January 7, 2013 Start Date

  • Day13 - my cheat day!

    mmm not the best week, but also no where as bad a my weeks were prior to BFL.

    Food wise my slip ups included a beer and a small serve of gnochhi with a plain napoli sauce on Thur nite - was out with a friend. Positives though, I skipped the bread and no cheese on pasta!

    Friday lunch, again with a friend was a chicken thai roti wrap. The rotti bread was a no no, the actual contents of the wrap ok.

    So for my cheat day today i will be a bit more mindful of my slip ups during the week and i will take it easy!

    Only 2 cardios for the week and 1 UBWO - very poor, very very busy week at work, but thats not a great excuse, guess thats life thou.

    BUT overall i am feeling fantastic. My clothes are becoming looser, i have more energy - when i get home from work instead of plonking myself on the couch with a beer i am playing with the kids or doing chores around the house. And best of all i actually feel as though my body is properly hydrated, previously i always felt dehydrated and had an awful taste in my mouth!

    I have been thinking what i want to achieve from BFL. I dont want a "competiton body".  All i want above everything is to feel good, more energy etc. Body wise not sure about weight range i want to achieve, but i certainly have clothes from pre-preg that i want to get back into. And i would like more tone in my legs and arms, but not overly muscley!

    How about everyone else. What do you see when envisage your future body???

  • Had a great UBW today, I am seeing real leaps

  • So, so LBWO today. Disappointed by my weigh-in/body fat check. Heading in the right direction but slower than I wanted to. Eating right but must get my 6 meals in. I think I must resolve to take the challenge more seriously. Having done it several times before, I know what and what not to do. Just need to DO IT.

  • I managed to make it down to the Gym through the blizzards and snow which has hit the UK today. Hit a highpoint in my workout on my LBWO for the first time and was really dead chuff... So far so good, I have not yet cheated once and I am really enjoying it. I do miss a glass of wine during the evening but will have a small glass on Sunday (rest day). How is everyone else getting on????

  • Wow, I have not had a good BFL week!  I should be a "pro" at this now, considering this is my second challenge. :)

    My days have been hectic with many unplanned things happening (including job interviews - a very good thing!!), which has made it hard to keep on track.  Hopefully things will calm down soon so I can get into a better rhythm.  Even though I haven't gotten all of my workouts in, I've still been moving my body. Lots of furniture moving today!

    I am still feeling good and I know I'll get back on track.

    It's so great to read about how well most of the rest of you are doing!  It is very inspirational and motivational!  Thank you all so much for posting!  I also need to start logging on here every day again - it helps so much when I give others support and it gives me reminders and inspiration to keep my word as well.

  • Egads...so sore from LB w/o and then cardio session the next day. But it is a "good" sore, the kind that reminds one he is doing something positive for his body. (even if it doesn't feel like a positive at this current time!)

    We're not 21 anymore...

  • Hi everybody. I am a regular on another thread but I too started Jan 7 so wanted to pop in and see how you all are doing and see what I could learn.  What a great team!  

    Jimbo50 – You can do this!  

    Rgraben – thanks for sharing your testimony.  That was very encouraging.

    2013 is my year – wow, sure want to know how you do!  What a crazy schedule. But you found the time and I hope you do this thing!!!

    Cal1 – awesome!! I will sure be rooting for you!!

    I love the theme I kept seeing over and over here – NO MORE EXCUSES!  That’s great!


  •  I am very excited, This time and for the first time I am following the body for life rutine and the eating for life diet, and I have been loosing 4 pounds since January 7, and l feel good.  My family is very excited too so they are helping me with motivation.  But one more thing, I have to admit... I am waiting for my free day, I really want to eat a delicious red robin burger hehe.  And remember all of this it is because you deserve it.

  • Free day for me! I just got done with yummy eggs and blueberries. You would think I woild want something different after eating that every morning for the past two weeks lol

    I do have cardio to make up from last Monday today, that will be done later today after work.

    Have a great day everyone!

  • Hey guys and gals, sounds like everyone is having their own different levels of success and trials after almost 2 weeks!

    Just wanted to throw in a couple of things since I've been there/done that.

    First and foremost, your nutrition plan is the key to your success.  Miss a workout, not a big deal.  You can always make up for it.  Blow your diet, and it's a lot harder to burn off the extra calories.  Consistently blow your diet, and you're setting yourself up to not meet your goals.  

    I know it's hard to eat tuna on whole wheat when the rest of the family is eating pizza or grilled cheese.  If you have to, eat in a different room.  But don't fall off the wagon.  

    One of my favorite things to eat is protein oatmeal.  Here's how I make it:

    1/2 cup quick oats

    1 cup water

    1 scoop EAS chocolate protein power

    1 tablespoon all natural peanut butter

    little bit of milk

    Cook the oatmeal normally, then add everything and stir it up good.

    It's the perfect meal/snack.  Fills you up and has a great nutritional profile.

    On the workout side of things, I have two workouts that I do that could help you.

    For cardio, the INSANITY workout will kick your butt.  It's the most high intensity workout I've ever done and it will have you dripping with sweat.  It also incorporates some strength training and core work, so it's a total body workout.

    For strength training, if you've heard of the TRX system, it's a great way to work out at home.  But instead of TRX, the JungleGym XT system is basically the same for less money.  Just google JungleGym XT and you'll find it.  

    That's all for now.  Almost two weeks down and you should be seeing some improvements.  A lot of you might be thinking that it just isn't working and you aren't seeing the results you wanted.  But remember, a lot of the fat you're burning is the fat around your organs, so if you expected a six pack in 2 weeks, not going to happen.  But keep going because in 4-6 weeks the subcutaneously fat (skin fat) will begin to drop off and it's almost magical looking in the mirror each morning.  Just trust me on this as I'm pretty much a BFL expert :)

  • Today I am off, need to recover. Not a cheat day just no exersice

  • Finished the second week tonight on a 20 minutes aerobics on the bike. Reach my Hiit and came off it and my legs were like jelly. Tomorrow is my rest day and I am going to plan everything for next week as next week I am working really funny hours. Tomorrow morning will take some measurements and a picture to see if any improvements in that. I don't know about the rest of the team but I enjoying the challenge and reading everybody posts. Rest day tomorrow so taking it easy.

  • Week 2 in the books.  Down 4.5 pounds from last week so I'm satisfied with that.  Again, no major screw ups this week, missed a cardio wo on Wednesday due to a bad AC adapter on my exercise bike but made up for it on Thursday after I got a replacement.  The turkey spaghetti made with whole wheat pasta is actually pretty good...much better than that tuna casserole referred to in an earlier post.  Also found another "go to" meal... A chicken wrap made with a whole wheat tortilla.  On to week 3!

  • Thanks for the new oatmeal recipe.  Oatmeal is one of my favorite foods, and peanut butter is one of my favorite favors.  I used to mix 1/2 cup of dry instant oats with 1-2 Tbsp of natural peanut butter for a snack.  It was a little crunchy mixed with chewy and had a yummy peanut bitter flavor. But now with your suggested scoop of chocolate protein added, the flavor and nutrition of an old favorite will only get better.  Can't wait to try it.

  • Ratt40, please share your chicken wrap recipe.  What all do you put in it?