January 7, 2013 Start Date

  • Count me in! This will be my second challenge. I did the challenge over the summer and lost 35 lbs. I put 12 lbs back on during the holidays. I want to lose the 12 lbs plus move on to lose 25 more.

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    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you'll be right!

  • On my way, Hope everything is fine with your health and I'm glad you were cleared to work out. I don't know what a good substitute for squats would be. Perhaps various exercises that target those muscles. It seems squats target quads, plus glutes. Can you do seated leg curls? They are good for quads. At my gym there is a machine that you kick the weight back behind you. It is targeted for the Glutes.

    Come visit my blog!


    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you'll be right!

  • Count me in. I did a few challenges about 10 years ago with great results. Sadly, over the years, I've slipped badly. Online support would be great.

  • Im in as well, as many said I did this 9 years ago and am very excited to get going again. I look forward to the added support and accountability!

  • I'm in!

  • I'm starting on the 7th. My son's birthday.

    I did BFL years ago. And I'm in OK shape..cardio wise. I teach Spinning and cycle and exercise.

    But....I'm not at my goal weight, and I keep fluctuating with that weight. Since the winter started...I've packed on pounds again.

    I want to do BFL because I find that I get better results when I have a clear cut goal in mind.

    My goals are:

    Drop 40-50 lbs.

    Do yoga once a week.

    Build some upper body strength.

    Be able to buy a pair of pants at Abercrombie.  :o)

    I'm going to make myself accountable to my family and friends with this too.

    I also am planning on doing a 300 mile cycling tour for Climate Ride again in September.

    I did this back in May, but I was still overweight while doing it.

    Every extra pound on me is one I'm carrying on the bike too.

    Good luck everyone!

  • Hello All!  I am starting my Challenge on the 7th as well.  I am a 42 year old male with Hypothyroidism, and high blood pressure, and i am pretty fat!  And I am not happy about any of that.  I am a Dad, so I am working out very early in the morning so I can do this without missing any time with kids and my wife, as that is my number 1 priority.  Which is a major reason why I want to transform my body and health.  Plus, I am just too dang good looking to be this fat.  Lol.  This is the 3rd time I have started BFL.  In the past, travel for work, and life got in my way and I allowed that adversity to derail my efforts.  I was having success too.  This time, I am resolved to complete the 12 weeks.  What is 12 weeks out of your life, right?  Geez, kids are completing BUDs training to be a Navy Seal and boot camp at various locations around the country in order to serve our country and preserve liberty, and I can dang sure do 12 weeks of working out to change my life.  I am a former college football player and am rather large even when I am lean so my goal is to get my weight down to around 220 lbs.  I got married at 220 lbs and that was probably as good as I ever felt or looked.  When I show people my wedding pictures, I just tell people that "I ate that guy in the picture" because I now weight 314 lbs.  trying to be funny, but really, it helps me deal with being upset at myself for letting my weight progress to where it is.  I am tired of doing that...  Wish me luck!  

  • HI Laura2012 - yup I read the book - I have the work out schedule and worksheets ready to go - I have yet to write my essay but I plan to do that this weekend, the one thing I have to figure out is the food schedule, what do I need to order or go pick up at the store in terms of products and how is everyone tracking their food intake, do you have any linkable worksheets?


  • so I've read the book and feel good about the workouts and even writing the essay to keep me mentally focused, - but the food plan I always have an issue with - looking at this link bodyforlife.com/.../first-week-meal-plan is an example menu - how many of you are buying the products versus simply just making all your own food that stays within the boundaries of the program? Any help on the food part would be great!

  •  Is anyone going to post before pics or any pics for that matter?  Enjoy the weekend because Monday will be here before we know it!  Look forward to hearing what is working and not working!

  • WOW!! I hope all these people stick with it for 12 weeks, sounds like a great bunch of people here.

    Stephan, I have done this before and I made my own food and just tried to stay within the boundaries. The biggest advice I could give you on food is just plan. I think that is the key to this program. If you have planned out your workouts and your food, you want have to cheat. Either you in up not eating the right stuff or you not go as hard in the weight room. Plan my friend.

    Looking forward to hearing about all the success we will achieve in the next 12 weeks.

  • I am in as well!  Did BFL years ago and was very successful.... then had another baby (who is now 4) and need to drop that "baby" weight.  So excited to get started... once the kids get back to school!   So excited to get my body back and look forward to the journey with you all.

  • I’m so excited!!!!  I have planned my training routines (knowing I may have to modify here and there) and loaded my IPod with music to keep me moving. I still need to get my groceries and cook but I'll do that Sunday.  I have a gym membership but I haven’t been there in quite some time. So I plan to check it out on Saturday just to get reacquainted with the space and equipment. Have a great weekend and I will let you know Monday how Day 1 went for me.

  • I'm so excited that so many people are on board!  It is so great to be able to give and get support, so please don't be shy - post often! :)

    I am gearing up to start on Monday as well, I have about half of my groceries (frozen chicken breasts, broccoli, brown rice, rolled oats, eggs, RTD protein shakes [I use both EAS and Premier brand], and some hot sauce). On Sunday I'll buy my fresh veggies, more eggs, cottage cheese, and a few pieces of fruit.  I tend to like to have real food meals most of the day, with one shake thrown in for a "snack," like meal two or four.

    I also need to go renew my rec center gym membership.  I can't wait to get started!  I lost about 10 pounds on the last challenge (which I technically finished just this past Christmas Eve, but had gone off track shortly after Thanksgiving) and it has stayed off, even without sticking to BFL for the past few weeks! I know that I'll be seeing much more progress this time and I am looking forward to it!

    I have about 15-20 pounds total to lose now, but honestly, it's not about the weight it's about how I feel and look, so I'd be ok if the scale doesn't show that kind of loss.  I wish I could get my body fat measured accurately. Right now I use my home scale which I know isn't correct, but it'll do.

    Only a couple more days before we start!

  • Oh, and YES, planning is SUPER important!  Please write down your plans for the next day for both your workouts and your meals.  It will help keep you on track so much better than just winging it.

    I used the BFL Success Journal last time and loved it!  I bought a slightly used one from Amazon (had to erase or white out maybe 10 partially completed pages first) for $6.00 including shipping.  I may pick up another one or just print out the pages from this website and put them in a binder.