January 7, 2013 Start Date

  • Finally!! After using x-mas holidays getting ready for BFL, equipment, mealreplacements, proteinpowder, eating and training for life- journals- it was no problems getting up this morning 0630 to do upper body. Finished in 46 minutes, and feel great. I like your quote kkmayes, and when we think of it,12 weeks is not that long time..... and a really good start of 2013- FOCUS is the key word, and I am ready- have a good week!

  • Well this will be my first time at trying BFL, but I am looking forward to the challenge.

  • I started yesterday (Jan 6th). I've never done this or anything like this before so I need all the help I can get. I need to lose 30lbs.

  • Hi Everyone!!!  

    I'm back for my second BFL challenge starting today.  I lost 42lbs on my last BFLC that ended last month going from 280 to 238, hopefully I can repeat the feat this time and that will get me close to my ideal weight.

    Good luck everyone!!!!

  • Finished my first upper-body workout today. Eating well. Need to crank the aerobic workout tomorrow. Glad to part of this group. I did a few BFL challenges years ago and I can tell you they work. Stick with the plan and don't make excuses. Just do it! And remember, everyday is a new opportunity to better yourself. If you can make it through the first two weeks, you can make it all the way through.

  • I finished my first UBWO of this challenge too.  It went well and my arms are already sore.  I can't imagine what they'll feel like the next two days (DOMS usually kicks in for me the first few weeks of weightlifting)!  I am ready to do my HIIT cardio session tomorrow.

    I've done well with eating today.  Started off with spicy spinach scrambled eggs with unsweetened oatmeal (with added cinnamon), had a protein shake with an apple for morning snack, 2 oz whole wheat pasta with marinara sauce along with 1/2 C low fat cottage cheese and broccoli for lunch, and am about to have my afternoon snack of cottage cheese and a banana. Dinner will be baked chicken breast (Mrs Dash seasoning), brown rice with sriracha hot sauce, and either more brocolli or steamed green beans.  Protein pudding is on the menu for dessert.

    Cal1, I'm glad you're back for challenge 2! Way to go on your success with the first round!  You are incredible!

    Hope the rest of you have had a great Day 1!  Stick with it and you'll start noticing results after about two or three weeks.  But you'll start FEELING the results before that. :)  Remember, planning and consistency will take you where you want to be!  

  • Hello Laura and friends of Laura! Day one has been filled with glitches but I plan to overcome and do some cardio instead today. Tomorrow I will hit the weights and regroup. I have been staying on task with the food requirements and drinking water and green tea. I wonder if tea counts as water ? That'd help with the ten cups of water. I'm constantly going to the bathroom! Look forward to checking in daily, keeps me accountable and misery loves company. I'm expecting to feel pretty darn sore these first few days!

  • @Cal1 - 42lbs is amazing in 12 weeks!  Very inspirational.  Did you track measurements and do the before and after pics?

    @Kelly - checking in here daily is one of my goals for accountability so I am 100% with you there.  

    Day 1 is almost in the bag :-)  I got in a killer UBWO, ate 100% yummy, clean, foods, managed to get in 72oz of water in addition to my shake, and I wrote in my Success Journal.  I have my dinner planned (baked salmon with spinach and brown rice) and "dessert" (BFL pudding) setting up in the fridge.  

    Those of you that have done a challenge before - what are your favorite BFL recipes?  I would love to use this forum to share meal ideas since I love to cook and don't like to repeat menus very often.  I tried out the Mom's Chicken Enchilada from Eating for Life on Saturday using a rotisserie chicken.  It was delish!!!!

    Let's hear those day 1 successes!!!!

  • @2013 is My Year - I didn't do measurements (which I regret), but I did do before/after pics....but not sure I want to post them on the internet just yet :)

    I lost a total of 74lbs last year, but I am trying to get to around 170.   My next milestone is 225, and then breaking 200, which is my goal for this challenge, as well as toning up.

    Best of luck everyone!!!

  • Day One:

    Food was not a problem. In fact, I felt like I was eating just because I was "supposed to," not because I was hungry. The only issue I had was eating on schedule. I tried to eat every 3 hours, but didn't always get to do it on time,

    Hit the weights for the first time in a while. I was in a new gym (and I had to use the JEFIT app constantly to remember how to do certain lifts) so it took me a little longer to get it done. I predict that this will become easier.  I started lifting lighter to prevent getting discouraged-- I tend to want to quit when my muscles are extremely sore! :)

    Things I learned: PLAN AHEAD. I made a week's worth of Mason jar salads, prepped my meals and entered all the nutritional info onto my MyFitnessPal account so that I would only eat what I had planned. Now, I need to work on planning my weight lifting exercises ahead of time so I won't waste time in the gym.

    Now...to figure out cardio!

  • Yay! First day...ate properly, workout is done. Now to get breakfast and lunch ready for tomorrow.

    So glad I decided to join this forum, reading all the comments and following progress is a real motivator for me.

    Keep up the good work everyone. And remember, if your day didn't go quite as expected, there is still time! If you didn't get to work out earlier, do it now! Yea, you are probably tired, but just think how good you'll feel if you fit some exercise in. Then just continue on with tomorrow. Don't give up! We can do this right?!! And, it's only day 1, you can still do measurements.

  • Day one.....success,

  • Hi Everyone,

    Weights: Chest & abs; 3x4-6 bench, 3x4-6 incline bench, 2x8-10 dips; 2x8-10 crunch machine, 2x8-10 crunches.

    Meals: 1. Eggs and turkey bacon 2. Protein drink 3. Beef curry and spinach salad 4. Two fried eggs 5. Chicken schwarma, baba ganoush, and lentil soup. 6. Protein drink (yet to have).

    Hungry, weak, and irritable today. I hope it gets better.

    All positive feelings to my partners in kicking our own butts!


  • Hi Laura, I completed my first day of upper body workout. It feels good knowing I did something for my self today. I'm a busy wife and mom LOL!

    Wow I love what you ate! Ty for the awesome ideas!

    Yay Cardio tommorrow!

    Everyone keep up the good work because you are worth it!

  • A lot of people report the headache at first, Getting the weight right takes some time at first.  Your gonna kick butt!