January 7, 2013 Start Date

  • Well,  I ended up missing my UBWO on Monday.... so I was determined not to miss any workouts,  I did my UBWO on Tuesday night w/cardio and my LBWO this morning,  I am whooped but feel great about myself for getting it done.  I'll just push my Friday UB to Saturday and have enough rest since I begin with LB next week.  

    In my previous post I had stated that the scale can be depressing and it can.  I got on it for the 1st time in about 2.5 weeks and only dropped 2lbs.  That is fine.  I know my change is happening inside... both physically and mentally.   I am however considering adding more cardio to my workouts....  so looking for advice,

    I am quite a bit older since the last time I did BFL and the weight came off so much easier then.  So.... should I add some cardio to lift days??  Or should I complete the HIIT 20mins and just continue on for another 20 mins at a consistent pace on Cardio days?

    Oh... I found this great site the last time I did the program.... packed with great overall info on the BFL program.  Figured I'd share it for anyone who hasn't already seen it.


    Have a great one everybody!!!!

  • JdizzieD I found that on my lifting days I go for a mild 2 mile run but still do my HIIT runs on Tuesday and Thursday and Saturday I do a CrossFit conditioning workout. That routine has given me great results. The mild run keeps me in that fat burning zone.

    Just finished doing Ab ripper X as a bonus for the day I love it but I hate it!

  • I'm more tired this week. I don't track food or meals but I may have to start. I don't think I'm eating enough, as in missing a meal. I think I've been averaging 4 meals a day this week. That is not good if I want to gain any muscle, which I really do! So, for the rest of this week I'll be making sure I keep good track of how many meals I'm getting in a day.

    Workouts are going well, I did miss my cardio on Monday because I was too busy teaching my youngest the upper body workout. Not a good excuse, but it is what it is. I'll do cardio on my scheduled Saturday day off to make up for my slacking on Monday.

    Hope everyone else is having a great week!!

  • Hope everyone is doing good!

    LeeMarie--check out my fitness pal ap. That is a great way to track your food and also your calories.

    I wanted to ask if anyone has an idea of how many calories they are taking in. If so what is the range?

    Keep up the fight!!

  • Remember Gitte68, You will get there! Take each day as it comes and before you know it, the 12 weeks are over and you have a new body that you be proud off. Mike from the UK

  • Thanks Chadw1275, I will definitely look into it!

    As a woman I eat around 1200 calories a day. As I've said before, I lived BFL for 7 or more yrs and that is the amount that worked well for me. I'd love to be able to play around with eating more and seeing where it might take me but unfortunately after my first BFL challenge in 2001 I developed some serious health problems that required me to really listen to my body. I can't hit 10's nor can I eat more than my body can tolerate. But even taking both of those things into account I still achieved a very fit body. It's still doable thank goodness!

  • Had a ok HIIT run today, was really sore. My body is telling me to take a day off, I haven't had a day off since I started nor have I had a cheat day unless you count my two cups of coffee with half n half on Sunday  as a cheat.

  • Thanks for the info Cleet68.  Heading off to the gym now for some cardio.

  • @cleet - listen to your body and take a day off. Your body and your spirit need at least one day of rest per week. And do take advantage of your Free Day to eat whatever you want, within reason. Go back and read your Body For Life book and you will see what I am talking about. The "rest" part of the plan (Free Day and 8 hours of sleep) are as essential to the plan as anything else. It's at rest that your muscles grow (including your lungs) - not when you are actually doing your resistance and cardio training.

  • brockstr I am very much aware of that ;). I know the rest days is when your torn muscle fibers grow, I just have so much coming up that I am getting ready for ie Grapplers Quest and a Tough Mudder. But this is when my body says " stop!rest or I will make you rest" ie injury!

  • @cleet68 - all the more reason to rest one day per week. I've never competed in a "traditional" body building contest but I have talked to many who have. Their advice - back off the week before the event with your lifting and eating a bit. The guys I know who did not head that advice did not do very well. Also, if you have ever looked at the training schedule for a running marathon - the long runs are in the middle of the schedule. By your last week of training, you are running short distances - resting for the big day. Almost any training guide I've seen includes one day off a week and "loosing the load" the week before. Just saying. IMHO you are setting yourself up for less-than-optimum results and possibly injury. Sometimes, taking some time off is, mentally, the hardest thing to do.

  • RevMarkL,

    I see you're a cyclist.  I am too and do RAGBRAI every summer.  Have you ever heard of the 7-day, 500-mile ride across Iowa?  It's always the last full week of July and is tons of fun.  If you haven't done it, it would be a great riding experience.  Lots of rolling hills, constant head wind, 20,000 people, and 95 degree humidity.  A ride just can't get any more fun that that, now can it?

    If you already do the ride or decide to join us some year, look for Team BANG (Bike Air National Guard).  Over half of us are old retired military guys, so we're a pretty laid back bunch.

  • FBA,

    Sounds like you had a great 2011 challenge experience.  It's good to see you've come back for another.  Best Wishes.

  • I have never been so sure too.

  • Today was rough for me. I did my cardio in the morning instead of after work like I have been doing. It jump started my metabolism in a way I wasn't prepared for. By the end of my shift I felt like a bottomless pit and I wanted to stop at every fast food joint on my way home. I made it home without breaking and just for good measure I tried on some of my "skinny clothes". That was enough to curb my appetite. But man, today was a struggle.