January 7, 2013 Start Date

  • Hello! I am planning on starting on the 7th as well. I bought the book a few months ago but kept putting it off. I am ready to start the challenge and be successful. I am so glad to see there are others starting this at the same time. I have been working out on and off for the last few months and need to get back into a routine. My weight has been slowly creeping up on me to the point that I am now 40 pounds overweight. This has to change!!

    I wish you all the best of you tomorrow! :)

  • Day 1 done and dusted for me. Stuck to my eating plan and certainly wasn't hungry. Did my upper body weights. Think it might take me a bit to work out the right weight amounts, but i still feel as though i have had a good workout.  I have a headache now, wonder if that is due to a lack of sugar my body would usually have by now!!!

    All in all a good day, actually quite easy, hopefully the remaining 83 will be the same :)

  • Up early...going for my first work out with a buddy. I have a friend who committed to working out with me 2 mornings per week....accountability.

    Good luck...Stay focused everyone.

  • Hello Laura,

    I am starting the BFL today and would love to be a part of the group. I feel the support of others will help. Today is day 1 and I am excited to be on this journey! I am a stay at home mom to a 1 year old and 4 year old, luckily they love the gym daycare and beg to go each day which helps keep me on track. I look forward to following everyone on their journeys!

  • Hi Laura & co

    Hope your first day is going well!!

    It's been a good first day food wise for me

    Breakfast -Oatmeal mixed with hot water & blue berries plus a scoop of vanilla protein powder mixed in.

    Snack: An “EAS lean 15” bar

    Lunch: Grilled Salmon, mixed salad, avocado- whole wheat bread roll, tsp of balsamic vinegar

    Snack: An “EAS lean 15”   bar

    Dinner: Chicken breast with Quinoa and asparagus

    Snack:  will either a Myoplex lite or I have almonds and kiwi fruit on hand

    I’m soon to go to the gym, rather late for me, (it’s already 8pm here in Hong Kong ) even so I will get there!

    Have to say, I am a little confused by the work outs (esp.weights ), but figure that I need to get in there and have a go… I’m sure (hope) it’ll click in with practice.

    Although It would also be helpful if any of the ladies on here would like to share some their weight work outs with me :)

    I realized today how many diets I have started and stopped, however, I feel very optimistic about this one.

    So here’s to walking the talk- I'm off the Gym !!!!

    Bye for now

  • I'm in...!! Where do we upload our before photos...I'm having a hard time navigating through the site...

  • Woohoo!  Just finished first workout and I feel great.  Bring it!  Good luck everyone!

  • I finished my first official workout today, and my upper body is blown out!!!  I wonder if I will be able to bend my arm to shave tomorrow.  But, fighting through it will all be worth in a the end of March!!!  My birthday present to myself will be a better body and better sleep from losing weight and shaping up.  Day by Day!

  • I can help with any workout questions you might have.  My issue biggest problem is the diet.  I did the workouts before for about  weeks and was seeing dramatic change, but then I got sick, and work went crazy.  Not going to let that happen again.  What has got you confused?  Let me know and I will see if I can give you a hand with understanding it.  Have a great day.  

  • Day 1:

    Well... what a morning. My workout run a little long that was because I had to get use to the equipment/routine.  I will change my routine over the course of the next week. The important thing is that I did workout.

    Unfortunately I forgot my food at home and didn't have the time to go back and get it. Luckily I had a French Vanilla Myoplex in my bag.

    I’m thinking I will have Chipotle for lunch (Brown Rice, Chicken, Tomatoes and Corn) hopefully that won't be too bad for Day 1. I will watch the portions and NO sour cream or cheese for me:(

    Have a great day everyone!!

  • Happy Monday to my new BFL Family! 

