January 7, 2013 Start Date

  • Hi, my name is Julie and my husband and I will be starting the challenge together this coming Monday, January 7th. I am so happy that there is a large group of people who are also starting the challenge. I am nervous but more excited and have high hopes for the next 12 weeks, the biggest one being finishing. Good luck to everyone and I will be checking back often for accountability.

  • Got my plan laid out using BOWFLEX for weight lifting. Elliptical on Cardio Days. Monday on the HORIZON.

    Added my Workout list under my profile.

  • Thanks for the tip mayfranks! We all need the help and support of one another to ensure we stick to our commitment! The nice thing is that we now have a healthy support system. All we need to do is log in each day and encourage one another. If we are motivated enough, that encouragement will help us all to reaffirm the reason(s) why we are determined to get and remain healthy!

    Cheers to ALL of us!

  • Stephan, look on this website, there is a list of items to purchase each week (if needed) and healthy recipes to follow. If you read through the threads, there are a few worksheet links, etc. The best advice I can give you is to read through the challenge notes and search the website.

    I also found some really good recipes and healthful tips on the Clean Eating website:http://www.cleaneatingmag.com/

  • I'll join up with ya'll if it's ok with you, I'm on my second challenge, did it in 2011 and lost 36lbs and gained alot of muscle.  Slacked off some since then and I'm ready to get back.

  • OK I think I"m ready for Monday - let's hope it's not all plan and no execute - I started this blog for myself to keep track of my progress and plan a head - livingbodyforlifechallenge.blogspot.com

  • Oh, me!  Me!  Me!  

    I was planning on starting the 6th (tomorrow) actually, and doing the program Sunday through Friday.  This will be my second BFL challenge as well.  My first experience was through my old gym, so this will be my first time using the forums and really doing anything with the BFL website at all.  Anything you could recommend for me to look for?  And were you able to find a 2013 entry form?

    Thank you!

  • Hello Everyone.  Its great to see so many in this group!  I'm hoping to use this forum to track my progress and also get tips from others!

    Just thought I would give you a bit of background on myself.  I am 36 years old and live in Australia.  I have two beautiful children (6yrs & 2yrs), and a wonderful husband.  I gained 25kgs with both of my pregnancies and have never got back to where I was initially.  I am 7kgs heavier than when I first got pregnant.  The best I ever got to was 2kgs!!  I am a comfort eater/drinker, social eater/drinker, boredom eater/drinker, reward eater/drinker!!!!!!  I appear to eat/drink for no reason at all.  I know my downfalls, I need to re-programme my habits!!!  My new patterns of action will be:

    - planning, planning, planning!!!!

    - drinking water immediately on rising from bed

    - sticking to 6 small meals a day - not allowing myself to get soooo hungry that I gorge

    - stop associating food & alcohol with celebration, boredom, reward etc.  Each time I "think" I want food/drink I am going to do something to distract myself, maybe listening to a favourite song (this usually fires me up), or playing with my children, or doing some housework.........

    Exercise wise, I have never done weights, but am keen to start this.  Have set up dumbbells at home.  Cardio, I go up and down.  I am capable of running 10km when I put my mind to it!!!  So I'm not too concerned with sticking to the exercise, its what goes in my mouth that is the worry!!!!!

    So my starting stats are:

    164cm tall (5ft, 3)

    73.3kg (161.6 pounds)

    31.8% bf

    I carry most of my weight in my thighs and behind!!!  I am very very untoned.  So my goals for this transformation are:

    To get to around 65kg (143pounds) - however I want to tone my legs up.  I think the biggest indicator for me and if I believe I am achieving is how I feel, and also how I fit into some of my pre-pregnancy clothes (yes I have kept them)!

    Most of all, I want to feel comfortable with myself, and my self esteem back.

    I have planned my week.  I will do this!!!!

  • Ok!  I would like to join too!  Like a couple of other people, I did the challenge 10 years ago after having my 2nd child and I have never been so fit in my whole life!  I have since then gained some of that weight back and I'm ready to get rid of it!  I have tried several times to start the challenge again (unsuccessfully) so I need some motivation!

  • If you stick with this, I KNOW it will work for you!  I used this program right after I had my 2nd baby, 10 years ago, and when I was finished, I was 20 lbs lighter than my pre-pregnancy weight!  I gained 60 lbs during my pregnancy, so I had a lot to lose.   So if I could do it, you CAN TOO!!!!

  • Bought the app "JEFIT PRO" for my I phone and I love it. It has workout plans, a calendar and workout log. It also has a chart with muscle groups. You can pick the muscle group you want to work on and a list of exercises appear, complete with an animation of how to do the exercise properly. There is a free version too, but it probably has less features. Definitely worth the 5 dollars! It's also compatible with Driods and other phones too.

    Come visit my blog!


    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you'll be right!

  • I would like to start on Monday, help and support would be great, thanks.  I tried starting last week but the Christmas goodies were still calling me.  I'm so glad there are others starting and I'll be looking in here often.   I am the heaviest now that I've ever been, help!

  • Hi Guys,

    Turned 29 on 5th Jan so now is an ideal time for me to start, so i would love to join your group!! First time i have had a crack at Body for Life, but heard great things about it and wanted to try it out for myself.

    Lots of weight to lose and hopefully some long lost muscle to be re-discovered!! Massive 12 weeks to follow.

    6'4'' male.

    Starting stats:

    weight: 251lbs

    body fat %: 39.1%

    Bring on tomorrow - good luck everybody!

  • And...here.....we.....Go!  

    Good luck everyone...Plan Plan Plan....be accountable to others.....Set your goals and take the road less traveled to get to them.


  • I am just going to jump in here!  I did BFL 4 years ago and am super rusty and not even necessarily prepared but starting tomorrow regardless... looking for a supportive group!