gonna start my own BFL blog.  I'll send you guys a link when it up.  I surely won't be as detailed about my day as I don't tend to keep track of things that well, but it will be a good way to motivate myself if nothing else.  

    As for that wine after work on Tuesday.  Well, after working 15 hours I came home and my wife went to work.  That left me home with a 9, 2, and 4 year old.  The burned out me poured a glass of wine.  What the heck, I'll write the rest of my story on my blog I'm going to create.  Be back in a few.... anyway, I pouored it, and it sat for about two hours because I didn't want to mess up the BFL plan.....

  • Day 17 week 3

    Traded my LBWO for a mountain bike session. I almost died. there is a huge difference between riding a stationary bike in the gym and a off road mountain bike. Being inexperiace with mountain biking my tyers where only inflated about 70% and not to the max presure and that made it a challege. I burnt 889 calories in 33:34 minutes. normally i would burn about 300 -500 calories on the 20min stationary bike.

    felt awsome after the workout.

    Day 18

    Did my LBWO early this mornig. I really performed well. managed to hit all my 10's and completed my workout under 50 min.

    burnt about 541 calories in the gym

    I will be mountain biking with the club this afternoon. fixed my problem with the bike and felt the difference.

    Well done to all who is still committed!!!!!

  • Well, I did it: I created my own boring BFL blog.  

    For anyone interested here it is: rickforlife.blogspot.com/.../welcome-to-rick-for-life.html

  • Stephen I hope no one is doing a crash diet while supposedly doing BFL.  Here a thread that may help you see what some eat:


    Here's one covering how to figure out how much you should eat:


    Follow the 40/40/20 rule:

    40% of your calories should be coming from protein and another 40% of your calories should come from carbs, and the remaining 20% of your calories will be from fat.

    Check out this blog from a BFLer for more help:


    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Hi Everyone,

    Still have not fallen of the band wagon with the BFL and just got back from the gym after doing my 20 minutes on the jogging machine. I nearly hit my HiiT on it but not quite. I hope everyone is coping okay and remember folks - keep that smile on....