January 7, 2013 Start Date

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    the post above was @Mota

  • @lbreezy I promise if you stick with it, that 30lbs will be history.  You can do this!

  • Clean eating all around and ubwo done! Bring on the soreness, I love it!

  • I'd love to join if its not too late.

  • I'd love to take the challenge again.  Lost 50 lbs in 12 weeks last time, in 2004. Had twins 2 yrs ago and need to lose these last 25 lbs for good!!

  • WELL DAY 1 is over with! I updated my progress - livingbodyforlifechallenge.blogspot.com

    I drank more water than I ever have before (at least it felt like it) + 6 meals a day was actually a lot of food....and yeah I'm really sore from the workout...visualizing a photo of what I want to look like while on intensity 9/10 really helped. - Started at 198 - I hope to get to 175 lean, and toned!

  • very inspiring Sharon! :)

  • Day 2 finished!!

    The headache I had yesterday afternoon stayed with me all night and I still have it now. I know it's my body adjusting to the cleaner food, hopefully it's gone over the next few days. Because of the headache my aerobic session was poor, however I'm not concerned, I know I can hit my high point next time. The main thing was I stuck to my eating plan, had plenty of water and am now sitting down after dinner having a cup of tea and I can truly say I feel satisfied!!!

    Keep on track everyone - we can do it!!!!!

  • I started on the 6th so I guess that's close enough (I like having the free day on Saturdays).  Anyway, I've tried this a couple of times before and made it to weeks 4-5 and burned out.  This time I will do this, I have to do this, I'm 40 now and I'm not getting any younger.  If not now, then it will never happen.

      I've never had a problem with the eating part of the program, I don't feel hungry or deprived, it just takes time and planning preparing nutritious unprocessed meals.  On the exercise part, I'm OK with the cardio, I don't LOVE it, but I don't mind.  Give me a bike or an indoor cycle, an iPod or TV and I'm fine.  Now the resistance training.....BLAH!!!  I hate it.  I get no pleasure out of lifting weight or in my case bending bows on the bowflex.  It's something I just have to force myself to do whether I like it or not...much like going to the Dentist or any doctor for a checkup.

    My starting Info:

    5'10'' male.

    weight: 240lbs

  • Good morning BFL family and welcome to Day 2 :-) Hope everyone is prepared for the day and attacking it head on.

    Anyone else sore from UBWO?  Love that feeling - tells me I pushed my body in the right direction. YES!!!

    @Ratt40 - we would make great workout partners. I love the weight training and dread the cardio. Correction, the 2012 me dreaded the cardio. The 2013 me will attack it with an open positive mind. I will make the HIIT my friend. I will wake up looking forward to swearing it out in the gym in as many different ways as possible (to avoid boredom and dread:-)

    Today is our day and 2013 is my year. Make it an awesome one!

    Please check in with your successes. They motivate me.  Experiencing a set back - we can help. That is what this forum is all about. You always just a clean meal and a hard workout away from being right back on track.

    Have a terrific BFL day


  • I completed day 1 yesterday.  Had an amazing workout.  I've been doing 1 muscle group per day for the last 6 months.  Got some results but not very fast.  Yesterday I followed the BFL plan which was the full upper body workout.  I love this routine, by the time I got to the end my arms were already so sore from chest, back, and shoulders I couldn't even lift my normal weights.  Starting to get sore this morning.  Love it.

  • I'm a day late starting...but am on track for the day.  As soon as the twins nap I will begin my workout.  Had fat free and sugar free yogurt with sliced turkey breast for breakfast, along with two cups of water.  Hope everyone else is on track.  I did this before with amazing results....and am ready to get this done again.  Good luck everyone!

  • I have started and finished BFL one time and started and quit more times than I can count.  I'm starting my challenge today, January 8th, so I'm a day behind.  I really need to finish this one.  I can't tell you how many measurements I have lying around the house with different dates on them.  I can't continue to do the same thing every time and expect different results.

  • Day 1 was great. Ate good and had a great work out. On to day 2 already got the cardio in and have been eating good as well. I love the wieghts but I have to really make myself do the cardio. But I will and I will achevie success.

    Hope everyone is loving the start of their new life.


  • Good job everyone on the first day and the start to day 2!! I got off on a slow start - the household has had a bad cold for the last 3 weeks!! Eek but we are all finally feeling better- I got in the arms yesterday and I am looking forward to cardio today. My Cardio is a little different because I also participate in pilates every Tuesday and yoga every Thursday. The hardest part for me is getting both my young ones ready to get to the gym and pray my one year old doesnt start crying while I am working out or they will call me to come get her. Also the food - I am the worst cook so I am playing around with different recipes that make the whole household happy!

    Good luck on Day 2 everyone! I enjoy reading everyones progress!!!