January 7, 2013 Start Date

  • I decided to start a thread now for those of us wanting to start a challenge on Monday, January 7th. 

    I know at least three of us are planning our second BFL Challenge and we could definitely use some more support! If you're just starting your first challenge or are on your 30th, and want to start the first Monday in January, join us here! :) 

    It helps so much to give and get encouragement here on these forums, and even better when it's from others going through it at the same time. 

    So who's in?! 

  • Anyone else interested in starting on the 7th?

  • I am in Laura. I did the challange ten years ago and had great results! However I need to recommit and it looks like my friend Pam who I did ithis with ten years ago is ready to commit too! I would love to hook up with your group, cheer each other on and motivate each other. Look forward to our kick off. Have a very merry Christmas and can't wait to kick some butt.

  • Yay, I'm glad you're joining us on the 7th! The other two that wanted to start that day are Cal1 and chadw1975 so I hope they'll chime in soon. :)

    Merry Christmas Kelly Hikes! We're totally gonna kick some butt!

  • Laura, you know I am ready to do this again. And hopefully this time stick to it better, like you the last 6 weeks or so was terrible.

    Kelly, welcome.

  • I am not able to start until January 15.  I would like to join your group late if that is OK?  I have never joined an on-line challenge before but I am looking forward to it....!!!

  • Janet, I think it will be fine to start then, we are here if you need anything.

  • I'm in! I am starting for third and FINAL time. I have made the decision. All of the other times I found reasons....uhhh...excuses to quit. This time NO WAY!

  • Hi. I am new to the site and this is the first time I will be starting the challenge. I would like to start on the 7th and know I am going to need support to get through this. I'm from Australia. Hi everyone.

  • I'll be starting January 7th, I've never done the program - I've only started the workouts to get a sense of the program once a few months ago - with the intention of staring the program in the new year...I'm hoping both my brother and I start the program, but at least for now, I"m in. What's next for prep before January 7th?

  • I am in! I have tried twice before...did not complete. I tried the first time and 3 weeks into it broke my sacrum, second time I received news that I had very questionable tumors, very large and the doctor felt best I went through with surgery. So then I proceeded with surgery. I just got the okay that I could start working out. With the exception of squats. I will have to find replacement routine for that. Soo, if anyone has a suggestion, I would love it! 2013 I am ready for yah!!

  • Hi All!  I'm so excited to see so many others join in on this thread! I think starting January 7th will be a great time, and it's even better to have all of this company and support along the journey.

    chadw1275,  I'm so glad you're going to get back into it and start with us on the 7th!  I know that we can finish the entire 12 week challenge this time!  Without the holidays and other distractions from the past two months, along with the knowledge that spring and summer will be here relatively shortly, we will stick to it.

    Janet H, I think we'd all be more than happy to help support you through your challenge, even if you're not starting until the 15th.

    wisgirlinfl, way to go!  That is the spirit!  I know you can do this and you'll finish it this time!

    Mota, welcome to BFL!  We will all be here to help support you through your first challenge.  Even if the others fall off the wagon, I'll be here to post. :)

    _stephan_, welcome to our thread!  I sure hope both you and your brother start the program with us.  It's great that you've already got a head start on the working out part. That can sometimes take a week or two to get down when starting a first challenge (figuring out which weights to use, etc).  Have you read the Body for Life book yet?  If not, I'd definitely recommend doing that before starting.  Otherwise, just be sure to have your BFL approved foods and a menu ready to go, along with your workout schedule.  A journal is also a very helpful tool to have (I used the BFL Success Journal on my previous challenge and may do so again) so you can write everything you do each day - what you eat and what you do in the gym.

    onmyway2health, wow it sounds like you've been through a lot recently!  I am glad you're on the mend and have been approved to get back in the gym.  We're glad to have you here on this thread.  You definitely don't have to do squats if you're unable to do them.  Do you have access to a full gym with weight machines?  If so, there are plenty of exercises you can do that don't involve squats.  Most of the time I used the leg extension machine for my quads (and the leg press and lying leg curl machine for my hamstrings).  Admittedly, I did do dumbbell squats as well, but I know there are other exercises you can do for your quads. :)

    I hope you all have a fun time ringing in 2013 and are ready to change your body and your life in less than 9 days from now! We can all do this! :)

  • I am in, too. I did the challenge, unofficially, two years ago and was pleased with the results.  However, for a variety of reasons, I stopped following any routine and am right back to where I was before the challenge. This time I hope to keep up a common sense approach after the 12 weeks are over to retain the gains I "will" make during the challenge. We have a terrific Anytime Fitness here in Charlestown, IN where the owners are tremendous supporters of any efforts to improve individual fitness and consequently the overall health/fitness of our community.

  • Hi, I am Gitte starting 7th of January 2012, my second time. I did BFL (not the challenge-since I live in Norway) in 2003, ten years ago, and never felt better. But a pregnancy and daily life "took over", and I never managed to start over again. Now 20 pounds later, at age 45 next year, I am ready as I can be, and would like to join your group:-)

  • i meant 2013 of course...