January 7, 2013 Start Date

  • HI All,

    Still at day 3 and at work. Did my LBWO this morning at 04:00 and pack a massive cooler bag with my meals in zip lock bags and containers. I had a feeling that I was going to work overtime. Planning and prep work paid off. i so i trusted my gut and packed and extra green apple and 2 extra shakes.

    I start work at 06:00 each morning and finish late most of the days in the week

    another great tip proofing its worth is those nutritional bars. I'm in and out of meeting through the whole day and it look funny shaking should nutritional shaker in front of you directors. To solve that problem I bought 5 of the bars and put them in the bag as a back up.

    I even challenged him to join the BFLC.

    Will be here for a while tonight but luckily have done my LBWO this morning.  I still hate lunges.


  • Hi Everyone,

    Weights: Back; 3x4-6 assisted pullups,  3x4-6 v-bar pulldowns, 2x4-6 underhand barbell rows, 3x4-6 deadlifts; 2x4-6 barbell shrugs.

    Cardio: Bike intervals. Got to nine for two minutes, but I wouldn't say I hit the ten. 

    Meals: 1. Eggs and 1 slice real bacon 2. Protein drink 3. two chicken breasts and spinach salad 4. protein drink 5. Chicken schwarma (leftover) 6. Two fried eggs.

    Still hungry and irritable, but better than Monday.



  • Good work out this morning,  still trying different exercises and adjusting weights to hit my intensity levels.  Recording everything so I can make the proper adjustments when needed.  EAS shake for breakfast and Egg beaters Wheat burrito as a snack.  Meatloaf muffins are great!!!  Taste good, quick and easy to make, super convienent.  

    It's amazing how quickly you start feeling better about yourself when on this program.  Sore is good!!!  

    Keep up the great work everyone!!  Time goes by so quickly nowadays,  12 weeks will be over before you know it... just remember though,  it's a life change we all need to stick with well beyond 12 weeks.

  • Stephan, I just use the EAS 100% whey protein and make my own smoothies with milk and fruit.  I'm at home most of the time, so it's easy for me to make my own food.  But the Myoplex bars and Myoplex shakes are also great!  If you're interested, there is actually a Body For Life cookbook with is excellent!  Good luck!

  • Just finished legs with a workout buddy!  Boy am I gonna be sore tomorrow!  YAY!  Eating is the hardest for me, but all is going well so far - my 11-year-old wants to eat healthy with me, so I want to be a good example to her!

  • brockstr,

    Thanks for the info on Schwans, but I thought I should point out that a few of those items are definitely not on the BFL "approved" list of foods.  Barbecue sauce is full of sugar and shouldn't be used except on your free day. Butter is also a no-no on BFL.  If you look at the ingredients in the Fire Roasted Veggies and Roasted Sweet Potatoes, they have things like soybean oil and added sugars.  Those are not the best options when choosing healthy, nutritious foods.  I realize they may be better than choices that most of us made before commiting to BFL, but you should keep those things in mind.  It's always better to prepare fresh or frozen veggies without additional ingredients/processing.  Plus, they're cheaper that way too!

    Day 2 was tough for me - I kind of failed on my meal planning/eating, but I did very well on my HIIT cardio.

    Day 3 is starting off well.  I've had my breakfast and am about to head to the gym for LBWO.  I'll come home right on time for my meal 2 which will be a protein shake and a banana.I accidentally slept in this morning so my schedule is off, but I'm determined to do well anyway! I think I need to buy another BFL Success Journal as that is what really helped me keep in line last time and it seems that I need that to stay on track.

    I'm so glad to see everyone posting and that you're all doing well so far.  We can totally do this!

  • I have noticed that some people aren't eating a serving of carbs and protein for each meal.  I think it's important that you do as the BFL book says and incorporate both macro nutrients into your meals.  It will keep your body fueled and happy.  For example, have eggs with a slice of dry whole wheat toast, unsweetened oatmeal, or a piece of fruit; or 2 oz whole wheat pasta with tomato sauce and low fat cottage cheese; or a baked chicken breast with a small baked potato or brown rice (NO butter) and veggies.  Those would all be examples of BFL approved meals that should keep you feeling satisfied for the next 2 1/2 - 3 hours until your next meal.

    I think if you skip out on eating carbs your body will lag and you might be grumpy. It is a good way to lose weight faster, but you need those healthy carbs to get through your HIIT cardio and other every day life activities.

    I hope I'm not upsetting anyone... I just want you all to be on the right track, especially if you've entered the official BFL challenge. I totally understand how difficult it can be (hello, I messed up quite a bit diet wise yesterday - day 2 lol!), but even if you mess up a few times, at least the rest of your meals will make up for it. :)

  • Will be doing my lbwo in about another hour. Getting that mental clarity that comes with clean eating and exercise along

    with more energy, which I needed desperately! Normally on my days off from work I would get my girls off to school and go back to bed, not today!

    A little more about me, I'm fixing to turn 43 in April. As I said before I lived BFL for 7 yrs and then divorce happened. I saw the scale creeping up ever so slowly and watched all my hard erned muscle melt away, body fat go way up and my health go downhill. I finally found my personal motivation to jump back into the lifestyle that works, BFL!

    I have 2 beautiful daughters, almost 14 and almost 16. My 16 yr old is joining me in this challenge, I'm ready to show her how awesome BFL is! The earlier the better,  I so wish this was around when I was her age!

    I hope everyone has a great day!

  • Hi Laura,

    My name is Mike (user name is submariner) and I started the challenge on Monday, January 7th. I am from the UK and hope that I can get the inspiration from all you guys and gals to complete the challenge

  • Lower Body day 3 complete! I am proud of myself for the last 3 days!!! I just need to get the food under control. Good luck to everyone!!!

  • Baked up enough chicken to last me at the very least, 5 days. I always cook ahead so I never have an excuse to eat something that is not BFL approved.

  • I'm ready to get in the gym for lower body day.  Man, this week has been going slow.  So far diet and workouts all in check.  My upper body is still sore from Monday.  

  • Start of Day 4 - WOW my legs are sore, I can hardly walk, don't think I will be breaking any records with cardio today!!!!

    Question for everybody - how often are you going to weigh/measure yourselves??

  • I personally weigh myself whenever. I actually don't care what the scale tells me because I know it likes to lie lol as for measurements, I plan to measure every 4 weeks. The way my clothes fit tells me more than any scale does.

  • the 4th day of BFL-. cardio work out. Sore as .....! Starting to get that gooood BFL feeling, the body and mind are a little more energetic already. I have plans to weigh myself every 2 weeks, measure every 4th. I agree LeeMarie, the most important thing is how the clothes fits, because muscles weigh more than feat so measurement is important:-) This is a good way of living, wonder why I didnt keep up with it, thats where the big challenge is in the future, and I will spend a lot of time focus on this matter. I recommend Bill Phillps book "Transformation" - this book focus even more on mindset, heart and soul- as well as training and nutrion:-) I love it!