January 7, 2013 Start Date

  • I am in.  

  • Day 4,

    Morning All,

    Was at the office untill 21:30pm last night. Followed my diet 100%. Did not go to the gym this morning to tired got about 3 hours sleep and had to be in the office by 06:00 this morning. Will be finishing early today, planning on going to the gym at 16:00.

    my legs are on fire from yesterdays LBWO. Could not get out of my truck this morning. dis some strecthing in the office. will be buy a bike to paddle home every evening form my cadrio sessions.

    had Oats and 100% whey protein for breakfast with a Kiwi fruit


  • Almost didn't get to the gym today...Thankfully my workout buddy made me go.

    So far so good.....chest is still a little sore, but not bad now.

    Thank you Aleve!

  • Good morning BFL family!  

    Welcome to our Challenge Day 4 (or congrats on completing Day 4 if you are not in the US ;-)

    @Gitte68 - I am right there with ya on the "loving that BFL soreness...".  Hair washing on Tuesday was a challenge and today it is all about sitting down and standing up.  My quads and my glutes are appropriately thanking me for killing them yesterday.

    @Mota - I can't tell you how often I have let the scales derail me.  I am not going to get on the scales except once every 4 weeks when I do measurements.  I am convinced that scales lie.  My husband's motto is "F the Scales"...hahaha

    @rufus27 - awesome job being prepared yesterday!  That's what it is all about right there.  Plan, plan, plan.  Get some sleep man!  Your body needs that time to refuel :-)

    @deadlinguist - we ARE champions!  Thanks for the reminder.

    Day 4 and so far so good.  No slip ups with food and I have stuck to my workout plan.  I did the P90X ab routine and it dang near killed me.  Great for goal setting though...I will be able to successfully complete that entire workout by the end of this challenge.  It's an additional goal of mine now!  

    Plan your work and then work your plan!!!!

    Have a great BFL day!


  • OK Congrats everyone for making it to Day 4 -  I was hoping for some advice - I'm logging my progress in this blog - livingbodyforlifechallenge.blogspot.com and I seem to be fine on the exercises, cardio/weight-lifting (although i'm not clear on how to do the high point/intensity index with abs) and I'm able to visualize my goals and stay motivated - but what I seem to have the hardest time with is the eating part - I try to plan the meals but maybe I'm just not cooking them at the right time to make them convenient, can someone share how they've been managing the meals and menu?

  • Hello All,

    I too am feeling the pain in my legs. But Cardio this morning was great. Discovered that I didn't plan my advance food prep as well as I thought.  I’ll have to remember to make extra as my household likes to eat also.

  • @stephan I have found preparing main things such as chicken in bulk makes my meal planning easier. I can then easily add a carb to the already made protein. Heat and serve makes everything easier. If you choose rice, make it in bulk. A sweet potato lasts me two meals. Bake one, cut it in half, 2 servings. Bake more for enough meals for the week. Veggies can be prepared ahead of time also. I personally keep a lot of frozen blueberries, fresh apples, and strawberries on hand for my carbs.

    I am one of those weird people that doesn't mind eating the same thing day in and day out for months, even years, at a time, so the eating part is easy for me because boredom rarely sets in. My daughter on the other hand needs a lot of change, I've pretty much left that up to her to deal with, I couldn't imagine trying to keep up with food boredom lol that would make me overly frustrated and push me to a failure point.

    In all, preparing ahead of time is the way to go! I did this even before I found BFL in 2001

  • @Stephan,

    I just don't make it too complex... simple as possible.  I use EAS bars for ease as a snack,  2% cottage cheese cups w/fruit,  protein shakes on lift days take care of breakfast & dinner.  Best thing I made was the meatloaf muffins,  you can find the reciepe on this web site.... cook them in a muffin pan and you have twelve high protein meals ready to heat up anytime.  Totilla pizza's are great too.  Whole wheat, pizza sauce, red/green peppers with low fat cheese and pre-cooked chicken,  quick n easy... 12 mins on 350 in the oven.

    Cardio tonight then to bed early for morning lifting!!  Feeling great about myself and you all should....

    Btw, I hate cardio!!!!!!!

  • Did better today on cardio (elliptical machine) - I would say overall intensity of 8. Sucking wind like a Hoover. A long way to go before I am in any way in the kind of shape the las time I did the challenge. But, hey, that's what we are here for. Some asked and answered about how often to weight and/or measure your body. I weight and use a body fat monitor at the gym every Friday. The body fat % isn't 100% accurate but that is not important - it's the trend over weeks. And I agree that a better indicator is how your clothes fit. Can't wait to get to some smaller waist sizes.

  • Hi everyone, Completed the 4th day and my muscles are seizing up on me. Going to take a bath now and try and relax them. Hope everyone is still in and remember this is a marathon and not a sprint..

  • I noticed that this thread was a start date that  I started on the same day, I posted on another thread that started the same day but it is kind of a dead thread so I was hoping to join with this group. did my run today. Going to do a Tough Mudder in a few months so I am excited about that.  So hello everyone

  • Hello cleet68! The more the merrier : )

    I have yet to get my cardio in today, I hate that I only have my elliptical. My treadmill is buried in my garage and she is heavy and I have no idea how I will get it downstairs without killing myself! I wanted to dig it out on my days off which were yesterday and today but didn't. Had too many other things going on. Hopefully I can try to get it in soon, running is more enjoyable to me.

  • Morning everyone,

    Completed day 4 last night on the stationary bike. Tried my very best to hit all my 9's but from the 3rd i could hardly breath or I had to lower my heart rate and push through the rest of the workout at a 5 or 6 intensity level. I a but disappointed in myself for not pushing that last minute.

    my muscles are killing me. I am focused on progress rather then perfection, just to get my body over the shock.

    I made a point not to over work my body or it will fail on me and that happen the last time which leaded to me not completing the challenge the previous time.


    70% of your success will come from what you put into your mouth and when you put is into your mouth. This will be my third time I have entered and accepted the challenge. I have always been a hard worker at everything that I do and alway had the winning mentality.

    I have been a heavy smoker for years and smoked about 30 - 40 cancer sticks in  a  day. I managed to drop the filthy habit over night. after that I have gained a huge amount of weight and tried to drop the weight with the BFLC.

    You need to plan and keep it simple. Simplicity is the key to the door of success. I downloaded all the workout template and nutritional templetes from the website and made a scrap book of each day. one page got the workout and an area where i can write comments on my progress the other page I pasted a meal plan which.

    Each sunday i would plan my meals, workouts and set my weekly goals. this is very important for progress and motivation.

    a nutritional tip: shakes, nutritional bars and use your dinner meals as your next day lunch meals. if have tried to make my meals in bulk but you lose interest in you diet if you eat the same thing over and over. plan ahead and use your BBQ. I you plan well you will enjoy each meal. just make sure that what your prepare you may eat.

    Water water water.

    good luck. I have lost 3.5 kg already and I'm only at day 5


  • HI all,

    Sorry if you find my spelling amusing. Hahaha! My mother Language is Afrikaans. but i'm am well educated in English.

    I'm originally form Africa


  • Last weight training this week!! Yeah! I´t s good to have the first week done! I realize that I am ten years (and 10 kilos) older than last time I did BFL, so it might take a bit more time to get the results I want, but what I want this time are realistic to my age and life, and I have patience- I will get there!!! And so will you all!! Have a sporty and good weekend:-) Keep going:.)