    I am looking forward to taking this journey with all of you. So excited to see such a large support group for all of us dedicated to changing our life in 2013.  I spent the weekend goal setting, putting together my vision board (thanks to the motivation provided by the amazing Emily Alvers), planning my weekly workouts and meals.  Today - I am ready to kick butt and take names.  I am using the BFL Success Journal which I absolutely LOVE!  It is terrific for planning plus incorporates the power mindset which is half the battle for me.  I installed the two workout apps for my iPhone and played with them both the past few days.  I think that I will stick with an app called GymGoal.  It is pretty powerful, customizable, and user friendly.  I downloaded the 12 Week Fitness one as well but like the GymGoal better (it has pictures of the exercises imbedded into the app and is super easy to add sets). 

    My goals are similar to many of yours.  I want to remove unwanted and unsightly body fat, replace it with lean tone muscle, get healthy, feel good about myself, and rock whatever outfit I decide to wear!  It will most likely take me back-to-back challenges to reach my goal weight of 130lbs or < 22% body fat.  The number on the scale isn't as important as the % body fat, the number on the clothing tag or the way I feel.

    I work for a large international consulting firm.  Currently, I am on a project that spans 17 countries worldwide.  As such, my hours are crazy and completely unpredictable.  There is absolutely nothing routine about any given day.  I started my day today with a 5:00am phone call and will end it with anther call at 8:00pm.  So, carving out time to workout is a challenge.  I am up for the challenge though.  I shared my goals with my bosses who are in Jakarta and Dublin.  Since I am the resource located furthest west (Arizona), I am usually not interacting with others directly between 2pm-4pm.  So, that is now blocked off on my schedule each day for my workouts.  This isn't an ideal time as I would prefer mornings but I will absolutely make it work.  NO MORE EXCUSES - 2013 is MY YEAR!!!  I will post again at the end of the day for accountability.  Hope you all will as well :-)

    Have a great BFL Day ~Sharon

  • Wow, it is so great to see all of these posts!  I'm so happy that there are a bunch of other people out there starting today (or finished today, as the case may be if you're in another country).

    I didn't make it to the gym first thing this morning, but I have stayed on my meal plan and will be heading to the gym in just a bit after I eat my #2 meal.  This isn't ideal, but at least I'm still getting my UBWO in.  I will make changes to my schedule so that I can get my workouts in before breakfast from now on (like I did when I started the first challenge).

    I took my measurements and "before" photos this morning.  I compared them to the pictures I took before my first challenge and I definitely see a difference!  I lost about 10 lbs total (only doing the program for 6-ish weeks, even!) and I could actually see it in my hips/thighs, so that was motivating.  Plus, I haven't been doing much besides cardio since Thanksgiving (not even sticking to the eating plan, unfortunately) so it was awesome to see that I was still looking better than before I started all of this BFL stuff.  That means that after THIS challenge, I'll notice even MORE changes since I plan on sticking with it the entire time - no holidays to derail me this time lol.

    Hope the rest of you have had a good start to your challenge!  Don't forget to post here to let us all know how it's going or if you need help - and also to give support to others!  It really is a HUGE help using this forum.

  • Hi!  I'm Caroline from SC!  I'm 40 years old and have a 1 year old beautiful baby girl, Louise.  I have decided to finally get my weight under control.  I'm tired of being the pretty fat girl!  I hope you all can help me stick with this 12 week challenge to a better me!  

  • Wow!  What an inspiring group!  I completed my UBWO and feel great.  Staying on plan with food.

    Saw a quote today I liked...thought I would share..."It takes 4 weeks for you to notice your body changing, 8 weeks for your friends to notice and 12 weeks for the rest of the world to notice.  GIVE IT 12 WEEKS!"

    Keep on it!


  • Was sick this past weekend...upset stomach etc, however, still pulled myself out of bed early this morning for my ubw:) egg white w turkey bacon on a whole wheat tort for breaky and just had a smoothie. Feeling good.

    What a terrific group! So nice to see so many motivated members. We are going to look soooooo good.

    Keep up the good work today and be ready for cardio tomorrow!!