January 7, 2013 Start Date

  • Are there any other Vegetarians doing this chalenge?

  • Checking in....cardio is today!  First week almost there! Can't say I have been perfect.  Exercise has been my favorite part.  I have done well on the eating but have had a couple glasses of wine on Wed and Thurs night.  I really enjoy me some wine especially with raising 2 teenage boys that are quite a handful.  I know alcohol is not allowed so next week I hope to eliminate it all together except for my free meal.  I am choosing Saturday night as a free night rather than the entire day...at least for now.  Maybe once I get to where I want to be I can afford to indulge a full day.

    Keeping it real!


  • @kkmayes... I feel your pain.  I loves me some wine.  Last night I did my workout and had full intentions of heading to get some wine to enjoy since I had been good all week long.  After my workout... I just wanted to get home and have a EAS muscle recovery shake.  It has gotten easier to go with out alcohol as of late.  I just think of how well I had eaten during the day, proud to have completed my work out and don't want to cancel it all out for a "few" glasses of wine.  I will enjoy it on my free day and stay the course during the week.  I started this journey for a reason.... to get in shape.  Wine is surley one of the reasons I had to make this choice,  along with a lot of other poor choices.  I have 2 teenage boys as well, 17/14 and they are a very good reason I should invest in Sutter Home stock.  Nothin better than a huge bottle for 8 bucks :)

  • Had to head in to the office this morning, going to do my run later today.

  • Suze1, I think it would be great to ask everyone to check in on Sundays, but posting throughout the week is fine with me too. I'm good with any suggestions from anyone - I only started this thread so that any of us who started on or around the 7th had a good place for support. :)

    My week has not been so great unfortunately. I really need to plan better! I am currently unemployed so I think the lack of structure makes it hard for me. Before, I had a very good schedule due to the hours I worked and when I took my breaks (worked perfectly with eating every 3 hours). I also would wake up at 5:30 am to get my workouts in and that is not happening this time around. Not only because it's now possible for me to workout later in the morning but also because it has been so cold and snowy here recently that I just don't want to venture outside before sunrise. :P

    So I think this weekend I'll find another Success Journal and get serious about planning and journaling again. :) I should be as serious about BFL as I am about finding a new job (which is a full time job in itself, for sure).

    So glad we're almost on to week 2 of our challenge! It may be difficult, but stick with it everyone! It's definitely worth the hard work and perseverance.

  • Cleet68, I'm kind of in the same boat except I just didn't get enough sleep or water yesterday so I am running tomorrow instead. If I were only doing my HIIT cardio I'd tough it out this morning, but I am running 12 miles in preparation for my half marathon in a few weeks. So I want go be sure my body can take that stress so I don't get injured or sick.

    I do my HIIT cardio on Tuesdays and Thursdays and do my long training runs on Saturdays usually.

  • Just popping in on this group.  I'm rarely on the BFL site anymore but I wanted to say congratulations on your first week and give it your best the entire 12 weeks.  I started BFL on January 5th 2009 and I'm still keeping my body at a healthy level 4 years later.  You can do this!  Best wishes.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Had my free-day yesterday, a HUGE reminder of how bad you can feel with the wrong food- low energy and low everything... BUT back on track today, had plans on running 4-5 miles outside, also like you  Laura2012 training for a half marathon in Vienna in april (never done it before, so there´s a long way to go..) but its freeeeezing outside, so I´m ready to run on my mill 4x4 intervall instead. I also have plans doing my hit on Thuesdays and Thursdays but a long run on Sundays, since my free-day is Saturdays.-)

    Keep ut the good work- and focus on the goal everybody.

    And thanks Sharon-Wonder-Woman for the good wishes. Concratulatons on making BFL to a lifestyle!

  • Week 1 Summary!

    Only did 2 weight training sessions - missed my 3rd

    Only did 1 cardio workout

    Stuck to my food plan 99% - only slip up was with 6 clix biscuits & 30gms of cheese

    Am very happy with my eating, even on my free day I think i did pretty well, my splurge was on 1 beer, 30gms crisps, piece of plain choc cake and risotto for dinner (but it was a small serving). I think the thing i am most proud of was only having 1 alcoholic drink for the whole week. I have realised that prob 90% of the time i drink out of habit and not because i am really enjoying it (even the 1 beer i did have didnt really hit the spot).

    So next week improvement is needed on the exercise front. I did my cardio today and i realised how much i enjoy it and how good i feel after it. I was amazed at how tough the 20 mins was. I def hit my 10, there was no way i could have gone more than a minute - my heart rate hit 190!

    Overall extremely happy with the week. I most def feel better, and i know i have lost weight (will weigh tomorrow morning). And the truth is i dont feel like i have missed out on anything in the food department, i have felt satisfied and for once not over stuffed!!!

    Looking forward to Week 2!!

  • HI all

    Checking in, I'm feeling a bit guilty over what i ate today (my free day) i guess it's changing the mindset too...  Anyway now ready to get up and in the Gym for 7....thinking to get a coffee machine with a timer to help me outta bed!!

    Ladies, check out Tosca Renos site for inspiration.She got into amazing shape at 40.

    I'm 40 in March, so hopefully I'm on a similar path:)

    Laura2012 good luck with the Job hunting , set your gym schedule at a time  that's reasonable for you to get there and make it a habit to go at that time everyday .....9am ?? You are investing in your greatest asset ...... YOU!!       Go girl!!

    Good luck on week 2 everyone :)

  • Today is my cheat day that means two cups of coffee with half n half , then I am going for my run. I will really cheat after 12 weeks, then I will have pizza and sweets. It is really tough because there are all my favorite foods around the house. But all I do is say to myself this will not get me closer to my goal. Everyday I visualize the end of the 12 weeks and how I want to feel and look.

    Failing isn't falling down failing is staying down!!

  • yeah those free days come with a price tag, you feel like crud the day after.  then again, that cruddy feeling reminds me of how i felt daily from eating wrong.  good luck everyone....together we can do this!

  • i am totally satisfied with the foods, too, and don't feel like I am compromising in that dept.  i take my food seriously...it's got to taste good :)

  • suze1 Tosca was one of my inspiration.  You can do this!

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • I was a little too free on my freeday. Kind of started Friday night and all of Saturday. I'll do better next week!  I've been doing a relaxed version of BFL for awhile but committed to going all out with this group.  I'll do better next week!  BTW, if upiy new to this, I wouldn't weigh myself until midweek.  Takes a few days for your body to normalize after your freeday.  I weigh on Wednesdays.