January 7, 2013 Start Date

  • oops, that's 6 full days...lol

  • @Taho-thanks for the recommendation on the protein pancakes...I will try that again using a cast iron skillet.  I am looking forward to this week improving over last week.  I did some things great and need improvement in other areas.  The important thing I am doing is not giving up.  In the past, if I didn't get it 100%perfect....I would just give up.  I like to think of this journey as one of progress, not perfection....

    Have a great day!  Doing LBWO and 25 minutes cardio!


  • Everyone has been very helpful, checking in on this thread really motivates me to keep going. @kkmayes, I like what you said about not giving up even if we didn't get it 100% - I"m aiming for 100% but at the same time not going to give up if I mess up a bit.

    Thanks to @jdizzleD for the suggestions on food - I'm trying to make changes, and thanks to everyone who gave me some advice e.g. @DL50, @Rufus27,  @LeeMarie

    here is my progress - let me know if you have any comments on it, I could use the feedback ! livingbodyforlifechallenge.blogspot.com

    Week 2 - here we go!

  • i didnt wake up to do my cardo :/ BUT im going during my lunch break. I NEED to get it in. I got 3 little ones so after work is not an option. I WILL get it done. Hope everyone is having an awesome day.

  • My UBW is in the books and I am going for a 3 mile run later, feeling it kick in and loving it!

  • Got my LBWO in early this AM.  4.5mile power walk planed for lunch today, and starting a new aerobics program tomorrow...should be interesting - lol  

    For my aerobics I picked up The Firm: Weighted Cardio Gloves Kit with 20 minute workout DVD, and The FIRM: Slim & Sculpt Core Stability Ball Kit which includes a 30 minute workout DVD.  I plan to alternate between the two throughout this 12 week BFL cycle.  These will not only give me my aerobics, but will also help with toning.  

    Glad to see everyone staying focused!  Keep on keeping on!!!

  • I'll be heading off from work soon to complete my workout.... I did start "unoffically" a week earlier than the rest so I'll be doing UBWO.  Had been eating clean for 2 weeks and took my 1st free day yesterday.  Didn't go crazy, but boy did I feel like crap today.... I remember this from the last time I did BFL.  I can remember my free day becoming... just not having to eat 6 times.  I think my next free day will be a bit cleaner food wise.  I haven't weighed myself and have decided to just go with how I feel and how things are starting to fit.  I can already tell a difference in my waist and I feel (aside from today) great.  

    The scale can be a real downer when it doesn't move,  just remember,  your changing... the scale has no idea what your doing to your body or the difference between muscle and fat.  No movement on the scale means muscle being added. As long as your true to the program that is.

    Good work everybody!!!!!+

  • Happy Monday!

    So, onto week two! LBWO done : ) I like leg day best, so I'm glad this week has two of them.

    Bought a new scale today, I didn't like the number staring back at me, but then again I knew my old scale wasn't totally accurate. Plus my old one gave you weight by even pound and I wanted to be able to see how close I was to losing a pound. I dont really mind it went up a pound or so because I can already tell I've lost inches by how loose my pants are getting already. It's not a lot, but definitely noticeable.

  • Day 9

    Got out of bed easily this morning without the wife beating me. Was my cardio day. Rode the stationary bike at the gym.

    Complete my HIIT intervals completely. The last 3 minutes I really pushed myself hard. Wanted to give up at minute 17 but I told myself "quitting is not an option push through dammit."

    I felt a sense of achievement. I will be posting a picture on Sunday and will do so every 2 weeks.

    Meal plan for the day

    Breakfast: 1 cup cooked oats with honey and almonds, 2x cups of water and one 100% whey protein shake serving one egg white

    Mid morning meal : 1 serving of ultra lean diet fuel water

    Lunch: 2 steamed skinless chicken breast + steamed broccoli water

    Afternoon meal: 1 serving of ultra lean diet fuel water

    Dinner:  steamed fish + steamed squash green beans water

    Per bed time snack: protein recovery shake  water

    Well done to all who are with me at day 9

  • Hi everyone! I started the challenge on the 7th as well. Week 1 wasn't too rough as far as meals or working out is concerned but for some reason by last Wednesday I was absolutely exhausted all day. I felt better after I worked out though. Maybe I need to start working out before work instead of after. I am hoping this week will go a bit more smoothly. I hope I get to the point where this all just becomes routine, rather than something I have to think about and plan constantly. IDK. Is that reasonable?

  • BTW, I am 25, 5'9", 190lbs at the beginning of this challenge. I hope to get to 160lbs by the end. No lower than that though or I feel I will be a boobless twig ;) My little sister is doing the BFL challenge with me as well, though unofficially. She hates cardio, I love it. I hate lifting weights, she loves it. So we make a great team. Except she makes me laugh a lot which isn't great when I am having trouble breathing as it is! She also makes fun of the faces I make when I lift. But in the end, it makes the experience more enjoyable for the both of us and I hope that helps us to stick with it. I already have my new bikini picked out and that is my reward for completing the challenge! Good luck everyone!

  • Great job everyone! Week one is gone and onto week two. If week one didn't turn out exactly like you hoped, keep going. Set your goals (thanks stephan) and be accountable. The main point is to keep doing better!

    3.6 lbs down, 22 to go!

  • Up 0530 to do my cardio- didnt look forward to it, but try to have a positive "Nike" approach- JUST DO IT:-) It helps. Looking forward to UPWO tomorrow, my favorite:-) Have a great second week!

  • Gitte68 I love that slogan, JUST DO IT, it really says it all

    Did my run and I really pushed it, then did 20 min of yoga

  • Start of Day10 for me.

    Monday did UBWO and eating spot on.

    Tuesday missed cardio, will do it today, legs are feeling very fatigued. Eating spot on. Nearly had a slip up with some biscuits, but asked myself if I really, really wanted them and the answer was No!!  So continued on with something else to distract myself.

    My daughter is going to make choc brownies for my day off, am looking forward to a piece with a cuppa. I really like the notion of this free day. I'm a bit of a baker/dessert maker so it gives me the chance to make 1 delicious thing a week and not feel guilty about having a bit. I reckon it will inspire me to get right into some creative desserts!

    Off topic a bit. I often look at "thinner" people and think "oh they are so lucky" - but the reality is that they most likely are very focused and disciplined with their diet and exercise. I'm sure these people don't eat biscuits/crisps/sodas etc everyday! It's all about "sometimes" treats . This is the lifestyle I WILL adopt 😊