January 7, 2013 Start Date

  • Did my run today, went outside and boy it was cold!

  • Taho, I just cut up a boneless, skinless chicken breast into cubes and sautéed it in some onions.  Spread some ff ranch on a large mission whole wheat tortilla, put the chicken and onions on the wrap when done, put some lettuce and a small amount of ff shredded cheese.  Fold the sides and wrap it up.  Also good dipped in salsa.

  • End of my week! Had the best cardio session since I started, I got in my full 20 minutes! That woild have already happened if I had my treadmill in the house. For now I'm stuck with my elliptical. That thing just kills me lol anyway, I hit a 10 on it for the last minute, which for me is an achievement! My body doesn't just hand 10s out to me so I take them when I can get them : )

    It would be great if more people were active on this thread. we started with so many, curios to know how many of us are still going at this.

    On to next week : )

  • Week 3!!

    Weighed in this morning, no shift, but im not phased at all. I know i dropped quite a bit in the first week, i also know that my clothes are looser then last week, so im not worried about the scales at all.

    Good day, great UBWO and eating on track!

  • Day 15

    Mornig all,

    I really had a bad start this morning. I got up at 04:00 and went to the gym. I was so excited to do today workout. Got the the gym, but when i started I could really feel the energy draining away. I really did not perform so well as I planned this morning. for some reason I decided to increase the weights not that I am at week 3, bad idea my workout went accourdingly

    Uppe Body Workout:

    Chest: Did dumbell bench press started with 17kg to 27kg from set 1 to set 4. It was hard believe me. set 3 was already a 8 or 9 intensity level. The super set or high point was even worst. I used 8 kg push as if my life depended on it at rep 9 or 10 I wanted to puke. I immediatly moved over to dumbel flys with the same weight and thought I was going to die. I managed to push for each rep and completed the workout session in 13:27min that is a 7 minute difference from my previous workout.

    Shoulders: wow know that was just pure pain. the first set was definatly a level 7 or 8 intensity. why did i even think of upping the weight. after that set i decided to move to the shoulder press machine. I found that the machine gave me more stability and I will be using the machine until my shoulder muscles gets stronger.

    Back: I changed the excerise from dumbell rows to lat pulldown and reverse pulldowns for the high point. This workout was the best for the day. I really felt the burn on this one and the high point was definatly a 10

    Triceps: good workout also changed the workout to triceps push down and reverse tricep push downs hit the high point.

    Biceps: what a disaster. I did not finish the last 3 sets. I changed from seated dumbell curls to machine curls. I got the math wrong and loaded to much weight, being stupid I did 12 reps. added more weight and did 6 reps. my biceps were burning and i was very angry at myself. i could not complete the workout correctly.

    I finished the workout in 55:32 minutes and burn about 570 Calories

    Now lets get to the Free Day.

    So yesterday was my freeday. After 2 weeks of not eating any crap, i decided to treat myself with some cookies and icecream. I also did not drink all the required water or ate 6 meals. i felt fine. i even had a late snack.

    I'm not sure if I'm right but the lack of proper nutrition through the course of the day I believe that might be the reason why i did not perform that well at the gym. I felt like i was going to puke 30minutes into my workout. was very tired and just did felt incharge as if my body was telling "hey what the hell are you doing"

    when I got home i was late. i burnt my oat meal and had to go to plan B. boiled eggs and Low GI brown toast with some hot souce and water.

    Guys i need help.


    I will post my week 2 photo's tonight

  • Hi all

    Thanks for the advice"rgraben" keep it coming!

    I'm visualizing a fit, strong, toned body-the type you see in Oxygen mag...It may just happen!!! ;)

    What I like about this challange/method, is that I'm not spending hours and hours in the gym..I have a plan -get in, get it done, get out!

    A big motivator for me are  the "Body For Life" DVD's.(you can get the set  on Amazon)  . I even stick one on when I'm on the treadmill .... one of the contestants said the results start becoming visible in week 3 and 4  ... :))


  • Hi everyone, week 3 ahead, looking forward. Doing all my workouts in the morning - but this week I  have to push my self a bit harder on the cardio in the morning. It´s only 20 minutes and it feels great afterwards! Not feeling the so much weigth loss yet, maybe a couple of kilos, but I am patient:-)) Weighing in on friday 25th, going for a very good week- this is what I want and signed up for, and nothing will stop me now! Hang in there, its a good way of living:-)

  • LBWO done, my deadlift felt great. Meals are spot on.

  • I had a tough Week 2. I did do all my workouts; however, felt a little unfocused on my eating. I did not have some of the food i needed at home and that really hurt my eating. my week is so busy i dont go to buy food i need. i am going to workout tonight and just push forward. my pants feel the same; however, my body looks a bit different in the mirror- perhaps just a bit tighter. i know i just need to stay focus cuz this is usually when I stop. Week 3 and Week 4 is when i MUST continue to push forward.

  • Missed my UBWO this morning but will get to the gym tonight. Week 3 or 4 is usually where I peter out. Not this time.

  • After my hectic day I managed a great UBWO last night! Clean eating all the way to! I packed enough food for the just in case situation, good thing I thought ahead because the just in case happened. Today is cardio, hoping to do as well as I did on Sunday. Right now I'm waiting for this headache to subside.

  • I actually started the BFL on Jan 7, but because that first week was very bad I've been following the Jan 15 thread.  Well, you know the drill: stress at work = alcohol after work.  The past two weeks have gone awesomely well, and I'm actually starting to feel pretty good now -- to the point I wonder why I ever quit (for you guys who are doing this for the umpteenth time like I am, I'm sure you know what I mean.  Now that my kids are a little older, I have to put myslelf on the BFL -- for life -- diet.  My goal is to make it a whole year.  The past two years I've lasted until the dog days of summer, and then I hit a wall -- so that basically every January I'm back to square one.  Nope, not doing that again this year.  Now I'm commited.  I call it: The diet to end all diets (yeah right?) But we're trying anyway.  Anyone else here in the same kind of boat?  

  • Week 3 Day 16

    Afternoon. I did my cardio session early this morning and kept to my diet 100%. This weeks start was not so good and I am not performing as expected. I did not miss a workout and pushed through each one. but the workouts was really difficult. It feels like im cycling a huge mountain and my body is not responding.


  • @John I lived BFL for 7+ yrs but I know why I quit, wish I hadn't but wishing will get me no where lol so here I am getting back into a great habit and getting my body back into the great shape I know it can be and maintain.

    With each passing day it gets easier. Also our kids, I have two of my own, are led by example so stickibg with this will benefit your children in the long run. My kids knew more about diet and exercise at age 6 than most adults. You wanting to do this as a lifestyle is a good thing! My kids are now almost 14 and 16, both girls, and they can finally live the exercise part of this with me, it's awesome : ) Good luck to you!

    @Rufus27 I have my days where I just go through the motions. I had some issues I was thinking about last night that were stressing me out and I felt like even though I upped my weights on a few exercises I still wasn't fully in the right frame of mind for the kind of workout I wanted to have. Not every workout will be perfect but consistency is the key. Think of this as a life time thing. And in a life time we are not perfect every day. Tomorrow is a new day and a chance to do better than the day before : )

    Question, are you getting enough food to fuel your worouts to?

  • Ugly fat....anyone familiar with this

    You know that fat that starts looking ugly as it breaks up and starts to go away, I'm living it now lol it's that, it looks worse before it gets better stage woo hoo I'm happy! Thank goodness its deathly cold out so I don't have to share this part visually with the world ; )

    Headache is still with me, I may have to just bite the bullet and cardio through it the best I can.