January 7, 2013 Start Date

  • I would like to join too!  I have never participated in the challenge but have worked out using the BFL routine and supplements.  I am looking for a group for support, tips and accountability.  I am 46 and need to lose 30 pounds and get back into shape.  I have been active and played sports all my life but have gotten lazy in the last 2 years.  Looking forward to hearing your posts!

  • Thank you laura2012, helpful information!

  • I'm in! I've done bfl on and off over the years. 12 years ago.....yes 12 years, lol, I had phenomenal results. Back then my starting weight was 148 now it will be 168 ugh! I'm committed. Ready to support others and lean on members for continued progress. Working on menus now and pics are already on my new and improved vision board.

  • I'd like to join the January 7 thread, although, I'm not starting until January 11 with a friend.  However, I like this thread because I'm especially glad to see there is at least one other 45-year-old gem participating.  

    My BFL buddy is an adorable 20-something who just had her second baby a year ago.  Together she and I are always looking for ideas to make fitness and weight loss fun, interesting, and easier.  Being 45 myself, I will be especially motivated from seeing how seasoned members are succeeding.  As returning members, your advice will have the support of experience, which I am currently lacking (for now).

    I see that this is some of your second times back at it.  BLF must be something special to be bringing back former participants.  I hope to see regular progress and lots of successes from you and the others.  Knowing that some of you are returning participants is quite motivational to me, and I look forward to sharing progress and successes from my friend and me.

  • I would really like to blog my journey, pictures and all.  What is the best way of doing this?  Through this site?  I just took some photos - yikes!!  First time I have ever done this.  Usually I just look at myself in clothes, which doesnt seem as bad because it obviously hides a lot of sins :)  Will take measurements of the next few days.

  • Hi all, I'd like to join.  Like you Mota, I live in Australia. Just had my second baby 4months ago and am ready to get my health back. I'm also encouraging my partner to join so we can embark on this together. We've both just let ourseslves go.  I'm in the process of setting my goals and working out my eating and excercise plan. I'd like to do the Myoplex shakes but it's just too expensive for us, especially if we have to double everything having 2 of us on the program. So, I'm going to use whey protein and add an authorised carb. I've never done an online forum like this but I think that the more I include other likewise people, the more chance I have of staying on track.

    Just a question though... Does anyone work nightshift? I start work at 10pm and finish at 6am. I don't really know when I should be doing my workout to get maximun fat loss results???

    I look forward to starting with everyone and I'd like to post my pictures, results and everything else too.

  • Hi All!! Great post and glad to see so many former challengers starting on the 7th!

    I am also starting on the 7th. In 2000, as a 19 year old college student, I completed my first challenge ... went from 240lbs to 195lbs while dropping my body fat from 35% down to 14%. I completed three challenges before moving on to other workouts. I was able to keep my lifestyle under control until a few years ago when I slipped up. Now, at age 32, with a 4 month old, I have slowly let myself go back to 240lbs and thought a few weeks ago it was time to enter the BFL challenge again. Out came my old Bill Phillips book, the Eating for Life book, and all my old VHS tapes. I rewatched them and re-motivated they remotivated me.  I want to play with my daughter without having to stop exhausted.

    Anyways, great motivation here to talk to all of you about what is working and what isn't!! Here's to a great challenge for all!!

  • I'm starting January 7! Glad to have some online company.

    I have a question about before and after photos—I did this back in 2001, and then we had to pose with a newspaper. Is something like that still necessary? How do they know when photos were taken? Is the contest still a thing, or are most people just doing it to keep in shape?

  • Amazing how many did this over a decade ago and are back—I too did this in college and am back as a thirty-two year old trying to keep up with my daughter.

  • I'm in! Starting my third and FINAL challenge. I also need help with these forums, not too familiar with them...

  • Count me in, gang & Happy New Year!! Looking forward to losing at least 30 and keeping it off!! Did this over 10 years ago as well and had amazing results. Seemed to be the only thing that truly worked...too many excuses got in my way to try it again over the years. NO MORE EXCUSES, SO LET'S GO!! :-)

  • Me! I'm in and I will join this crew! I have tried with great success in 2010. Didn't make the second try. Looking forward to it! I bought a BOW FLEX for me and my 16 year old son. He lost 40 pounds this summer. So proud of him.

  • Sounds like we have a good bunch of people here. I'm looking forward to the support, and the new freindships that will be made. We all can do this just need to stay focused on our goals. Until next time.


  • If I may join you on the 7th. Was supposed to start 31st of December 2012 but things did not work out though.

  • deadlinguist,

    It is no longer required to pose with a newspaper for your photos. Our Judging Team have been viewing "before and after" photos since 1997 and are extremely confident in knowing what kind of results are achievable in 12-Weeks.

    Hope this helps and if you have any other questions, feel free to give our EAS Fitness Advisors a call at 800-297-9776 Monday - Friday from 8:30am - 5pm, EST.

    ~Tiffany, the BFL Team